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Avatar f tn Check pictures of a yeast diaper rash and see if it looks like that
1242373 tn?1268341867 My 7 month old daughter Rae Mi has red blisters near her private parts.! Like 5 or 6.! She got a diaper rash about a week ago.. It was really red.. so i started putting diaper rash cream on it.! Well when the redness went away some spots got blisters.. and i thought they would go away but they have not.. It doesn't seem to bother her but it does me.! I cant get her into the Dr. till next week.. Should i take her to the emergency room.! ?? It is really scary and they look bad..
Avatar f tn When my daughter had a really bad diaper rash while she was in the hospital (for a respiratory problem) the nurses mixed up a cream for her that took care of it in one day corn starch mallox petroleum jelly balmex mix together and it makes a nice cream that works really well, I still use it today if my girls get a red booty
Avatar m tn The bumps on her are getting really scaly looking with what looks like some blisters. I put the pictures of her rash (very hard to get a good picture) in my profile.
Avatar m tn That's why I posted a photo! (Although I suspect I don't have diaper rash.) But if it's policy to not look at photos, I undertsand that you are obviously much more limited in your ability to help me. Hoevere I was still hoping there was some information that could have been acertained by my fairly thorough original posting.
796579 tn?1266432024 my 2 wk old son has such bad diaper rash, he has had it abotu a week and half, i have been using everything, desitin, butt paste, etc. it is so bad that now it looks like he has bumps or blisters up around the base of his penis, and like the skin is peeling on his bum and around his scrotum!!is this normal sounding for diaper rash in boys? any advise? dr. says try antifungal creams or powder. i've been told to stay away from OJ and tomato sauces bcuz of acid, any other suggestions?
Avatar f tn Just last week I had an intimate encounter drunkenly unprotected. The next day I was pretty soar down there from the friction and lack of lubrication. Then a couple days passed and the pain worsened, especially when i peed. So i took a look down there and i had some irritated round areas about the size of a pencil eraser as well as the area seeming to be a bit swollen. They are all located at the lower end of my vaginal opening. I thought nothing of it thinking I was chaffing or something.
Avatar f tn Diapers, wipes, bottle, formula if you dont breast feed, an extra outfit, diaper rash cream, maybe small blanket, and a changing pad.
Avatar n tn It started about 4-5 days ago as a bunch of red spots, which have turned into fluid filled blisters on her diaper area. Now she is getting them from neck down including tops and bottoms of hands and feet. Her abdomen is swollen and she looks almost pregnant. She has the blisters in her mouth as well and we were told by the doctor it was hand, foot and mouth disease but nothing I find matches the disease. Please help me figure out what is wrong with my baby.
Avatar f tn t let her sit in it too to long. Pat dry her bottom and put the diaper rash cream on every diaper change. Make sure you keep her bottom dry when you change her. I baby sat this baby girl that had the same problem but hers was really really bad she cried non stop never smiled it broke my heart but its because her parents wouldn't change her diaper when she was dirty. Anyways if I'm not mistaken she had to be on antibiotics.
667078 tn?1316000935 Oh Alex ...
Avatar f tn Rashes feed off of moisture. So after using the wipes pat her dry with a towel. If the rash is bad and she blisters up. Then instead of wipes, rinse her bottom off with warm water. This will prevent irritating her skin more. The docs will give her meds just call them.
Avatar n tn She was sent home after 6 weeks on portagen and immediately developed a horrible diaper rash - open red blisters and oral thrush. I asked the pediatrician since she should be on prophylactic antibiotics for dental work (as it will cause openings in the tissue and allow infection in) should she not be on them for this? The blisters are huge, open, weaping, bleeding. I'm really concerned about problems.
Avatar f tn My 3 year old daughter gets this horrible diaper rash about every 2 months, I used different types of diaper rash creams but it won't go away and the thing is she doesn't wear a diaper anymore so she's never wet or dirty I cannot understand why she has this diaper rash, in between this bad diaper rashes she never has any skin irritations down there but every two months she gets it bad, I don't know should I be concerned and look deeper into her health, it seems very odd to have t
Avatar f tn We have tried antibacterial ointment, antifungal ointment, all diaper rash cream, corn starch, baking soda, changing diaper brands. I'm sick of this. I feel so bad for the little guy, it obviously bothers him, we have to keep him in pants or he tries to dig at it. His doctor said we can't run any tests until it blisters or has puss to collect for samples. Two other doctors said it was any yeast infection, but it's clearly not or the cramps would have done the trick.
