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Avatar n tn over the past couple of days i have been getting these blisters, that when they are popped this clear liquid comes out. These blisters are on the palm of my hand. They are very small and in a group. some are single and others are packed together. there only on my hands not on any other part of my body. If anyone knows of has experience this before plz a comment it would be greatly appriciated.
Avatar m tn That's why I posted a photo! (Although I suspect I don't have diaper rash.) But if it's policy to not look at photos, I undertsand that you are obviously much more limited in your ability to help me. Hoevere I was still hoping there was some information that could have been acertained by my fairly thorough original posting. Something like "herpes never appears as solitary "bumps", or "if there has been no change after three weeks, it's probably not herpes, as...
Avatar m tn The bumps on her are getting really scaly looking with what looks like some blisters. I put the pictures of her rash (very hard to get a good picture) in my profile.
Avatar n tn So after a week or so, I started using Vagisil, the itching went away, but then once it got wet or I touched it, it would start itching again. I just started using diaper rash cream to see if it would help.-- I know this is nasty, but what is wrong? Am I having an allergic reaction to latex... or should I be really scared and worried!!! I know I should realy go see a doctor but I don't have insurance. REALLY!! WHAT SHOULD I DO?!
Avatar f tn i used some cream that was prescribed to my 14month old daughter for diaper rash....and so far (2 days now) the itch has almost completely stop and the rash is starting to dry and clear....ill find out exactly what is called and let you all know.....
Avatar f tn My husband's experience was that he got the Incivek rash around week 1-2 of treatment, and it lasted about 5 weeks or so. It was very red, had some welts, and had some small blisters. In looking at the photos and showing it to the NP, it was described as moderate. She gave him two prescriptions for it Hydroxyzine HCL, 25 mg, 1 – 2 tablets every 6 hours as needed Triamcinolone, 0.025% OINT, twice per day as needed).
Avatar f tn Make sure you change her every time she uses the restroom don't let her sit in it too to long. Pat dry her bottom and put the diaper rash cream on every diaper change. Make sure you keep her bottom dry when you change her. I baby sat this baby girl that had the same problem but hers was really really bad she cried non stop never smiled it broke my heart but its because her parents wouldn't change her diaper when she was dirty. Anyways if I'm not mistaken she had to be on antibiotics.
Avatar f tn Check pictures of a yeast diaper rash and see if it looks like that
Avatar f tn They have been like this for three days or so and have not worsened but still super sensitive. I've been using diaper rash cream and coconut oil to sooth the pain. From what i know the areas never blisters. Is it possible it could be something other than herpes i've looked up many pictures and none of them really look like what I have. I also find it weird that i would experience symptoms that early.
Avatar f tn but its almost like a heat rash except the spots are bigger. they never were blisters and dont look like any of the pictures i have seen, but that can be misleading. they almost burn...i have tried using triple antibiotic ointment on them and that made them burn like hell! i had to take a bath right after to get it off.
Avatar f tn They have been like this for three days or so and have not worsened but still super sensitive. I've been using diaper rash cream and coconut oil to sooth the pain. From what i know the areas never blisters. Is it possible it could be something other than herpes i've looked up many pictures and none of them really look like what I have. I also find it weird that i would experience symptoms that early.
Avatar n tn It is not fair or appropriate for me to try to diagnose your problem over the internet and we do not look at pictures at this site as part of this policy. That said, let me summarize what I understand to be the problem and make a suggestion or two. You have had several lesions on your penis some of which may have been present for as long as a month. Some of the lesions appear as bumps (not blisters). Are they growing in size?
Avatar n tn Almost 10% of children taking Amoxicillin can develop an itchy rash which may result in blisters, where as, a non-allergic rash doesn't cause itching and therefore, no blisters. A majority of patients that have Epstein Barr virus infection develop a non allergic reaction to Amoxicillin rash treatment. A person suffering from Amoxicillin rash may experience nausea, vomiting, watery or bloody diarrhea, but dizziness and heart burn are most common.
295949 tn?1200942667 Making sure you wear non irritating panties always help of course but for the bumps themselves you can use diaper rash cream or there is also a gel/cream that is made specifically for chafing. I know it sounds goofy about the diaper rash cream but it really does work! Or a little bit of Neosporin as long as it's not too close to your genitals. I'm not an MD nor do I have any medical background, this is based on my personal experience.
Avatar m tn I have changed just about everything, bedding, blood pressure medication, stopped any vitamins, bought new cotton underwear, tried fungal creams, diaper rash creams, etc. I just come back to herpes thinking could it be mild as in no itching, burning or blisters. It is in same place and never seems to go away. What is a pattern is when this happens, I get burning eye, blurry at times, some tingling in glans and foreskin. I just feel helpless as I cant get this cured or figured out.
