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Avatar f tn I discovered a pink rash on both arms on the inner part below my elbow today (not there yesterday). The right one is 10cm x 7 cm, and the left is 9.5cm x 6cm. They are not itchy or raised. The edges are rough, but they're slightly darker than the inside. The rash is not raised, but my arms may be slightly swollen. I have had peripheral edema in my ankles and lower legs for the past 2 1/2 months.
Avatar n tn Hi I'm a 42 yr old male. Mostly in decent health. I have had a rash form in my "elbow pit", the inner part of my elbow. Between my forearm and upper arm. It is on my dominant arm, the arm where I have my donated blood drawn from, if it matters. I have not had blood drawn in several months. The strange thing is I noticed it a couple months ago. I scratched it a lot at first and then forced myself not to touch it.
Avatar m tn 23yo male. I've got a rash on my right arm (inner side of bicep) I've never seen before, it appeared yesterday and consists.of red slightly raised bumps of 1mm to 2mm-3mm across. My skin surrounding the bumps isn't red or inflamed and the rash isn't itchy in the slightest. The bumps have stayed mostly confined to an oval, almost circle area but I think (can't recall) the area has gotten slightly bigger since yesterday.
Avatar f tn I have a large reddish rash on both of my lower inner thighs. The skin feels a little rough and there are tiny spots. It gets VERY itchy at night, and is almost unnoticable during the day. I have had this for two days now, but the itch is driving me crazy. The pharmacist prescribed Cortaid, but it seems to have to effect whatever. I noticed that the itch is also occuring in much smaller areas on my leg near the ankle and on my lower arm.
Avatar n tn red raised itchy welts, blotchy area on inner arm from elbow to arm pit and inner groin lasts a day to a couple
Avatar n tn Perspiration causes the rash to itch. One winter the same appeared on my inner thighs. When summer comes it disappears! My treatments: I have switched body soaps, wash my armpits two to three times a day, gone to a medicated baby powder instead of deodorant, tried 1% hydrocortisone cream instead of medicated powder and nothing works. My doctor said it looked fungal and recommended Lotrimin, an antifungal cream. I am three weeks on this and the rash is getting worse...not better.
Avatar n tn i hav a round, dry, sometimes pinkish spot/ rash on my inner arm. it was dime size about a month ago and has since doubled in size. it does not itch or hurt..
Avatar f tn Ive been usen baby lotion everyday its hutst getn worse..
Avatar m tn I recently started getting time on my shoulders as well as a large one in my arm pit. It keeps me up at night itching but not as itchy during the day. I have tried acne creams and benedryl lotions nothing helps it go away. Not sure how I got it haven't done anything I can think of differently as far as detergents or soap. Please help!
Avatar f tn I also have a smaller cluster a little higher and am getting some on my arm where my arm would touch my leg, on my back on the opposite side and in my inner thigh. The doctor thought it might be shingles or a herpes outbreak! She put me on 800 mg of Acyclovir 5 times a day. I have had 9 doses and it seems to be getting worse not better. I have had bumps come up and form blisters within just a few hours today. HELP!!!
Avatar n tn My daughter woke up with a little rash on her forehead. She thought it was little piples. Then realized it was a rash, that was yesterday. By last night it had all turned red and looks more like welts,small, very red, and spreading like wild fire!! Now she has it all over her neck and behind her ear? What could this be. Should she be using something to keep it moist, or Dry? Please let me know as it is spreading fast. Oh it is very ichy too.
Avatar f tn I have an unexplainable rash that started out on front of chest, where chest meets arms. Now it has spread and is underarms and on inside of arms, about 6 inches down inside of arm and side of breast on both sides of body. It has been one week today since started. It's red and itchy. I've been on benadryl and also have been putting anti itch cream and more recently, hydrocortisone cream on, but it isn't gone yet! After 4 days of hydrocortisone cream, the skin now looks brownish more that red!
18954 tn?1314301717 My roomate has the same symptoms as PAM. A rash with blotchy patches of red bumpy areas under the arm and inner thighs, but hasn't always had the problem. Treating with cortizone cream usually helps temporarily. Is eczema a disease which can be cured?
