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Avatar n tn i have a rash under my arm and it went away for a couple day and then cam back it itches and burnes and i have tried everything powder corn starch i dotn know hat ealse
Avatar m tn About a week and a half ago I started itching, a rash has appeared on my arm, lower stomach, and butt. It seems to be spreading, the itching in driving me insane. I've got an appointment to go see a dermatologist, but it's not until later on in the week. Any ideas on what it may be caused from?
Avatar f tn Now instead of just a few small bumps and a few blisters it is just one huge blister. I also have a smaller cluster a little higher and am getting some on my arm where my arm would touch my leg, on my back on the opposite side and in my inner thigh. The doctor thought it might be shingles or a herpes outbreak! She put me on 800 mg of Acyclovir 5 times a day. I have had 9 doses and it seems to be getting worse not better. I have had bumps come up and form blisters within just a few hours today.
Avatar f tn At the time of that visit I did have visible bumps under my arm along with the rash, so he gave me a prescription for Tetracycline(spelling?) but I didn't take that as it MIGHT turn your teeth blue and other horrid things. He did tell me to blow dry my arm pit hair and use spectro derm which I'm now doing. I'm also still powdering at night. I recently went to my family doctor again about this and he didn't want to do anything about it.
Avatar m tn Can all this be caused from respiratory infection? The only test he had was a cbc over 2 months ago because he had a red rash down his arm. About 3 or 4 circles. One circle was really round like a quarter. They thought they were just flybites and that I was worrying too much. By the time I got a referral to the derm the rash had disappeared a week later. then reappeared on the same arm, different spots, disappeared again a week later and never returned. So the derm never did see the rash.
Avatar m tn I keep getting this same rash of small red dots under my skin. They are not bumps and do not change the skin texture. They are just red dots under the skin that make the skin itchy. They come and then go within 15 minutes. They happen on the top of my left hand or on the inside of my left arm. It happens sometimes for no reason whatsoever, other times when I put a watch on my hand, or when my hand has been under a desk light for studying. Here are pictures: https://www.instagram.
Avatar f tn I have been experiencing over the last 9 months a circle rash/redness under both of my armpits, sometimes just one armpit flares up at a time, does not ich or is dry just pure red and sore. Twice i have had spots in that area aswell but they went within a day but the redness stayed. Ive tried anibiotics, creams, changing deodrant, not shaving, washing in anti bacterial wash but nothing is working. Ive been to the doctors who have just given me more cream which has not worked.
Avatar n tn I broke my arm and i can;t move it and i;ve developed a rash under that arm. just wondering if there is somethng i can do to help that?
Avatar f tn I woke up yesterday and noticed pain under my right armpit. I felt my armpit and found hard bumps or lumps and they are pea-sized and painful to the touch. There is about 10 under the right armpit. The skin is slightly red and I also have them under my left armpit, but only about 5 of them. They are painful to the touch as well and slightly itchy. The pain feels prickly and tender and it hurts more when I move my arm.
Avatar f tn Anyway, by later that night, my face and chest were no longer pink, but my left arm had actually gotten darker and it looked like a rash was developing. By morning, the rash was definitely there and ITCHY!!! It's now Wednesday and the rash is still there, just as bad and just as itchy.
Avatar f tn Hi there...about 3 weeks ago I had a ringworm site come up on the back of my upper arm, and I've been treating it with anti-fungal cream and it seems to be getting better. Now, however, I have bumps under my arms, on my belly and the bottom of my breast, down onto my legs. I'm doctoring them too, in case they are ringworm as well.... they don't really itch, once it awhile a small itch, but not much. Just can't figure out what's going on!
Avatar n tn Hey so I go to the gym three days a week I also box three days a week at night.. Tonight at a boxing session I was sparring with a guy, doing bag work and core exercises and at the end of the session the guy I was sparring asked if I grazed my arm on my bike or something and I was like, "what are u talking about"? then looked at my arm and there was this huge graze like rash on my arm...
Avatar n tn http://i26.tinypic.com/2dcisrk.jpg http://i26.tinypic.com/5kikqt.jpg http://i32.tinypic.com/2wojh1h.jpg http://i30.tinypic.com/2n9xfds.
Avatar n tn It cleared at the point of origin but now its every where else on her left arm and more on her belly and has started appearing on her right arm and legs. But now its not so much like a rash but bumps and some are red and some are not and some big and some smaller. They dont bother her, no fever, no pus, no white heads, no blisters.
Avatar f tn I have the same thing going on under my right arm pit. Ive scratched it so much it has actually spread all under my arm pit, and is off to the side of my right breast. To help ease the itch at night, I use a moisturizer, benadryl and powder to keep the area dry. I really need advice on how to get rid of it as I am very self concious about it due to the discolorization of the irritated area. Thank you.
Avatar m tn ve noticed that it appears to be growing down my body particularly around my arm pits, sides and devastatingly now my groin, inner thighs and upper legs. I haven't tried treating it because I don't know what it is, I just hoped it would disappear. I've recently started a new relationship and this is really knocking my confidence to get intimate with my girlfriend.
Avatar m tn I have a recurring rash under armpits since Sept.2008 I have been using Cortaid Is there anything else I can use and how long does this last?
Avatar m tn then a week ago a rash appeared on my arm with small bumps which still hasnt gone away that is painful and 2 days ago this appeared on m fore skin and hurts and is very similar to the rash thats on my arm tho the arm rash has started to lessen, tho that also became and open wound. i want to seek medical care but i am homeless right now and 24 years of age. i recently had unprotected sex with a 47 year old for the past 4 months then 2 weeks ago had sex with a 18 year old.
Avatar n tn I had unprotected sex about 6 months ago, I never received a chancre at all but i have been getting a rash over my arm for the past few weeks. It comes and goes but does not itch. Is this a sign of syphilis? Also if not what does the Syphilis rash look like?
225036 tn?1294509400 I took my daghter to the doctor today because when I was giving her a bath today I noticed a sore under her arm. It kinda looked like a zit with a ring around it. When we got to the the doctor, he said that he was pretty sure it was a tick bite with Lymes Disease. He said that it kinda concerned him because my daughter has a lot of health issues. She also has a sinus infection so he gave her Amoxicillin and said it would take care of both. Any info would be great. Thanks.