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Avatar m tn I don't think you have a personality disorder. I think you may be depressed and anxious (which can explain the avoidance). I would talk to your doctor and see if they can refer you for psychotherapy. Maybe you're in the wrong line of work? Not enjoying it. Not being challenged enough, or being challenged too much. Not finding it rewarding or flexible enough. I would be looking at why you're not enjoying work and perhaps start looking at other options.
Avatar n tn What is the real difference between Schizoid personality disorder and avoidant personality disorder? Is avoidant disorder the same as Social Anxiety disorder? 2. Is the main difference that a person with SAD wants to be sociable but cannot because of extreme anxiety and a person with Schizoid simply doesn't want to be sociable? 3. Can severe social anxiety lead to other problems like health anxiety and depression down the road if left untreated? 4. Is SAD treatable and can it go away?
Avatar n tn Cluster A (odd or eccentric disorders) • Paranoid personality disorder • Schizoid personality disorder • Schizotypal personality disorder Cluster B (dramatic, emotional, or erratic disorders) • Antisocial personality disorder • Borderline personality disorder • Histrionic personality disorder • Narcissistic personality disorder Cluster C (anxious or fearful disorders) • Avoidant personality disorder • Dependent personality disorder (not the same as Dysthymia) • Obsessive-compulsive
Avatar n tn hi my name is casandra and i have paraniod personality disorder. I developed it in seventh grade, i felt very very uncomfortable in crowds and i would start to shake and breathe wierd whenever someone would stare or look at me for more than a minute or someone that kept looking at me. Recently i had a panic attack. In my advanced band class my teacher stared at me, which he does to all students to be funny, well he does not know about my paranoia.
Avatar n tn It is scary to think you have a personality disorder, but you sound more like social anxiety to me. I also have struggled with this and my friends have called me a hermit at times. It is a result of low self esteem - now, my goal is to figure out why my self esteem is so low, and work on it. This is what you should focus on also.
4059843 tn?1541422896 When i say 'i want a personality disorder', i obviously do not really mean i wish i had it, i would just be happy to see it as an explanation to all my thoughts and emotions. (And pain...). E.g the reason why i am always horribly anxious and upset. The reason why i cant stop fussing over certain things. Or the reasonn why i am paraniod with the way i look, the way i act, of what people think of me, etc.... If only i could find out if i have one or not....
Avatar f tn as you describe would certainly be compatible with multiple personality (or what is now known as dissociative identity disorder). Although obviously one can't make a diagnosis by email....
Avatar n tn Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder is the same as Borderline Personality Disorder. I find the reply very dismissive as I suffer from this disorder and it makes my life very difficult indeed. I take Celexa for the depression and am starting therapy soon to control the rage, mood swings and various other things.
Avatar n tn I would like to know if I am borderline personality disorder, or possibly bypolar. All of my life I have started projects and never finished any of them. I get started with a lot of energy and then all of a sudden I just lay everything down. I have spent most of my life lying around. I am 64 years old. I have been depressed most of my life and never understood why. It seems as if I cannot maintain friendships.
Avatar f tn First, he needs to get in to a good Psychiatrist, which may be very hard to get him to do. To me it sounds like possible bi-polar or possible borderline personality disorder. I am not a Dr and this is just my opinion. Would it be possible for you to talk to him about seeing a Dr? It sounds like you really care about him but something is going on and if he refuses to get help this is going to be very stressful for you.
Avatar f tn And if they diagnose me with bipolar disorder or a personality disorder, how long will it take and will I be given a mood stabilizer?
Avatar f tn A lot of people have similar symptoms with a thyroid disorder. If you do have bipolar disorder and treat it, it could be like turning over a whole new leaf for you. Talk with people on here. There's a lot of good support on here.
Avatar n tn ' I am now adamant that I have a personality disorder; the issue is, I can align my personality traits with those of a variety of personality disorders, but I am leaning towards the narcissistic one. If that is true, I have formed a false self, which, as I'm sure you can imagine, is fuelling my HOCD, as I am having intrusive thoughts telling me that my 'real self' is of course, gay. The latter is preventing me from actively pursuing treatment for a personality disorder that may or may not exist.
