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Avatar n tn Hello, for a few months now a rash has been developing on my arm. At first i thought that it would eventually go away on its own, but instead it seems to be steadily growing (although at a slow pace). It consists of small bumps that are the same color as my skin, and grows in little patches. At first I thought I might be developing a ringworm, but it isn't raised like one. It also isn't itchy unless I'm out in the sun and sweating a lot. Then it seems a bit agitated.
Avatar m tn Hello everyone, I am new to the forums and have found great information here so far. However, I currently have a suspicious rash on my left arm. I have had what seems to be a rash on my arm for about 2-3 months and it has not diminished in size, nor has it grown any larger. It also seems to become light colored at times almost to where you would not even see it. Other times it will be very red with obvious signs of where the rash is located.
Avatar m tn A week later I got it on my left knee and soon after it hit the left side of my arm and sometimes my left wrist. The outbreak happens most often on my left arm. Why is it always on the left side of my body? A doctor swabbed the areas and took blood saying that it is genital herpes. I'm curious how do you get diagnosed with genital herpes yet you've never had herpes in your genital region.
Avatar f tn Since Friday morning, I have had a circular rash on my left arm. It is about 2 inches wide. On Thursday, I was testing different perfumes/ body sprays and the rash is probably in the area where I sprayed one of the perfumes. It doesn't itch, hurt, and is not oozing anything. But it seems to be more red in the morning, and as the day goes on, it seems to almost fade away. I know I have had allergic reactions to deodorants and shaving cream before.
Avatar n tn I broke my arm and i can;t move it and i;ve developed a rash under that arm. just wondering if there is somethng i can do to help that?
Avatar n tn I have red blotches on my arm which appeared on my arm several months ago. It causes no pain. When I massage my arm the blotches disappear for a couple of minutes. Also sometimes the blotches are gone(like after I take a shower) but mostly daily it is there. I am thinking that it might have to do something with blood circlution. Does anybody know what this is?
Avatar n tn s not likely that yo contracted herpes on both your knee and your arm. You need to return to your provider monday and have these re-evaluated.
Avatar n tn A couple months ago I had an on-off itchy/blotchy rash on my elbows. I was prescribed Clobetasol Propionate, which cleared the rashes quickly. In the interim (to prevent additional rashes) I was putting Gold Bond on my arms daily. One day at the driving range it was very hot and I broke out in a heat rash on my arms, which disappeared when I cooled down. I continued to use Gold Bond, and whenever my body was hot (e.g. after a hot bath) my arms broke out in clear drops.
Avatar f tn Thank you so much for your time and comment! Due to my eosinophil rash I was referred to allergist/immunologist who tested my IgE levels which were 22. So I believe this disease is ruled out. Due to my many reactions to food, I've also had food allergy testing to milk chocolate and gluten and environmental things and the IgE levels are within normal limits. Thank you so much for your input!
Avatar f tn Well this confuses me, you said you certainly cannot get HSV2 on the arm. But I do... apparently! I got swabbed because I had a small re-ocurring rash just above my elbow. It also happens around my knees. The swab was taken from my arm. It came back HSV2 positive. I get it all the time... mainly on my legs. But it does often occur on my left arm. So what's going on?.. I have no idea how it got here but it seems to occur in quite a few places on my limbs!
Avatar f tn s gradually spread down my left arm and is now on my right arm. The blister spots become red and take forever to heal. And again, it doesn't itch. It's really unsightly and just keep spreading. Any ideas?
Avatar m tn ( im really really scared and im on vacation so i cant go to the doctor...
Avatar n tn Hello so I'm 28 weeks along and I have a rash that just sprung up on my right arm. It covers my whole a and it itches and it looks like little bumps. I have a doctor appointment Monday but I was wondering what this might be. It's been there for a few days. I don't have exema and I haven't been anywhere close to poison oak.
Avatar f tn My 4yr old son has been sick for the last week with a fever, cough, congestion, joint pain, ringing in his ears, and now a rash on his face and sore on his arm. I noticed last week that his cheeks were flushed but I figured it was from the fever but now that the fever is gone, the rash on his face noticable. The rash looks like little bumps but all together in a bright red circle with some of the little red bumps are on his nose and lips. The rash is also dry and flaky.
Avatar n tn hi,doc i have this cluster of spots on my arm...and these cluster of spots are really very itchy..what is this due to..and how can it be cured..
Avatar n tn I'm 19 and around December of last year I noticed two small holes (one under each armpit). They have since closed but now for the past 5 weeks I've had a nasty rash under each arm, They are both secreting a clear, strange smelling liquid and burn every time a shirt, rag, or any type of fabric touches it, The coloration of the rash is a reddish brown color.
Avatar m tn Had this brown mark on my arm for several months. First noticed it after wrestling, it was red for a day or two then turned brown. Thought it may have been a rash from skin rubbing together but it has been around 5 months and it looks the same. It has never itched or hurt, sometimes it looks a little dry. I've tried anti fungal cream, polysporin, and moisturizer, none of those have helped it. I'm curious to know what it is and if it is infectious.
Avatar m tn Welcome to the forum and thanks for your question. Responding to the title, before reading anything else: it is extremely rare for HSV-2 infections to involve sites other than the anogenital area (think of the body parts covered by boxer shorts) or mouth. The arm would be extraordinarily rare. Now having read the question, I can say unequivocally that your arm rash was not HSV-2.
Avatar f tn Ive been usen baby lotion everyday its hutst getn worse..
Avatar n tn Since I started taking throid Meds I developed a rash on my stomach and severe arm pain that keeps me up a night. Were can I read about this condition, or get information to help stop the pain.