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167 tn?1374177417 You might know a couple who sleep with their baby in bed with them (are they crazy?). They may all be practising attachment parenting - learning to interpret and respond to babies’ specific need-cues, and meeting their emotional needs on their own terms. This kind of parenting stresses the importance of things like gentle birthing methods, breastfeeding babies on demand, child-led weaning, sleeping close to baby, and wearing baby on your body during the day.
Avatar f tn My mother began this when she travelled overseas for the first time. She was very anxious about flying and so she bought a soft toy (I'm not sure if she made this connection herself) and took it everywhere with her. She has commented that when she would feel stressed on the flight she would look at the soft toy which she addresses in first person, and see that 'he' wasn't stressed, so she didn't need to be.
1540869 tn?1351217613 Many people with BPD recover in only a few years, and once they recovery there symptoms are unlikely to return. Having a substance use disorder, PTSD, panic disorder, depression, or one of the anxious-fearful personality disorders makes it especially hard to recover from BPD. Symptoms that are most likely to improve over time: * Impulsive risky behaviors including self harm and suicide attempts. * Sever paranoid thinking.
Avatar f tn cause i get overworked and my highs are so high i feel stupid and then that feeling turns into why even bother with him. i am 22 and should be living with my parents but stay with my boyfriend cause i get so anxious when i am not with him and i know he is at home or something. i really feel like i am going crazy. and he cant help anymore. i am hurting him and i hate it! does this sound like something is really wrong or is this normal?
Avatar f tn But I have done some research and I am wondering what the difference is between disorganised attachment and personality disorder? Is disorganised attachment classed as a personality disorder of borderline or something? I don't know much about personality disorders but it as come up under the same subject as attachment issues when doing a bit of research. And if it is classed as the same thing, can it be more easily changed?
366811 tn?1217426272 Anxiety and panic sufferers, especially those who are new to the disorder, are as perplexed by the reasons for their fears as they are burdened by the anxiety and panic experiences themselves. While many realize that there is a reason their brains send up the emergency flares, it seems impossible to understand the nature of the emergency itself. Very often, incidents in the present or recent past (bad marriage, loss of a loved one, termination of employment, etc.
Avatar m tn I got an F in math and then I just surrendered the fight. I was so anxious and terrified of being among all these people and that's when my coping mechanism kicked in.Suddenly,I stopped sweating and I wasn't anxious anymore.All other symptoms remained though. The fourth and fifth time I just got really depressed and anxious when I smoked but it stopped in a few hours.
Avatar n tn Maybe do some research on attachment (secure, insecure, anxious, avoidant). It is entirely possible that your son could have a mood disorder (though you will be hard pressed to find a mental health professional that will diagnose anything in a child so young), or perhaps just a difficult temperament.
Avatar f tn Hold him when he starts crying. I say this as he is still an infant and seems to be needing extra and seems to be anxious. Doctors aren't helping you because there is nothing they can really do for a seven month old. I'd do whatever you can to get him to sleep. I think that is compounding the problem. do you think he has a gas problem? If he has something like sensory integration or a nervous system issue, he is far from the age where anyone could assess that.
Avatar m tn Even thou my dad didnt sent the video intentionally to hurt me, my brother did want to hurt me, I think my brother who is 50 now, has some kind of attachment disorder, it never got to the extreme like some kids who cant attach at all, but pretty bad. he made my chilhood a nightmare. Any way I cant do anything about that. I just wish I had some more money so I could travel more. What form of ocd do you have. ?
Avatar m tn Also, I'm not really an anxious person compared to most people, I've got generalized social phobia but that anxiety is different and more controllable, my heart beats hard and fast and my breathing gets shallow but that is //nothing// compared to this, I felt like I am gonna die for the past few hours it's been hell. Symptoms include: intense fear, dizziness, nauseousness, chills, lack of appetite, slightly wobbly legs, breathing issues etc.
Avatar f tn He will always have some difficulties throughout his life (diagnoses are Attachment Disorder, ADHD, PDD-NOS(Autism), Developmental Coordination Disorder, and brain damage from prenatal exposure to birthmom's substance use), but most of the "behavioural" stuff (poop-smearing, playing with poop, inappropriate urination in his room, tantrums, meltdowns, refusing to come for meals, food-hoarding/sneaking ,etc., etc., etc.) no longer takes place. There is hope for your child.
Avatar m tn You've described about half of us on this forum. In my unofficial opinion, you have panic disorder with agoraphobia. Look it up and read about agoraphobia, I think you'll be shocked. I've experienced it many times when my anxiety/panic was not under control. It's avoidant behavior based on what you said...the fear of not being able to escape, feeling 'trapped" and the fear that you'll "freak out' and make a scene. For agoraphobics, ANY place confining is a nightmare for us...