Avatar n tn I am having the (almost) same issue. I start testing for Asperger's on Friday. You haven't been here in a while. Hope you read this. I am currently working on my bachelors degree in Sociology with a minor in Psychology. I have an AA in both areas. I am 34. My 11 year old has most recently been diagnosed with PDD-NOS. He has also been diagnosed with ODD, ADHD, Asperger's, PTSD, and I've heard "Anti-Social Personality Disorder if he was older.
Avatar n tn one tablet of Remeron in the evening, four Depakine in the daytime. I was diagnosed to have a narcistic personality disorder, with reappearing depression and alcoholism. As for the work of the psychotherapists there, I found nothing good. They just made me tell again and again what was my pain. Instead, I'd prefer them to strongly intervene.
8201329 tn?1397008042 What can I do to help my mom with her Borderline Personality Disorder? She was recently diagnose. She has been depressed, anxious, and adhd for her entire life, and I, too, have inherited those three. She has been so supportive for me through my recent low with depression and anxiety. How can I support her, and what can I do to help her and encourage her?
Avatar m tn coma(3 days) has relation with and/or has effect on personality disorder that i believe bothering me? specially social anxiety and depression 2. Is it possible to bring memory power to normal? Are there medication available? 3. Can the SSD due to inner ear bones shift be corrected by surgery though it has been long years since the accident? Unfortunately I could not get proper treatments in Nepal.
Avatar f tn My child has avoidant personality disorder. She is highly intelligent but too anxious to continue going to college. Medications do very little to help. She needs to earn money somehow without interacting too much with people. Her father and his family (highly educated but also ignorant) consider her to be just lazy and can’t see “what’s her problem?!) Her worst fears (since she was 10) are doing something wrong, embarrassing herself, and being judged. No amount of therapy has helped so far.
Avatar m tn Now she wants to separate, she says she hasn't felt happy in our marriage for the last two years. As well she suddenly wants nothing to do with God. She has become anxious and fearful. She feels everyone is out to get here, to tell her what to do. We are all just concerned for her and love her so much. This isn't her. I started looking online and found a bit of information concerning thyroid removal and personality change. My question is where do we go now? What can we do about this?
Avatar m tn I didn't mean narcisisstic personality disorder. It's more subtle. Borderline personality organisation includes traits from other personality disorders as well. How our personalities are structured can be quite difficult to explain. Being pretty or beautiful seems to be a theme in your post. It could be that you've been told you're ugly or have been made to feel that way and are now trying to prove or convince yourself and others that you're not.
Avatar f tn Over the last 4-5 months, my father (663 yrs old) has displayed changes in mood and personality. It seemed to begin with some mild depression symptoms and trouble sleeping and then progressed to some anxiety issues, in that he is worrying over small things. There have been some displyes of behavior that are drastically different than his normal. My parents have been together for 40 something years and own a business together.
Avatar m tn Hi there, last friday I was diagnosed with "somatization disorder" after an extensive evaluation at a local psychosomatic clinic. my backround is the following: I´m struggling with a lot of debilitating symptoms since April this year. It started with fatigue,exhaustion and heart problems in May and then developed into symptoms of weakness and muscle weakness along with balance and coordination issues since June.Since that it got worse on a constant basis.
Avatar n tn I had another one this afternoon when I took a nap. Can dreams cause an attack? I have borderline personality disorder and depression but, I became intergrated 2 weeks ago after 8 years of therapy and I thought things were going well. I'm still trying to learn to live in your world as one but, I don't see how that would cause these attacks. What could be causing these attacks?
Avatar f tn I do not like to talk to people about this, because they may think I am stupid, or worse that I am over-reacting. I have done every possible online test for borderline personality disorder, and I am almost convinced that that is what it could be. I was just wondering if someone could relate all of these things that I have described to some sort of a mental disorder, because I am almost certain that all this cannot be normal. I am emotionally drained, and I would appreciate the help.
Avatar f tn My husband thinks I have a personality disorder. This is something I have often wondered about, but I can't seem to trust a doctor, as the last time I saw a doctor he just told me what he thought I wanted to hear. I'm pretty sure I have normal anxiety and depression, but since finding out that we were pregnant, he and I seem to fight more.