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Avatar m tn Since joining a new Gym I have aquired a small rash on the outside / back of my right upper arm (around the tricep area) I believe this to be from contact with the gym pad on the preacher curl support and can only assume it is some kind of viral / bacterial infection. (I now avoid this machine of use a towel). Small redened raised areas give way to slightly larger swellings that contain a clear fluid if broken. approx 5 at a time.
Avatar m tn Its been on and off, and I recently went to the dermatologist about it, but the rash from the left arm disappeared before I could even show it to the doctor. The ringworm and the left arm rash look nothing alike, so I don't know if the two are related at all. Any help identifying this rash and how to treat it would be greatly appreciated!
Avatar n tn Hey so I go to the gym three days a week I also box three days a week at night.. Tonight at a boxing session I was sparring with a guy, doing bag work and core exercises and at the end of the session the guy I was sparring asked if I grazed my arm on my bike or something and I was like, "what are u talking about"? then looked at my arm and there was this huge graze like rash on my arm...
Avatar m tn I thought it could have been from using equipment at the gym. Then i realized i put aftershave all over my arms. When i stopped it went away. However after a few weeks returned. This started in october/november. Last week i went away for a few days and there were mosquitos about. Since the 1st jan ive been getting these rashes on my arms legs, behind and front of knee, and one on my mid section. Ive now got the second one on my right arm in 4 days.
Avatar n tn Please help i was bitten by a dog about 2 days ago on my lip i now have a small rash on my arm consisting of about six bumps close together also when i go to the gym to workout i experience severe headaches could i have rabies ?
Avatar m tn I had an unsafe sex last year December 26 but due to the my thoughts about the lady I went for a test after a week and I tested negative then I thought I should wait for three months then feb 2nd I realized I had a rash on my arm closer to my armpit and I became scared I googled about it's symptoms and my throat is kinda rough and my tongue is kinda white so I went for another test despite the rash I saw and I tested negative....
Avatar n tn I broke my arm and i can;t move it and i;ve developed a rash under that arm. just wondering if there is somethng i can do to help that?
Avatar n tn On mar 15 went to oimry care doctor for bloodwork. I'm convinced the lab tech cleaned my arm with hand sanitizer. I cant sy or sure because my eyes were closed but I heard the noise of the pump and felt the liquid on my arm. I didn't think much of it until now. I have a rash on my face and neck. Sore throat. Stiff neck. This comes at exactly 4 weeks.
Avatar n tn I am still freaking out, but slowly getting it under control. Zero risk from her touching my arm or just low risk meaning it could happen. but 85percent chance it didn't. no more posts after this.
Avatar f tn and required a number of minutes of forced shaking to result in pins and needles feeling before recovering full feeling. 3 nights ago the same thing happened but only in my left arm from the shoulder down. Then 3 days ago I noticed a red blotchy rash all over my arms, chest and stomach. It did not itch at the time and died down after a couple of hours.
Avatar m tn I already posted a question on community forum but would really do with a specific answer from an expert. 4 weeks ago on saturday almost 28 days ago I made a foolish thing and had a unprotected vaginal and oral intercourse with a black female. Might I add I live in UK. After 3-4 days I had diarrhea for about 1-2 days. A day later my right gland in groin strated aching a bit but it was not swollen.
Avatar n tn Now, for the past few weeks, I have an on/off red rash on my arms (mostly the left). The rash is very pimple-like with what looks like white fluid in the center. The most parsimonious explanation is that this is due to clogged pores, but I wanted a professional opinion. I realize that rashes are difficult to diagnose, but any thoughts would be welcomed.
Avatar m tn you need to be seen and properly follow up on this. not likely this is just now happening from a std contracted in october and you need proper follow up to find out what is going on.
Avatar n tn i have joined a gym today and had an induction course but concerned if any of the exercises will damage or affect my pacemaker. please advise.
Avatar n tn For example if i happen to scratch my chest or someother body part it will get red and stay there for a while. Or if i rest my arm on a table or even my leg there will be a outline in red on my skin of where the pressure was....basically where ever there is pressure a pinkish red outline of that will appear....its weird i have never really seen that before. And on my hand especially on my thumbs i notice a pinkish red color appear on my knuckles....
Avatar f tn A few months ago, I was stacking a large and heavy box in my mini-warehouse when I felt like the muscle in the top part of my left arm crack (from the elbow to the shoulder - closer to the rotator cup). It really hurt a lot, and with time, although it feels better, it is still not perfect. It hurts when I twist my arm forward and it is sensitive in the rotator cup area. It feels better when I take some Advil, but eventually the pain persists.
Avatar f tn My name is olivia and i live in indiana (i am 14 years old) about 30 minutes ago, i am experiencing left arm pain from my left shoulder all the way down to my hand. i am not sure what this is and i would like to know. Also, i am not athletic (if that helps at all) so i dont run, and i dont take gym in middle school. If you can tell me what's going on, i'd very much appreciate it.
Avatar n tn s been over 3 days now and the burning is still there from crook of elbow to hand, my entire arm feels numb/thick, and there is pain at the site still. My hand feels tired or weak. There is no visible bleeding or bruising. I'm very scared this will be permanent. :( Has anyone experienced anything like this?
Avatar m tn Hi there! Well without a clinical evaluation it would be difficult to determine the issue in your case. Likely possibilities include fracture non-union/ mal-union, muscle/ nerve damage, inflammations, degenerations etc. I would suggest an evaluation by an orthopedician for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate management. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
Avatar f tn About 2 days ago my arm started getting really itchy and i noticed so bumps on my arm near my elbow and it seemed to get itcher then noticed it on my other arm my legs feet and chest it looks like litte bug bites but their not always itchy but when they itch it seems like their never gonna stop i recently got over a virual infection of some sort do u think this has to do with the infection
Avatar n tn also he put on alot of moisturizer and sun screen.. kept it clean and stayed away from used work out matts or sweaty nasty equipment in the gym.. u might want to wipe it off if u use one.. just a suggestion it kinda looks similar..
Avatar m tn I have a large post inflammatory hyperpigmentation on my arm. It seems to be an active rash that flares up every now and then, with no known cause. When it is inflamed, it gets swollen, dark red and very itcy. It fits the description of a fixed drug eruption; appearing bruise-like and occuring in the same spot every time. However, I don't take any medications and can't correlate the rash outbreak with taking/ doing anything at all out of the ordinary.
Avatar n tn It cleared at the point of origin but now its every where else on her left arm and more on her belly and has started appearing on her right arm and legs. But now its not so much like a rash but bumps and some are red and some are not and some big and some smaller. They dont bother her, no fever, no pus, no white heads, no blisters.
Avatar m tn In my sternoclavicular joint(rt) I am having pain, which I believe is aggravated by the sternocleidomastoid pulling on the joint (such as tensing up during leg presses at the gym) and some anterior arm extension movements. This pain started after dancing at a concert (no impact injury). I have been to my Dr and was given a steroid and meloxicam. This seemed to help, but was easily aggravated back into pain. The pain will last a few hours after aggravation, but will completely subside.