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Avatar f tn Ive been usen baby lotion everyday its hutst getn worse..
Avatar m tn They would fade away in 3-4 days and reappear elsewhere, though everything has been isolated to my upper body – chest, mid-back, and upper arm. The ones on my chest and upper arm are sometimes more spotty than streaky. Nowadays, the streaks are thinner and less red. I've been to a hematologist as well as a dermatologist. Blood tests (CBC, platelets, and sed rates, SMA 12) are normal.
Avatar n tn I went on with my day and noticed i started developing a rash up my forearm the rash was a consistant red raised blotchy sorta rash that itched very baddly and i got it later slightly on my check my upper inner arm and my upper inner thighs.
Avatar m tn Here is a picture of a rash on my neck. I also have a rash on my left arm thats bigger. They have lasted a few weeks. I have had recurring rashes for the last few years that come and go on my arms, upper legs and inner thighs, my neck and upper chest. They don't appear directly on my genitals or my back, or at the bottom of my feet. They itch and have a slight discoloration of red. They are slightly raised non-blister bumps, and have been lasting longer the last few months.
Avatar m tn i gotten bumps on my arms, leg, chest, back, and neck. also got bumps like inner thighs and butt cheek is that normal? and one bump on my arm pit?
Avatar m tn First a bigger red patch appeared on my neck, together with two patches on each of my inner elbows, followed by few spots on the inner side of my both arms, inner side of biceps and few on the stomach and on my lower back, on both sides as well. I noticed those few spots on my forehead and scalp. The patch on the neck disappeared and those on my scalp and face faded.
Avatar f tn In December I developed a rash - if it is a rash, more of a red mark - shaped like a literal love heart. It is located on the inside of my elbow (inner arm at the joint) and sometimes fades. It usually turns darker (redder) when I exercise - not raised, not itchy. Just an unusual mark!! Does anyone know what this is, and should I be worried? The only symptom I had when I first got the rash was a lot of stress.
Avatar f tn In December I developed a rash - if it is a rash, more of a red mark - shaped like a literal love heart. It is located on the inside of my elbow (inner arm at the joint) and sometimes fades. It usually turns darker (redder) when I exercise - not raised, not itchy. Just an unusual mark!! Does anyone know what this is, and should I be worried? The only symptom I had when I first got the rash was a lot of stress.
Avatar n tn Perspiration causes the rash to itch. One winter the same appeared on my inner thighs. When summer comes it disappears! My treatments: I have switched body soaps, wash my armpits two to three times a day, gone to a medicated baby powder instead of deodorant, tried 1% hydrocortisone cream instead of medicated powder and nothing works. My doctor said it looked fungal and recommended Lotrimin, an antifungal cream. I am three weeks on this and the rash is getting worse...not better.
Avatar f tn My dermatologist recently cultured a series of blisters on my inner arm and it was confirmed to be HSV2 (much to my surprise!). I have no idea where, when, or how I got the infection- I developed the "rash" about a year ago but it went away before I had an opportunity to get into the doctor. When it came back in the exact same location a few months later, I had my suspicions as to what it was. Since it is in such an unusual location, I am confused on what the implications are.
Avatar f tn I have had a rash for a little over two years now, since August 2007 and it never went away.The rash is on my inner arm (the opposite side of my elbow). My rash has been itching for over two years now and there is never a day that goes by when my rash doesn't itch. The rash has a lot of little bumps surrounding it and when my rash gets dry the little bumps turn white. By the way, the rash appeared a couple of days after I was exposed to the sun. What could this rash be? Could it be serious?
Avatar f tn I also have a smaller cluster a little higher and am getting some on my arm where my arm would touch my leg, on my back on the opposite side and in my inner thigh. The doctor thought it might be shingles or a herpes outbreak! She put me on 800 mg of Acyclovir 5 times a day. I have had 9 doses and it seems to be getting worse not better. I have had bumps come up and form blisters within just a few hours today. HELP!!!
Avatar f tn About 6months ago i notices 4 small ciggarette burn size & shape spots in the same spots on both shoulders & inner arm (where the elbow crease is).... Didnt think much of them because tey have never itched burned or had any symptoms at all. They have only bothered me because i can see them...then about 3months ago i noticed the one on my right arm had made a flower like shape & my left arm had spread randomly leaving white spots instead of the pinkish color they have always been.
