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Avatar f tn I have rash on arm and back and fingers but question is in my ear and throat? Because I can feel rash and make me itching in my ear and throat? Is Shingle have inside body?
Cat Shingles usually starts as a painful rash on one side of the face or body. Most commonly, the rash occurs in a single stripe around either the left or the right side of the body. The rash usually involves a narrow area from the spine around to the front of the belly area or chest. The rash may also involve the face, eyes, mouth, and ears. For more information, you can visit
Avatar f tn Can I spread it to other parts of my body, like if I touch my leg and then touch my arm would I then develop the rash on my arm?
Avatar n tn My daughter (16 years old) has a rash that the doctors she has seen think are shingles. There are no blisters and to much pain but the rash seems to follow a pattern from under her arm and across her back along what could be a nerve. She is itchy, a bit nauseous and has chills. She has had the rash for just over a week and it is continuing to spread. She now has a spot on her wrist. My questions are: Typically how long does shingles spread? Is it too late for anti-virals?
Avatar f tn I had/have a rotator cuff injury that became a frozen shoulder. Regarding Shingles, that doesn't always produce a rash. But it usually doesn't come out on the arm. You should see your doctor to confirm what it is. My injury was excruciatingly painful the first month or two and it was stabbing pain as well. The itching could just be a nerve related thing.
Avatar m tn oddly enough the rash makes a weird squiggle shape on my stomach) I began feeling a burning sensation like shingles a few weeks ago and this rash appeared. It happened after I shaved my full body for a swim meet and swam in the pool. Is it shingles? or something else?
Avatar f tn I am experiencing that same exact pain again in a different area but there isn't a rash. Is it possible to get shingles again? Without a rash? The pain is exactly the same.
Avatar m tn Should I wash my clothes separately? The rash is on my shoulder/upper arm and slightly on chest. 3. I did an Igm test 5 days after the pain started (and same day I noticed the rash). It came back negative. Is this possible? 4. The headache is much better (day 7) but I have severe pain down both legs (hamstrings and calves), but no rash there. Is this normal? I cant sleep at night and need potent pain killers for the pain.
Avatar n tn Hello, I'm a regular athlete who just came down with the shingles for the second time in 15 years, this time I got the rash on my left arm, from the wrist up to my shoulder, rash following the nerve path, I sort of knew what it was and started taking 800 mg of Acyclovir four times a day (it was the weekend and wouldn't see a doctor until Monday) I had read about this, My brother in-law M.D.
Avatar f tn This is on top of my debilitating Multiple Sclerosis. My blisters/sores started in the palm of my left hand and ran all up my arm - under my arm and up my neck. The pain (and blisters) runs along the nerve endings and in my case the nerve pain up the neck and ear was exruciating and unrelenting and made me very nauseous. I had a course of Acyclovir (Zovirax) and strong pain killers. I am left with post herpetic nerve pain in my arm which has lasted 6 weeks so far.
Avatar f tn and told him I had had the Zostivax shot in April and asked if it was possible I had shingles. He didn't seem to think so as he saw no rash or sores. He sent me for blood tests which came back normal. The 6th day the burning sensation went back to the mid section and stayed in the shoulder blade area. 7th day the pain was all across the shoulder blade area and under the left arm. I called the Drs. office and after 24 hrs they finally got back to me and ordered neurontin.
Avatar f tn hi i have been diagnosed for 4 years now with shingles every year a rash comes up in a band under my right arm and my breast so every time i go to my doctors they tell me its shingles give me medication but its the pain i get pain in my feet ,my knees,my back and elbows and can hardly walk so i have to take at least 4 weeks of work do you think it could be something else and not shingles but if it is shingles how can i prevent it keep coming back.
Avatar f tn Over the SUMMER I got a what you could call a rash on my arm it was red and hurt a little and itch but just around it not on it. it also had stared making little bumps. the next day it the bumps looked like they there blisters I went to the ER and the dr only looked at me for about a min and said I had shingles. the nurse said she really did not think that was it bc shingles spreads and this has not just stayed in the same spot.
5908533 tn?1376498302 I have a burning pain mostly on my left side under the arm is numbness and it rotates to the upper back with chills the pain is constantly everyday now. No rash, but the pain and burning is now beginning to effect the right side of my body as well, my doctor has no clue. Could this be Shingles? This all started about 2 years ago and my symptoms are getting worse my back is burning it feels like being stung by wasps with a pricken pain...Help.
