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178107 tn?1315951230 Greetings from Hong Kong I have been using Armour thyroid for the past 7 months. Use 125mg Armour once per day and also take 0.5mg of Thyroxin per day. I am a South African living in Hong Kong. In South Africa I used to use Eltroxin 0.1 mg 3 times a day. Here in Hong Kong I seem to shift between Hypothyroid and Hyperthyroid. I struggle to maintain weight. I weigh 44 Kilograms and find that I have tremors. I do feel better since using Armour thyroid.
Avatar n tn There's no need to be nervous about starting Synthroid the next day - the Armour doesn't need to be out of your system prior to starting it. Is the problem with blood pressure or blood pressure medication?
Avatar f tn I am on 60mg of Armour thyroid,my blood pressure is usually 120/80....Lately I have been feeling very cold,tired, and am bruising easily....I went to the gyno for my annual and my blood pressure was 110/70...I guess it's still in the normal range but it's never been this low..I don't feel sick in fact I've had a great winter..Do you think this is something to worry about????
Avatar f tn This lack of conversion can also be associated with low iron and low selenium. FT3 is the most important thyroid hormone because it largely regulates metabolism and many other body functions. Studies have also shown that FT3 correlated best with hypo symptoms, while FT4 and TSH did not correlate. A good thyroid doctor will treat a patient clinically by testing and adjusting FT3 and FT4 as necessary to relieve symptoms, without being constrained by resultant TSH levels.
Avatar f tn Low level can cause symptoms. Low D and low ferritin can also adversely affect metabolism of thyroid hormone, so if not already tested I recommend it. D should be about 55-60, B12 in the upper end of its range, and ferritin should be about 70 minimum. So test and supplement as needed to optimize.
Avatar n tn I have no symptoms of being hyperthyroid. My blood pressure is normal/low, heart rate fine, etc. I also had an ultra sound on my thyroid and it came back normal. However, my doctor retired and she had been my dr. and trusted friend for 23 years. Trying to find new doc. First doctor said I was hyper, second doctor said I wasn't hyper, third doctor said I wasn't hyper, my ent said something is suppressed (which I guess means hyper???
Avatar n tn I know what your saying "Graveslady", the point im getting too, is WHEN i was on it why didnt it have any effect, i would think at that high dose, i would be sweating like a pig, losing weight, heart rate..ect. Hyperthyroid. Is it because "Armour Thyroid" has no effect on a healthy thyroid, or is my thyroid gland just not producing enough to even make me hyperthyroid. Which is why i dont have any effect.
Avatar m tn guys, Do any of you know about taking armour thyroid if you have svt? I also know that some medical websites say that svt can be caused by thyroid probs. Here is also blood work as of tuesday dec 21 thanks guys and have an enjoyable christmas break! Tests: (1) ULTRASENSITIVE TSH (4274) ULTRASENSITIVE TSH 2.610 UIU/ML 0.300 - 5.
1455892 tn?1285353218 Good Morning i have pcos hashis and in meno i have been trying for 3 years now to take thyroid meds i have tried them all i am on 1/2 synthroid now and still having terrible side effects erratic blood pressure feel very dizzy feeling like i am going to pass out internal tremors chest pain breathing problems fast heart rate followed by normal stiff neck sometimes shooting pains in head (sometimes) etc etc my last readings TSH 17 Free T4 2.85 Free T3 0.
Avatar f tn Then stand up and measure your blood pressure immediately upon standing. Normally blood pressure will rise 10-20mmHg from standing up. If your blood pressure drops, you likely have adrenal fatigue. The more severe the drop, the more severe the adrenal fatigue. Test #3: Sergent's White Line This is only present in about 40% of people with Adrenal Fatigue, but if the test is positive, it's a "slam dunk" confirmation.
Avatar f tn At this point, my blood pressure was up and I was put on high blood pressure medicine. I would wake up some mornings and run into the wall unable to gain my composure. My ears were burning down the ear canal and nothing would stop it. My nose was so clogged that I had to ask for a stronger decongestant but it still did not work. It was almost like the pores in my nose were sealed off. I had to go back to the doctor because my right side of my throat stopped working.
Avatar n tn I also take Estratest HS and aspirin. Concern is now have high blood pressure and irregular heart rate periodically. I had IV iron in my veins 5 years ago. I took Phosphorus and calcium which seemed to set off the high blood pressure after a long period of low/normal BP. Now Dr's are suspect of adrenal tumor. Is that likely with this history or did the the IV iron cause the problem.
Avatar f tn I still get the disconnected/in a fog feeling quite frequently and my hair is thin and low blood pressure. I don't see my dr until July 18. Should I give it more time and see if the armour will get in mg system or should I up the Armour by 15 mg. I am also a vegetarian and it seems like when I eat certain foods or take certain vitamins I go into the disconnected feeling.
Avatar f tn I started out with the usual thyroid symptoms, weight gain, hair loss, fatigue, etc. but my blood tests showed my thyroid functions in the "normal range". I continued to get worse and as luck would have it I heard about a doctor in a small town in New York called Montour Falls - it's about an hour from where I live. You may have heard of Watkins Glen as they have a Nascar race there every year. Montour Falls in the bordering town to Watkins Glen.