Avatar n tn I had hives on my forhead, hips, inner thighs, shins and toes, almost entirely symmetrical, like a mirror image on both sides of my body. Treated with oral and topical Benadryl, went away after several days. This was my only major MS attack thus far, so it will be interesting to see whether hives will accompany the next one.
Avatar m tn I have an itchy rash that started on my inner thigh area. It then moved to my buttocks, mostly near the crack area. Now it seems to be getting on to my stomach, arms and down my legs. Now the backs of my knees have gotten a serious rash that burns when water touches it and also itches constantly. On most of my body they look like seperate bug bites or something that itch. But behind my knees and a couple patches on the inside of my arm it's a bigger raised patch that's red and sometimes itchy.
Avatar n tn I had a small quarter size rash on the upper inner quadrant of my breast, my doctor felt it was a bull's eye tick rash and I feel like it has gotten lighter but not gone away - how worried should I be? This is not where I was bit by a tick, I am worried about inflammatory breast cancer.
Avatar n tn they are no bigger then a small pimple, but they dont pop. there around 5 of the same pimple on my inner right thy by my groin area. just recently a new bump appeared on my lower right forearm where the other bumps are located. this bump is quite larger and resembles a pimple but has a red rash like ring around it around 2 inches wide. i poped this one a day ago and alot of pus came out. now a day later after i bugged it pretty much the whole day it is more red and has the ring around it.
Avatar n tn There is an oval-ish rash on my arm, it's one single lesion fairly small. It's just about 5 cm wide and 2 cm tall. It has a reddish pigment. The surface is very slightly scaled. It has been present for 3-4 weeks now without much change. FOr the first few days I thought it was a burn, then it was raised slightly for several weeks. Now this last week or so, it has become more flat.
Avatar m tn Here is a picture of a rash on my neck. I also have a rash on my left arm thats bigger. They have lasted a few weeks. I have had recurring rashes for the last few years that come and go on my arms, upper legs and inner thighs, my neck and upper chest. They don't appear directly on my genitals or my back, or at the bottom of my feet. They itch and have a slight discoloration of red. They are slightly raised non-blister bumps, and have been lasting longer the last few months.
Avatar f tn This only happens at night and it not from sleeping pressure on them as I generally sleep on my side and it will be my upper arm that is worse. I spent a furtune with a chiropractor that said I "might" have a herniated disk or two causing. At the time I couldn't afford the MRI to be sure. I quit the chiro and took up yoga and running and the issue seemed to go away until a few weeks ago it started back up. So I am not sure if this is all related or not.
Avatar f tn I take an icepack to bed with me and when the itch starts I wrap my ice pack around my arm. It helps, but it just numbs the arm. I have tried to pay attention to certain foods. For the longest time I thought that it was the sun, because my arm was itchy in the summer, but the itch went away in the winter. I spoke to my doctor about it, but she just looked at me like I was crazy. No rash, just severe itch. ANY suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn i developed a bright red spot on my right inner elbow about month or so--looks almost like a burn. it was mildly itchy in the begininng and grew to about the size of a half dollar. looking further i noticed 2 small red bumps on the calf of my right leg -non itchy. the 2 bumps now have developed a slight crust/scab. i developed a couple of red itchy spots with a couple of tiny dots on right and left base of my neck. both armpits have bright red spots about size of a half dollar.
Avatar f tn I have scoured the internet for this information, and seen similar posting, but no one has posted any pictures for comparison. Here is a picture of one of the bumps on my right inner thigh. Any help on to what this is, how I can fix it or prevent it from occurring again, would be greatly appreciated!
Avatar n tn I am getting a rash on my fore arms and upper abdomen (stomach area) when I bike or spin. The rash on the arms are red and streaky and go length wise only the inner fore arm, and itch like crazy. The rash on my upper abdomen is botchy red (all size blotches) almost looks like hives, but is more angrier. Goes from the middle of my breasts,and ends at the bottom of my ribs. The rash on the fore arm and the abdomen do not always occur at the same time.
175861 tn?1428186013 Hey- I am having the SAME inner ear pain and have an appointment with a neurologist. I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia. I have had it for 9 year but would go several years with no episodes. Usually it lasts a day and then done - none for six months - this one I am on day three. Feels like someone is stabbing me in the ear with a screw driver. anyway...will let you know what neurologist says. I went to accupuncture today.