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Avatar n tn dry mouth, belching and insomnia. I still have a total of 4 tabs. What can I do to either negate the side effects or get off the Prednisone ?
Avatar m tn I also had been prescribed AVODART for reduction of prostate size during that time period (stopped AVADART 18 months Ago) Now I am impotent, not much libido left and also had a loss of penis length. Not a word anywhere as to these nasty side effects- even my doctors deny that this should happen. Need help in resolving this dilema. Any idea how I can become a normal male again??? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/516061'>Avapro and sex drive</a>.
Avatar n tn Thus, ARB's were developed which have the same beneficial effects as ACE-I's but don't have the side effects. Patients on ARB's will have a reduction of the blood pressure on therapy that can usually be tolerated. For physicians, the decision has to be how much blood pressure lowering can be tolerated to confer the survival advantage associated with these medications. I checked with our cardiac pharmacist and he indicated that the lowest dose of Avapro that he knows of is 150 mg per day.
Avatar n tn In September she had a stomach virus, and since then has had extremely low blood pressure, rapid pulse, shortness of breath, and swelling of her feet. Her doctor changed her medication to Avapro 150, and the symptoms got better. Since her feet were still swollen, he put her on 15 mg of hydrochlorothiazide along with the Avapro, and her blood pressure is low again and her pulse is fast. She feels worn out all the time, and feels especially bad when she first gets up in the morning.
173119 tn?1297003336 Avapro has been a good medication for me, it controls my blood pressure very well and without side effects. And since I am very medication sensitive and have numerous drug allergies I really hate to change medications when Avapro works so well. How worried should I be about the results of this study? Should I have my doctor switch me to a different medication? I am really scared about this.
Avatar n tn Also Aggrenox and Avapro both can cause fatigue, and Avapro and Crestor can cause dizziness. Remember to always consult with your doctor before taking any new medications, even simple over the counter items such as cough syrup or herbal supplements because they could interact with the medications you are currently taking. Finally, your symptoms may simply be due to your blood glucose or blood pressure.
Avatar n tn Then my doctor said to double up on the Atenolol and take 2 pills a day which I did not want to do but I did it anyway and still no improvement. I am now on Avapro 150mg and my blood pressure is 118/74 but my heart rate is 98 BPM. It scares the **** out of me at night. I have been on this for 2 days and I haven't slept. It feels like I am running a race. In addition I have no sexual desire and cannot get an erection is this normal?
432376 tn?1266261338 Taken off the Atenolol. Too much affecting my mood and way too much chest pressure. Much better now, that way.
Avatar n tn I too did not have success with Flecanide. I've had 4 cardioversions and frankly, I don't know if there are side effects from these but I do know they slow down my heart to a regular rhythm. From here my Pacemaker takes over. No more ablations for me and my Dr. said these would not be a resource for me and to tell you the truth, I did not pay attention to why he said this as I had made up my mind that no more. He discussed Amarodeon (spelling??
Avatar n tn After 3 months, the EF went up to 45 (~10%). Good news!! In July (6 months), I discussed the RX side effects with my EP and she reminded me that I could try an ablation (no guarantees). I asked about stopping the RX altogether and was told that was no longer an option (because of myopathic changes as a result of pvcs). WHOAH!! Long story short....Went for the RVOT ablation in August and so far, so good. It is wonderful to have more good days than bad!
Avatar n tn as the combination form is supposedly do. Premarin left brown patches on my skin and other side effects and so far the patch has worked well. I am still taking HRT and until they say STOP to those with total hysterectomies, I will continue.
Avatar f tn There are other uses for an ACE inhibitor. The proper dose is subjective in part and symptoms, side effects, etc. would be the criteria. Avoid drinking alcohol. It can lower your blood pressure and may increase some of the side effects of Avapro. Do not use potassium supplements or salt substitutes while you are taking Avapro, unless your doctor has told you to. To be sure this medication is helping your condition, your blood pressure will need to be checked on a regular basis.
Avatar n tn I take atenolol twice a day 50mg both times. Once in the morning and once in the evening. In between I take 150mg of Avapro. These are supposed to be for blood pressure. Also I get heart skips all the time. Been through so many tests. I never thought that just maybe I'm on too much medication. I questioned my cardiologist about this and he said I'm doing fine. Go figure.
432376 tn?1266261338 On a different blood pressure med - Avapro. The coversyl plus did well with the #'s but my fingers were painfully swollen, and I developed some kind of skin thing - I look slightly sunburned, and if I get hot or go out in the sun I get even redder. So, now something new...hopefully this is the one! "alchohol, hot weather, exercise can increase side effects such as dizziness, lightheadedness or fainting" Well, there goes MY summer.....