Avatar m tn Gives me desinade and tells me to put diaper rash cream on it, also Zpack azithromycin. Neither helps. 72 days post-exposure - see primary care doc. He says he can see it's irritated and thinks it may be a low grade fungal infection. Gives me fluconizole and nystatin powder. Neither really does anything. 82 days post-exposure - With nothing else to blame, try meds for trichomoniasis. This definitely relieves irritation in penis and need to urinate, but not completely.
Avatar n tn Hey I just want to share my experience. I have had the 'cuts' on my labia minora (inner labia right around my vaginal opening) for over a year now. At first I freaked out and I got tested for every kind of STD imaginable. All my results were negative and I have in fact never been exposed to any type of Herpes at all. My doctor prescribed fluconazole, which helped with the yeast infection, but the cuts kept coming back.
534800 tn?1217170959 I moved from the dry climate of the Southwest and Southern Cal to hot and humid New England four years ago - nevr, ever had this until the first summer I arrived and then BAM! A weird, nasty rash that scares even me - I'm extremely active (walk every where and run 6+ daily) so suffice it to say being covered with this is not good for the image! Seriously though I'd like to know if there's a way to treat and how to keep it from spreading.
Avatar n tn well, a few days ago i posted a topic about having what sounded like a diaper rash (kotex rash) because the vaginal area and buttocks a reae was very red and irritated and it hurt a lot. Well, thankfully that is almost gone, but i have noticed that on each side of the vagina (lips) towards the bottom, right next to the vaginal opening i have these two extremly painful sores(like craked skin) and i can barely even walk. They sting like alcohol trough a wound and itch a lot form time to time.
Avatar n tn Doctors can usually diagnose impetigo based on the appearance of the rash. Occasionally, they may need to take a sample of fluid from blisters. Impetigo is typically treated with either an antibiotic ointment or medication taken by mouth. Impetigo is marked by: Pimple-like sores on the skin, especially around the nose or mouth. The sores begin as small red spots, then change to blisters that eventually break open. The sores are typically not painful, but they may be itchy.
Avatar n tn Then, last Sunday I woke up with incredibly itchy bumps(so bad that it's actually woken me up at night) on both of my ankles, and at this time the other spots were gone. Now, I still have the itchy bumps(which don't seem to have gotten any better) and the small red spots on my legs have returned. I've pretty much ruled out allergies, since I haven't been in contact with anything different than normal. Same with bug bites, especially since they don't appear to look like a bite at all.
Avatar n tn I also have some vaginal discharge, is that normal or has anyone else experienced that? No head has apeared and I keep looking up pictures of herpes on the internet but it doesn't look anything like any of the pictures. Please help!!!
Avatar n tn I'm sooo glad I'm not alone..I too have seen several doctors and had blood work done...but nobody knows what it is. My blood work shows signs of herpes 1, which everyone has from cold sores etc...I just went to the doctor again last week to discuss my blood work and to discuss the discomfort I have after sex. He said to show up immediately to the office when I notice the lesions so he can get a sample of it and run tests...but it's diffinitely hard because of my work schedule.
Avatar n tn My palms and soles look alot like the pictures i've seen of EK but my major issue is all the peeling that happens on the tops of my hands, feet lower arms and legs. Could this somehow be related to EK or is this condition centralized only on the palms and soles? I'm not looking for a cure or tips on keeping the peeling at bay, i just want to know what it is so i know what to do when i have an especially bad outbreak.
Avatar n tn Meant to say, the other day I tried balmex diaper rash meds for a couple of hours and it seems to of helped. Could be another coincidence. And thanks for the soap suggestion, will try that also! For now it is hardly visible, seems to heal very quickly when conditions are favorable, but it takes no time to pop back up either. Good luck to everyone with this one...
Avatar n tn Desitin regular (just the regular cream) diaper rash cream stops the itch completely but need to apply as needed.
Avatar n tn I've had this for about 6 months now. I thought maybe it was scar tissue from past fever blisters/cold sores? I haven't had one in years though. It kinda scares me.
Avatar n tn i have been going to the dodtor for two years with this now but he keeps on tellin me i do not have scabis and gives me creams and lotions but t never seems to go away. i get red rash arund the eyes . he told me t will go away do not worry but it comes back every month . i have blisters on my chest he did nothing i have itchy neck he says its also nothing my neck has spots on but look lke blisters .
Avatar n tn I'm going to see a new GYN in 2 weeks I hope he can tell me something. By the way- I've found that Desitin(for baby diaper rash) works good at coating so air and toilet tissue aren't so painful.