Anxious or fearful or dependent personality

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1654058 tn?1407159066 Thanks all. Eureka - my bf went n for Tylenol. Feel soooo much better n less fearful. Will, it was funny when he offered to go to the store n I told him I had to check my forum first! Lol. Still up m itchy. I only 400 mg n feel bettter already tho.
1540869 tn?1351214013 Having a substance use disorder, PTSD, panic disorder, depression, or one of the anxious-fearful personality disorders makes it especially hard to recover from BPD. Symptoms that are most likely to improve over time: * Impulsive risky behaviors including self harm and suicide attempts. * Sever paranoid thinking. * Unstable stormy relationships and the tendency to place extreme demands on other people.
Avatar m tn We have noticed a change in our 91-year-old mother's personality since she had a pace-maker implanted April 12, 2014. Is this normal? We are concerned!
8590589 tn?1398849474 Dependence is when your body is ddicted or dependent on a drug and withiut it you will have phyical withdrawal.
Avatar m tn I got a second opinion from the nurse practicioner and medical doctor at school and they assured me I was fine and that is was just a pimple and that the ER doctor was right. I should also note that I have dependent personality disorder with hypochondriac tendencies. SHOULD I BE CONCERNED OR SHOULD I LET THIS GO? SHOULD I AVOID SEXUAL CONTACT WITH MY PARTNER NOW HAVING THIS RED BORDER?
967045 tn?1378399673 I agree that you are the only person who can say whether you are dependent or addicted. It's a very fine line sometimes. I was on Norco for legitimate pain, and I never abused them, or took them any way other than prescribed. I could feel it was headed that way and that's why I decided to stop. I've had issues with alcoholism in the past and know that I would have spiraled fast. As far as the pain goes, it does get better with time.
Avatar f tn My father always had his issues but the last couple of years he has spun out of control! He has bi-polar, severe depression, anxiety, narcissistic personality, and personality disorder. He also has severe sleep apnea. I am so confused. Could the sleep apnea cause this or is it one mental illness causing all this. I just don't know where to start! My dad had such a big heart and cared about everything for years. Lately has been distant,cold,selfish and a whole heap of problems.
Avatar m tn You assume you have an addictive personality because there are others in your family that do. You are not considering the effect of environment. There may be a certain acceptance on your part because addiction is familiar to you. Consider how people's habits change when they migrate to new countries. This involves not only diet, but alcohol use as well. You are on the road to alcoholism, but I think you know that. Abort the trend by seeing a reliable therapist.
203342 tn?1328737207 When my mom and sister fought and stopped talking for awhile, it made me anxious and upset and I just wanted them to make up. When I see people shouting or arguing or whatever out in public, I will immediately become very anxious, my stomach will tighten up, my heart will beat faster and I just want it to stop. Another thing I've noticed is if there's too much chaos or noise it will make me anxious.
Avatar m tn I didn't mean narcisisstic personality disorder. It's more subtle. Borderline personality organisation includes traits from other personality disorders as well. How our personalities are structured can be quite difficult to explain. Being pretty or beautiful seems to be a theme in your post. It could be that you've been told you're ugly or have been made to feel that way and are now trying to prove or convince yourself and others that you're not.
Avatar f tn U have a few more days before u can test. I hope it is implation bleeding. until af comes think +. all sympthoms are the same for pregnant or af. u were on the shots so u will feel them stronger then normal. Gl Let us knwo either way. I amin my tww form my iui.
Avatar m tn i have had anxiety for about 3 weeks or so now, im only 17 but it is slowly taking over my day to day life i i sit most of the days doing research about my symptoms. Ive done so much research on anxiety and im just not satisfied with the results. It seems as if my anxiety is worse than everyone elses or at least thats what i tell myself.
Avatar f tn s esophagus and its was diagnosed via endoscopy and them cutting pieces out to test. You must be so fearful. The last thing you need is stress.
458072 tn?1291415186 At this point it is difficult for me to say whether I was actually having that much difficulty adjusting to the synthroid or just too much magnesium B12. B12 can make you anxious if you take it at the wrong time of the day, giving you insomnia. Magnesium is a heavy metal, be cautious if you are using any supplements.
Avatar m tn Therapy is an important component of anxiety treatment, even IF a person has decided to take meds, or herbal supplements. Therapy helps to teach us how to break the cycle of anxious thinking, which is what keeps us on the anxiety rollercoaster. I also agree that you need to exercise caution when trying a "natural" or "herbal" remedy.
Avatar m tn t felt happy in our marriage for the last two years. As well she suddenly wants nothing to do with God. She has become anxious and fearful. She feels everyone is out to get here, to tell her what to do. We are all just concerned for her and love her so much. This isn't her. I started looking online and found a bit of information concerning thyroid removal and personality change. My question is where do we go now? What can we do about this? I am worried for my wife and our little family.
Avatar f tn as you describe would certainly be compatible with multiple personality (or what is now known as dissociative identity disorder). Although obviously one can't make a diagnosis by email....
Avatar n tn Listen to lizzie you had PROTECTED sex!!!! You most definitley need to move on. You are fearful and anxious and you don't need to be you very sinsibly had protected sex which means that NO WAY could you have gotten HIV. You really do need to move on, get on with having fun in your life and forget about this, its not an issue for you. Well done on using a condom, keep doing so and you will remain HIV negative.
Avatar f tn Thank you so much. I always do "what the dr. orders" and he suggested that I try that. I just had a ct scan, do am waiting for those results. I'm so fearful of becoming laxative dependent. But anything would be better than this. May I ask you more questions?
Avatar f tn Addiction has more to do with how we mentally crave the drug,not just physically.However whether or not we have become addicted or dependent on a drug when we stop taking it physically we go through w/ds either way.Being dependent doesn't usually come with all the mental baggage that goes along with addiction though.I don't have any first hand experience with benzos,but you do know that you are NOT supposed to go cold turkey off of them ,don't you?.
Avatar f tn Today the same symptoms are happening Sorry for the long read I thought I would ask as I’ve been anxious day and night(allot of sleepless nights) fearful of ALS ever since I’ve researched it.
Avatar f tn I started having stomach issues, sweating, nausea and bad or fearful thoughts about three years ago after certain events like partying with friends or traveling and losing sleep from jet lag etc. At the time, I didn't think much of it, but now several years later I am experiencing these symptoms regularly. I call them "attacks" because I never know what will bring them on, or how bad they will be. I usually take several trips to the bathroom as everything goes right through me.
Avatar f tn In my marriage, there is alot of stress. I am fearful that I might miscarry if I dnt get it under control. I am in my early stage of pregnancy and I am 37. How can i relieve this stress?
Avatar m tn For all intents & purposes, I was a "Functioning Addict". I looked pretty normal on the outside, but I was numb on the inside. Ask my wife... I went to work everyday. I came home everyday. I helped around the house. I did what needed to be done. I suited up for the games, showed up for the games, but just didn't play. I was emotionally absent from my life while I was using.