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Avatar n tn How much does 90mg or 1 1/2 grain of Armour translate to how much of T3 or T4. The doctor decided to switch me to Armour for a month to see if my symptoms alleviate more. I been on on 75 synthroid and 15 cytomel ( split into twice a day) . Not sure if 1 1/2 grain is enough or too much.
Avatar n tn 90 mgs of Armour is about the same as 114 mcgs of synthroid. 3/4 grain is close to the same as 75 mcgs of synthroid.3/4 grain is 45 mgs. Most docs start out on just 1/4 grain for a few days and work up to a dose that would be just under the equal amount of what u have been taking. Then they don't work past that dose untill the blood test shows u needing more.I was taking 75 mcgs of synthroid and now in the process of converting to Armour.
Avatar f tn 1 grain of Armour = 9 mcg T3 and 38 mcg T4 OR 100mcg of T4 only. So you don't need to taper off of your synthroid at all because you are on a lower dosage. But I would suggest you start out slow on the Armour because you are going to have a rush of T3 blasting through your system. Also you should be splitting your daily dosage in half. You take half in the am and the other half early afternoon...or approx 6 hours after your am dosage.
Avatar n tn A comparison of your Free T4 and Free T3 should show any problem you may have converting T4 to T3. If you are having conversion problems, Armour may improve how you feel. I have read one or two cases of people taking both types of hormones, but it is not the usual practice. Have you had a full hemotology panel run lately? What about tests to rule out vitamin or mineral deficiencies? Mild hypothyroidism can cause absorbtion problems of all sorts.
Avatar f tn Cut those Armour thyroid pills in half! Absolutely! As my good doctor says, "The most common starting dose for patients with hypothyroidism is Armour thyroid, 90 mg which is cut in half with a razor blade and half is ideally taken twice a day, 10 to 20 minutes after breakfast and dinner. If you have trouble remember taking them, then take the entire dose before breakfast. It is also ideal to chew the tablet before swallowing.
1018337 tn?1251571140 I just started with a new GP and we spoke about armour thyroid meds, I have started, it has been about 1 1/2 weeks. Don't really feel a change yet. Wondering how other people feel about the armour and your experiences.
Avatar n tn Why does everyone want armour thyroid and why do so many doctors not want to prescribe it?
3241062 tn?1346899470 I agree that most sites use a conversion factor of one grain of desiccated equals 100 mcg of T4. I just wanted to point out that there are other sites that suggest one grain of desiccated for 75 mcg of T4. The difference is their underlying assumption about the relative biological activity of T3 to T4. For example, one grain of desiccated contains approx. 39 mcg of T4 and 9 mcg of T3. If we assume that the T3 is 4 times as active relative to T4, then 4 times 9, plus 36 equals 75.
Avatar f tn We follow the recommendations by the Endocrine Society which recommends that TSH levels should be drawn 4-6 weeks following medication adjustment as it takes T4 at least 4 weeks to reach a steady state (consistent level) in your body and cause TSH to remain more stable. T3, which is part of Armour thyroid, has 1) a very short half life (in and out of your body very quickly) and 2) is poorly absorbed by your your system.
Avatar n tn It seems to take more then the Armour however. The conversion chart is a little off. We are on 1 grain more so far, and will do labs in 2 weeks.
Avatar f tn been on syn and levo, no results. I am brand new to Armour Thyroid just got my scrpt yesterday, at 30mg. Took my first pill today, how long should I take to start seeing and feeling a difference? When should I consider switching to something else, if this does not work? I am Hypo, Hashimotos, w/goiter. very bad hair loss and weight gain, no energy, very forgetful, mental clarity is poor... all the symptoms of hypo. Have heard alot of mixed feedback from the new reform.
1273125 tn?1365081126 Anyway my question is which natural thyroid medication do you all prefer. I know that they changed the Armour a number of years ago and a lot of people did not have the same reaction to it. Any recommedations would be appreciated. I am going on Monday to have my new numbers drawn and then they will start the new medications. Here were my last numbers. Doctor does not always do a Free T3 unless I ask for it.
Avatar n tn Now in coverting to armour, should I take 1/2 grain or 3/4 grain? Also, how long will it take for levoxyl to be gone from my body and the armour to kick in by itself. I am sort of afraid to go through the hypo he// I've expereienced for 2 years now. Any ideas out there?
Avatar n tn There are several other desiccated type thyroid meds like Armour. We know them as Nature-Throid and Erfa Thyroid. Erfa thyroid is available in Canada. Forum members have reported being able to obtain it from there, with a U. S. doctor's prescription. Perhaps that will work for you as well. I'll try to contact a member that has information about the source for obtaining Erfa.
Avatar n tn Armour is all natural, and derived from animals, so it will difffer slightly from bottle to is my understanding that is short lasting meaning you have to take it a few times a day, and works directly with the T3 Synthryoid is directly for the T4 readings. These reads take over 6 weeks to change in the blood, therefore it is a long working. Levothyroxin is the generic form of Synthyroid. Cytomel is the synthetic /generic form of Armour and....
Avatar m tn But wonder if it will raise her FT4 levels really high which in turn may cause more conversion into RT3. She has only started taking the half grain NDT on Monday. So a bit early to really tell if she feels better. I just thought this may be the first time I've seen an indication of a conversion problem prior to having started thyroid replacement therepy. Thoughts?