Avatar m tn Hi there. First of all this is a mental disorder, OCD is a mental disorder, and highly treatable so don't even think about hurting yourself. I ought to know because I live the same life. There are triggers for people with OCD and those triggers are usually something horrific. We see something or hear something and then we start with the "what-if.
Avatar f tn Do you ladies think im going through PPD? Or do you think it's hormones/my emotional attachment to Conner? I haven't started my depression meds yet because I am trying to breast feed. Should I skip the breastfeeding attempts and just take my meds?
303406 tn?1204909129 I have a 9 y/o daughter with ADHD, ODD, PTSD, mood disorder, anxiety disorder, depression and anxious attachment disorder and a 4 y/o son w/CP. I have every service available, but the school doesn't listen to a thing I say, they just nod politely and do whatever they want once I leave. The counselors think I over dramatize just how bad it gets sometimes and there are days I just want to throw my hands up, but I keep going.
Avatar m tn Hi remar, Thanks for the quick response helps to know others have had similar symptoms although ide be happier if no one ever felt them. Feeling quite anxious right now only just got myself outta bed (lunchtime UK). Managing to keep head straight by trying not to think too much but still moving between panicky feelings and normality.
Avatar m tn I suspect it might be due to her very rocky start in life that she has inappropriate attachment to you. Can you seek family counseling? If she's been through the court system to get her assigned to your guardianship, are there resources you can access for her to help her overcome this?
Avatar f tn I understand where you are coming from, totally. These are only suggestions - Attachment Disorder comes to mind, plus it sounds like she is posturing. Yes, she has crossed the line onto physical abuse on her parents. She needs to know "during a calm period that she will one day have to face the 'consequences of her behaviour' as an adult. Her histrionics will follow her.
Avatar f tn I ask because one of the things i'm going to suggest you can do to help him is educate yourself on a few areas of both psychology and physiology - e.g. attachment theory and the physiology of sleep.
220090 tn?1379170787 Each time I took interferon, it left me with Attention Deficit Disorder that was long lasting. Each treatment seemed to be additive. After my last treatment that ended in 2008, I ended up with full blown ADD that made me impulsive and seriously detracted me to the point that I could not read and process anything that was very detailed. I spent much of my career managing large software projects, so I was very lucky this didn't happen until after I retired.
Avatar f tn Possibly she has done some to advance treatment and awareness of the disorder. I joined an online bpd support group several years ago which had a strong focus on meditation. I liked some of the excerpts and teaching stories they posted. I was banned after some comments I made though. I jeopardized a persons recovery by saying that I didn't think that they would recover. I had no right to say that and was way out of line.
Avatar f tn -pervasive negative impact of chronic repetitive trauma -increased attachment in the face of danger -compulsive repetition of the trauma [this is something I did when I was younger to other people] -gaining control over ones current life -timing, intensity and duration of the abuse [affecting/ influencing bpd diagnosis] I'll see if there's a copy of that book at our local library. It sounds unethical. On a personal level it makes me feel unsafe.
Avatar n tn I have recently been diagnosed with anxiety disorder GAD. I started getting attacks after enquiring more into my partners sexual history, which isn't massive, it's just something I shouldn't have looked into so much. I have had something similar in the past, in terms of anxiety, but until now didn't know for sure what it was.
Avatar n tn Patient 024 was a 28 year-old man on PEG-IFN 1.5 pg/kg for 2 months who became anxious, severely depressed an restarted IV drug abuse. Depression: Patient 089 was a 59 year-old woman on IFN for 2 months who developed severe depression, fatigue and somnolence; previous history of depression. Depression: Patient 638 was a 43 year-old man who completed one year of treatment with PEG-IFN 0.5 pg/kg. Depression began within 1 month of treatment and waxed and waned in severity.
Avatar m tn I have always tried to be the model parent, but, after she cheated on me, I kinda lost myself a bit(getting paranoid, anxious etc) I was always the strong one, outgoing, took kids out, played sports, loving God. That changed, and I still having trouble trusting God after 4 years, anyways, sort of got off track there.
Avatar f tn , lead, RADD- reactive attachment disorder, ODD-oppositional defiant, conduct disorder, narcissism , anti-social disorder, dissociative disorder to gluten intolerant... Please don't become hung up on causes nor titles neither of which solves the problems. No matter what this is our life so how do we best deal with it? If you are blessed use all resources to make a team- school, parents, coaches, relatives, probation, MH/MR..
Avatar n tn I am now agoraphobic, anxious, have panic disorder, am agonizingly depressed, suffer from bone pain, nerve pain to the point if soft touch hurting me and exhaustion that never ceases. Medications do not seem to help enough that I can feel normal. I go nowhere now. My husband lost his sexy loving wife, my kids lost their happy healthy mom, my friends lost their copilot and I lost me. This is no kind if life I'd wish on anyone and I am one of the lucky ones.