Avatar f tn Saw naturopathic doctor on Friday who ordered saliva testing as well as full hormone panel when she gets her cycle. Switched her thyroid meds to compounded Armour (sustained release) 45mg. Started it yesterday - all pains went away but low moodish. Today she woke up very tired, falling asleep with her head up in class, sad and anxious. Tried to call Dr but no office hours today. Any recommendations? Thank you. Old post from 11/2/14 Saw endo on 10/29/14. She will only do TSH and T4.
Avatar f tn I have all the classic symptons of over medication, including exhaustion, no energy, can't sleep, muscle weakness, shortness of breath, shakes, anxiety, elevated blood pressure, fast pulse, etc.... you name it I have it. My blood pressure has improved greatly since the first med reduction but all the other symptoms are still there. I'm scared that this over medication has been going on for so long till I won't ever feel normal again. Has this done permanent damage to my body?
1139187 tn?1355710247 75 mcg of Levoxyl, but I did have terrible pressure behind my ear drumsand raised blood pressure. It was AWFUL. I've shared w/ you before Bruce and know we have different thoughts about the possible causes behind our Hashimotos - whether its genetic, caused by an environmental trigger, stress the bottom line is we need to be our own health advocates. I do wonder if your endo will allow you to try a low-dose Cytomel (T3) since they don't advocate Armour or some other dessicated thyroid med.
Avatar f tn I was on Armour Thyroid for years. In 2008 had heavy bleeding which led to a hysterectomy in April 09 was put on HRT. Then all these weird symptoms started showing up; sinus infections, head pressure, body aches, memory issues, etc. I stopped all HRT June 2010 but still had those symptoms plus Anxiety, Insomnia, sinus infections, headaches overall restlessness. In December GP prescribed Anxiety meds because I wasn't sleeping she felt that was why I had anxiety.
1947387 tn?1325644930 Perhaps I should be adding a small amount of synthroid to my armour thyroid? 3. I have had my blood test -pending results. This was an annual wellness screening for my health insurance. That doctor did ultrasound of my throat and stomach and said there are cysts on my thyroid gland. No idea what it means. She also couldn't find one of my kidneys which makes me question her competence (it was there last year). She would not add anything to the blood test, but vitamin D was included. 4.
Avatar n tn However, based on my symptomology - especially my low blood pressure and low body temperature - he has started me on Armour (as well as supplements of B-12, Iron and DHEA). Starting dose was 15 mg for one week, and now I have been on 30 mg for one week. Also, my Western Blot Lyme came back at the low end of positive, so I am taking the Armour while we are waiting for the results of a second Western Blot.
Avatar m tn I am seeking some advice before I discuss with my Dr- I was originally treated for graves/hyper in 98 with rai and have been on synthroid since, couple yrs on armour also but that was a bit of a roller coaster for me. blood pressure has been 140/90 for few years but that recently went up and Doc started me on beta blocker(atenolol 50mg) been on it over 3 weeks and doesnt seem to be doing too trying to confirm my suspicion...
Avatar f tn Problem is, we just can't find the right meds or amount to regulate my thyroid. Lots of hair loss and irregulare periods - low blood suger. I am happy with Armour, but my doc wants to try Synthroid/Cytomel combo again (that was dissasterous when we tried it 3 to 4 year ago!). I don't know what to think. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn My doctor switched me to Armour Thyroid, I no longer feel depressed, lightheaded, or moody but my BP is still low. I think it takes time I've only been on it for a month.
Avatar n tn You sound like the opposite is happening. Isnt lightheadedness accompanied by a slow pulse (hypo) and/or low blood pressure? How dose your pulse differ? Armour is a big change to your body! I am assuming you still had some symptoms on Levo, thus the switch? Some of my lingering symptoms lessened in a week and some different ones appeared. Hopefuly someone has your exact answer. Like you, I am still adjusting also!
Avatar n tn 1) will accelerate heart rate and cause defibrillation (excuse spelling). It's not the Armour per se -it's the T3. Armour Thyroid will initially make people feel better, but over time, the level of tissue t3 builds up and then you feel bad again. Because the proportions in Armour are approx 80% T4 and 20% T3, does not match the body's natural state, which is approx. 98% T4 and 2 % T3. T3 levels get too high, and then you feel bad again.
6322039 tn?1380731598 By July 2013, I was feeling run down and hypo again with joint/muscle aches and worsening fatigue. After the switch to 60 Armour (too low of a dose) also in July, I started feeling even worse very quickly, and the doctor ordered only the TSH test after four weeks. No surprise to me, my TSH came back at 12.5 and the dose of Armour was raised to 90 (lab results are listed above.) I know every person is different and there is no 'one drug fits all' out there.
393685 tn?1425816122 My blood pressure is 124/73, pulse 70 (good!) so it must be the Armour causing palps, also did not happen on Levo last winter/ spring. My first month of Armour even split WAY better (original formula?) than the last two refills. **Does Nature - Throid split better?** CVS (new in my area) has all sizes of Nature-Throid, cheaper than Armour too!
Avatar m tn In addition I expect that the high Total T3 result also affected the decision to reduce your dosage of Armour. Unfortunately you take your thyroid med in the morning before the blood draw for tests. That can lead to false high results, especially for T3 tests since it affects serum levels quickly. Even the AACE/ATA Guidelines for Hypothyroidism recommends deferring morning thyroid med until after the blood draw.