61536 tn?1340701763 The cause of this condition was found to be a side effect of Amiodarone (a powerful AFIB medication) and it was discontinued. After 5 months of the withdrawal process (a 6 to 8 month process) slight tremors returned, and occasional minor episodes of AFIB returned. If these continue, I will visit the physicians involved and beg to be placed back on the thyroid medication that allowed me to be AFIB and PAC/PVC free for those 9 months.
Avatar n tn Yes, I had the Angina attacks but once the Nitro kicked in and I layed down for an hour (side effects of the Nitro) I was good to go. I am no where good to go anywhere, anymore. AND, now with a problem with the Left Ventricle being osbtructed....All this since the stents. I too fear if the Taxus is causing problems or will cause problems. Too bad these things cannot be removed.
Avatar n tn Three of the medications all have side effects of fatigue and/or dizziness. Why can't I get medications that don't keep me feeling drunk all the time??? And literature on these drugs say not to take this one with that one and not to take that one with the other one. Is this hopeless? I am 54 years old. By the way, I always take all of my drugs to any doctor every time I go so he can see what I'm taking.
Avatar m tn i have been taking Avapro 300 od Monocor 5 mg od and norvasc 5 mg od for 7 years My breathing over the years has been increasingly difficult and now having difficulty climbing a flight of starirs.Is my breathing difficulty associated with my meds. gfj This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/252799'>side effects of beta blockers</a>.
Avatar n tn She is starting this drug this evening, and I am hoping and praying she won't have any of the horrific side effects I've read about. My question to you is it normal for her to still have blood in her urine this far post operation, can the blood just be an indication of the infection that hasn't cleared or should I get her to a new doctor for a 2nd opinion? She is 81 this month, and is taking lipitor, avapro and an aspirin a day. Any suggestions you can give will be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn Recently, I agreed to try a beta blocker (Toporol at the lowest dosage) even though they are one of the meds most likely to stir up psoriasis. And it did. It also had some other disturbing (mental/emotional) side effects. My psoriasis is worse than its been for years. We discontinued the beta blocker which led to a hypertensive crisis (222/127). We overcame that and tapered off the beta blocker.
Avatar f tn A controlled withdrawal of individual medications can be done under close supervision of your physician to see whether medication side effects are responsible. This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case. Kevin Pho, M.D. www.kevinmd.com www.twitter.
Avatar n tn I'm on 40mg daily since 11 Sept. and trying to tolerate the side effects. How long will it take for the side effects to go away? I also take 100mg of tenormin and 25mg of hydrochlorothiazide daily. Thank you for your help. This is a wonderful forum and the info is greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn I am now on warfrain for 3 months post op and I have high blood pressure where I take labetalol. diltiazam, flecinide(?) and avapro. What is going on? I am happliy married with a 3 year old and lots of family for backup. I have noticed that my patience are running thinner than usuall. God bless my wife. Any answers will be great.
Avatar f tn Benicar, when given to healthy people, causes a very mild depression in blood pressure (the FDA has told us that it is the least effective of all the pressor drugs) and no side effects beyond dizziness. But when given to sick people, as we have found, it has a profound effect, due to the immunopathology." ~Dr. Trevor Marshall, Ph.D.
Avatar m tn Frank Pallone and Steve Rothman and U.S. Sens. Robert Menendez and Frank Lautenberg -- each had appealed to the FDA on ReGen's behalf, according to accounts last year from Rothman and spokesmen for the three others. In a statement Thursday, the FDA said it is taking steps to revoke Menaflex's approval, although it also plans to meet with the company to discuss what data would be needed to prove the device is actually safe and effective.
Avatar f tn He checked my blood pressure and heart rate and said it was not cardiovascular, but rather he thought, side effects from the Norpace. I was hot, sweating and nauseous. I am just now, 2 days later, starting to feel normal. Any advice or experiences you've had on the Norpace would be appreciated. I hope you get it under control.
Avatar n tn chkbkr, If I cannot be restored to sinus rhythm or be paced physiologicaly from RA what are my options? There are a variety of pacing modes that might help alleviate your symptoms. First, I would make a serious attempt to get back in sinus rhythm if that has not been tried. I wouldnt be overly concerned with the pacing site for now. Todays devices have several modes that can be adjusted to try to alleviate pacemaker induced symtoms. Other pacing sites? Different type of pacemaker?
Avatar m tn With drugs its all trial and error, its funny how the same line of drugs can works wonders for some and have such adverse effects in others. What works and with minimal side effects take, what doesn't avoid them all together, the key is finding an understanding doctor that is wiiling to work with you and find out the drug that is best in working for you.
Avatar n tn I can't speak for the Medical side. I can only recount what worked for me greatly, vs. minimally, and then you might ask your physician the possible efficacy, and the short/long term effects might have for you. I saw a proctologist. A Younger person. (My Doctor said a younger Doctor is more inclined to have different thoughts on treatment). I don't know the answer to that one. I'm just reporting it. I have an identified reason too for the cause of diahrea. Anyway. This Doctor is very nice.