581310 tn?1253033150 I did notice when I was on the natur-throid site that 1 grain is 65mg with there's where armour's 1 grain is 60 mg. On the conversion chart on the natur-throid site you would take the same as the armour. I wanted to know if anyone is taking the natur-throid instead of the armour and how they are doing on it? Thanks for any input.
Avatar m tn Have thought about adding back in the 50 mcg of Synthroid with the quarter grain of Armour. Has anyone tried this? I can also go back to Synthroid alone but there was so much hype on Armour I figured I should try it.
Avatar f tn I have been on Levoxyl for several years since they quit making Armour thyroid. After several doasage changes I seem to level out. My throid blood tests always are on the low side. When I found out they were making Armour again I asked to be switched to it. This Dr. Prefers to go natural route as well. She switched me from 100mg levoxyl to 60 mg of Armour. Ifelt terrible after a few weeks so they raised it 1/4 grain. So I was due for 2 month blood work.
Avatar m tn I was taking 3 grains of Armour and having major breathing issues and was back onto T4 (50mcg) quick smart! I thought it might be a potency issue but my pharmacist almost had a heart attack hearing how much I was taking lol so clearly it was an absorption issue. I take 50mcg of synthetic T4 now. I just wrote about this the other day actually so I'll copy and paste my other answer... My stomach acid was very depleted when I started Armour.
219522 tn?1251764229 I know lots of people swear that armour saved them from thyroid he//. I think I will ask to switch and try it if my hairloss doesn't stop by the holidays.
Avatar n tn There are limited dosages available but in most cases the larger dosages are the ones effected. It is very easy to get an RX of 15mg (which is a quater grain) Armour patients benefit extremely well with taking there meds through the day so actually getting the smaller dosages is very helpful. I am on 2 grains of Armour a day which is 120mgs. I am having trouble getting the 60/1grain tablets right now.
Avatar m tn When it comes to conversion factors, it seems that the one used most often is one grain of Armour for each 100 mcg of T4. It all depends on what the assumption is for the effect of T3, compared to T4. There s another conversion factor I have seen that used 75 mcg of t4 for each grain of Armour. In either case, your 1 1/2 grains of Armour is slightly higher than just a straight substitution. So, it appears your doctor also increased your dosage.
Avatar f tn Saw naturopathic doctor on Friday who ordered saliva testing as well as full hormone panel when she gets her cycle. Switched her thyroid meds to compounded Armour (sustained release) 45mg. Started it yesterday - all pains went away but low moodish. Today she woke up very tired, falling asleep with her head up in class, sad and anxious. Tried to call Dr but no office hours today. Any recommendations? Thank you. Old post from 11/2/14 Saw endo on 10/29/14. She will only do TSH and T4.
Avatar f tn Looking back, another option could have been to 1. Try an NDT other than armour (thinking NP THyroid or the time I wasn't aware there were other options besides armour!) ) and/or 2. drop the cytomel which would have dropped my ft3 into acceptable ranges while also allowing my FT4 to rise ( for me whenever I add T3 I can expect my FT4 to drop dramatically). Perhaps it's worth trying? Maybe I wouldn't experience the same side affects. So I have a couple of questions 1.
Avatar n tn 1 Due to not feeling great my endo put me on 1 grain Armour, and 75 mcg Synthroid. Everything seemed fine for about 3 weeks, but lately have been feeling bad. The feeling is kinda like too much caffine, or a hypoglycemic episode, that eating doesn't help. Also some slight heart palpitations. Is it possible to be hyper even though in coverting the dosage of 60 mcg of Armour and 75 mcg of Synthroid it should be a little lower than my previous dosage of 175 mcg of Synthroid?
Avatar f tn One hour after waking take 1 grain - empty stomach no supps - no eating for 1 hour. Then go about your usual regimen of things in the morning after 2/1/2 - 3 hrs have past - take additional 30mg (1/2 grain) . You should be approaching a light snack or lunch soon - eat something 1/2 hr to an hour after that last dosage - perferrably high protein. At lunch eat - and take a Vit B supplement with that meal along with some digestive enzyme tablet.
519035 tn?1348279373 According to the conversion chart, 1 grain (60 mg) is equal to 100 mcg snythroid, and 90 mg Armour is equal to 150 mcg levo. According to the manufacturer, there is 38 mcg of T4 and 9 mcg T3 in each grain. So if you work it out that way, 90 mg has only 57 mcg of T4 and 13.5 mcg T3. That said, this is a very old thread and the previous posters have not been active on the forum for a very long time, so it's unlikely that you will get a response from them.
Avatar f tn Got mine tested and confirmed low in the range. Doctor switched me to Armour Thyroid. Now I am on the new Armour Thyroid and after some tweaking of the dose (now 3 grains), my Free T3 is 3.9 (range of 2.3 - 4.2) and Free T4 is .84 (range of .60 - 1.50), and I feel best ever. The only change being considered is adding some T4 to increase my free T4 level to the middle of the range.
Avatar f tn A small number of large, overweight, thyroid-resistant women may need 6-8 grains of Armour Thyroid or the equivalent of thyroxine per day (counting 0.1mg of T4 as 1 grain of Armour Thyroid). For those people who are already on once daily Armour thyroid should split their doses immediately and take half after breakfast and half after dinner.