Avatar f tn Than his started complaining when I wiped his little but because he was constantly using the bathroom so I put some diaper rash cream to help with the burning. But now it looks like he has blisters around his little anus and am petrified that I some how infected him. Is it possible that I might have gone to the bathroom and not wash my hands Or that i had the infection on my finger and when I applied the cream I infected him, or is there an explanation for the blisters.
Avatar f tn In Jan 2010 I was diagnosed with genital HSV-1. I have only had an initial outbreak and haven't had any sign of it since. I now have a softball size cluster of blisters on top of my thigh about half-way from my knee to the top of my leg. I went to the doctor thinking originally it was poison Ivy because that is what it resembled at first. Now instead of just a few small bumps and a few blisters it is just one huge blister.
Avatar n tn Basically i have this rash on my penis that is red and raised up a little bit. Its a little bit itchy but not so bad that i feel the need to see the doctor immediately. It also doesnt match the symptoms or pictures i have been able to look up enough for me to think it is herpes. One thing to add is that i have 2 pubic follicles at the base of the penis that have never produced hair that became inflamed around the same time. I am sexually active but always use a condom.
Avatar f tn but its almost like a heat rash except the spots are bigger. they never were blisters and dont look like any of the pictures i have seen, but that can be misleading. they almost burn...i have tried using triple antibiotic ointment on them and that made them burn like hell! i had to take a bath right after to get it off.
6822962 tn?1396329659 Diaper rash are really inevitable especially when you always use diaper as your baby's nappies. Also, I think diaper rash usually comes when its really hot weather and then you let your baby wore a diaper. One thing I observed with my baby is when I was not able to change her diaper for how many hours, it caused her diaper rashes. Most diapers, regardless of brands will most likely cause rashes.
Avatar n tn My mother has had a very bad rash with blisters for 4 years now, on her chest, arms, and neck. She has gone to the doctors multiple times. This rash is VERY painful, bringing her to tears almost every day. She can barely stand to take a shower. Please, even if nobody can give a diagnosis, please tell me how to lessen the pain. Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/nlG8uAg PS: I posted this in the Undiagnosed area, but also here to increase chances of someone helping.
3150176 tn?1343245718 It is possible that you are allergic to some unknown substance which is causing these blisters like rashes. Other possibilities are sweat rash, any fungal infection of the feet with secondary bacterial infection. What work do you do? Are your feet exposed to any chemicals, detergents or toxins etc? I will advise you to keep your feet dry. Since you have already been trying over the counter medications without any success I will advise you to see a dermatologist. Do keep us posted. Best wishes!
Avatar m tn Anyway having had 2 healthy children with no issues at all from the HSV during the births I thought this episode was all behind us until this week when my small baby started getting fluid filled blisters in the of skin area above his penis.
Avatar n tn My mother has had a very bad rash with blisters for 4 years now, on her chest, arms, and neck. She has gone to the doctors multiple times. This rash is VERY painful, bringing her to tears almost every day. She can barely stand to take a shower. Please, even if nobody can give a diagnosis, please tell me how to lessen the pain. Pictures: https://imgur.
Avatar f tn Okay thanks.
Avatar f tn Honestly the hospital provides you with mostly everything you need. Diapers, wipes, receiving blankets, diaper rash creme.
Avatar f tn My husband's experience was that he got the Incivek rash around week 1-2 of treatment, and it lasted about 5 weeks or so. It was very red, had some welts, and had some small blisters. In looking at the photos and showing it to the NP, it was described as moderate. She gave him two prescriptions for it Hydroxyzine HCL, 25 mg, 1 – 2 tablets every 6 hours as needed Triamcinolone, 0.025% OINT, twice per day as needed).