Avatar m tn You stated that a newly acquired infection would not present a rash on my inner thighs like that? The rash did go away in a few days, i treated it with jock itch spray. It never did produce any blisters. I think i have read every herpes website on the internet! It was a drunken mistake to go to that massage parlor. I was deployed and not thinking straight. I have a family that i am really afraid I could lose over something so dumb!
Avatar f tn This only happens at night and it not from sleeping pressure on them as I generally sleep on my side and it will be my upper arm that is worse. I spent a furtune with a chiropractor that said I "might" have a herniated disk or two causing. At the time I couldn't afford the MRI to be sure. I quit the chiro and took up yoga and running and the issue seemed to go away until a few weeks ago it started back up. So I am not sure if this is all related or not.
Avatar m tn I have the rash under my neck, in my arm pits, on my anus, my genitals, inner thighs, on the penis, even behind the ears and on the eyebrows/forehead. They said it looks like a allergic reaction/dermatitis . Then the skin dries up and gets flaky. I've gone to the doctor easily 4 times and they've prescribed me all different kinds of cortisone which seemed to do nothing.
Avatar m tn okay herpes takes in between 1-30 days to show up so that seems possible. This rash is only on your inner thigh? Usually when someone who has herpes the blisters start off itchy and irritated but then errupt into large painful blisters that crack and puss comes out and if it is herpes the sores would most likely do that and they would most likely be in other places besides the inner thigh.
Avatar n tn I also notice a reoccurring low grade rash around my nose and mouth. In addition a consistent inner back discomfort on my right side. I went to the doc for the back pain they said it could be my gallbladder acting up. is all of this connected. or am I just getting toxic? any thoughts? should I go in for more tests.
Avatar m tn I figured it just a rash until similar blotches appeared on my neck one on each side and now I notice a long red rash on the inside of my arm. I know there was possiblity and likelyhood she may have been raped in the past but she had an accidental penetration with another guy some years after this and he was fine. I don't know I'm probly going to get tested to be safe but can anyone help?
Avatar n tn About 3 weeks after I noticed a small rash on my inner thigh. After scratching the rash it began to spread. Now the rash has an outer layer of itching bumbs where the inner part looks like dried up skin. I noticed improvement when I stopped scratching with the help of lanacane. There is no itching on my penis or gentals and I have no other symptoms other than the rash on my upper thigh ( the part that is in contact with genitals). Could this be a STD?
Avatar f tn Hi, I have noticed a rash made up of small red spots on my thighs and inner legs this morning. They are also a little itchy. I am slightly concerned because I went for a massage yesterday and am worried I might have caught something infectious while there. I lay on a towel. The rash is on both legs and is contained to the inner thighs.
Avatar f tn I am a female in my mid-twenties and within the last week some small bumps have appeared on my the inner part of my upper left arm only. One week ago, my arm was clear however I did notice that their was pain in that area of my arm... but I ignored it hoping that it would go away. Anyways, these teeny tiny bumps are red like pimples but with clear bubble-heads; they form a perfect circular pattern that is hollow in the center; and they do not itch, but are accompanied by a burning sensation.
Avatar n tn the rash shown is indicative of what is on my throat (basically only where the hair grown on my throat), shoulders, forearms, back of knees, back of neck, inner thighs, lower back, and butt... The ones on my arm went away with some lotion prescribed by my doctor but came back. Now they look like scars.
Avatar n tn Hello, for a few months now a rash has been developing on my arm. At first i thought that it would eventually go away on its own, but instead it seems to be steadily growing (although at a slow pace). It consists of small bumps that are the same color as my skin, and grows in little patches. At first I thought I might be developing a ringworm, but it isn't raised like one. It also isn't itchy unless I'm out in the sun and sweating a lot. Then it seems a bit agitated.
Avatar f tn It all started when I was 15. One day in school o began to feel intense burning on my right inner arm. I removed my sweatshirt and noticed redness. I went to the nurse , they seemed to think it was poison ivy even though it was November and I hadn't been near any vegetation but I accepted it. However it got worse fast. The red rash turned into red bumps which exploded into big fluid filled bumps. This occurred a few times between the ages of 15-20.