Avatar n tn I went to my doctor 2 days later and found out I had shingles and it was too late to treat it. It spread down my shoulder to my arm and hand. It was so bad and so painful I felt my bones were burning. It is a year and a half later now and I am paralized, my left arm and hand and am on narcotics and neurontin for damaged nerves, yet i suffer with pain everyday. My ulner nerve was killed and the other 2 main nerves are barely alive.
2071240 tn?1331484314 It is ONLY contagious during the phase when the patient has developed blisters with clear fluid but the rash covering the blisters is yet to develop crusts. Simply put, shingles' contagious period ends with the blisters getting scabbed and drying up." I thought this might help clarify the contagious issue.
Avatar f tn I have had pain in lower left side that started in front rib area and now all the way to under left arm in a line. Have one red dot that does not hurt. Dr wont diagnose as shingles but thinks it is. Two drs in family say sounds like it by phone. Local dr wont give me anything for pain. Any suggestions?
Avatar m tn Can you have shingles without having a rash. I am having severe burning and terrible pain in my left arm and armpit.
Avatar f tn Rashes like the one you have could be a part of autoimmune disorder or could be due to shingles only. However shingles rash is usually accompanied by pain. In fact there can be pain without rash in shingles. So pain is a dominating feature. If there is no pain, then an autoimmune component should be thought of. Please discuss this with the specialist you are currently seeing for your autoimmune disorder. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar n tn Is it possible to be diagnosed with shingles without having an external rash? The pain is on my left side only in a band near my waist line. The pain is horrific - even to the touch. All symptoms seem to be consistent with shingles but after 2 weeks of this, there is no rash. Narcotics, vicodin and darvocet have helped some but not completely.
Avatar f tn I have a very irratible itchy rash on my left arm. It started with the feelings of "bugs" crawling under my skin. with much itching it now has scabs and it itches TERRIBLY with no relief from anything I have tried to stop this itch> Please help me!!
Avatar n tn Hey, There is a 2 or 3 inch rash looking thing on my arm, looks like a bunch of raised lines across it. A day later is disappeared so I just passed it off like it was nothing. Than the next day it reappeared just a little bit under my forearm, below my elbow. Its itchy but i'm not scratching. It reappeared pretty close to where it last was.
Avatar n tn I have a rash that first appeared on my arm about 5 years ago when I moved from a dry climate to a very humid one. The rash comes and goes, and generally appears on the antecubital fossa of my right arm. It has been difficult to have it looked at, because it has often disappeared by the time I can get an appointment. At one time I had a PA tell me it was ringworm based soley on appearance, but I have seen ringworm and it doesn't look like it at all.
Avatar f tn For the last 3 months I have been having severe pain around my left side under my breast and wrapping around my body. My doctors originally said shingles told me to watch out for rash and gave me anitbiotics because my white cell count was high... 2 weeks later, no rash and still in pain. So they ordered a stronger antibiotic since my white cell count was still high... 2 weeks later, same story. We then did a CTscan, x rays, and everything was negative.
Avatar f tn I have a rash on my arm. There are 12 bumps, that looks like they have scabs in them. The entire rash is about the size of a quarter. It has never itched, but it is sore and tender. I don't have medical insurance, and I am a single mom, so I can't really afford to go get it checked, unless I know it is something serious.
Avatar f tn Now instead of just a few small bumps and a few blisters it is just one huge blister. I also have a smaller cluster a little higher and am getting some on my arm where my arm would touch my leg, on my back on the opposite side and in my inner thigh. The doctor thought it might be shingles or a herpes outbreak! She put me on 800 mg of Acyclovir 5 times a day. I have had 9 doses and it seems to be getting worse not better. I have had bumps come up and form blisters within just a few hours today.
Avatar f tn This rash shown in photo attached has appeared on my daughter (aged almost 16). It is also in larger patches in other areas including under the breast Anyone have any idea what it looks like? It seems raised and she said it is painful to touch. Her arm on this side is also aching when she lifts it. See pic attached. Thanks.
Avatar f tn Hi Welcome to the MedHelp forum! Rashless shingles is possible especially since you feel a change in the texture of the skin. However, the treatment is same—antivirals along with something for pain and local applications. If you have taken all these and still have no improvement, then yes, you need to reevaluate the cause.