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Avatar f tn To:gimel My test results in June were: TSH 0.08 (don't know lab range FT4 21 (lab range 10-20) Dosage of synthroid decreased from 125 mg. to 112 mg Test results in August were: TSH 0.11 FT4 18 (range 10 - 20) Was on 125 mg. for approximately 18 months prior to June test. Had been on 112 mg. for more than 10 years prior to that. Did not get FT3 test in June or August.
483733 tn?1326802046 I was at the doctor's for my annual last week and finally got him to take my shoulder and neck pain seriously. I've been spending oodles of dollars on massage and acupuncture for many years and it is getting worse. He also ran more tests for my thyroid problems. I got the results today and I have tendonosis of my right rotator cuff and my thyroid is still way off even though he had raised my meds.
Avatar m tn Hello Plz help i alredy put question about 3 week ago About my situation I have sex with sw with protection And after 7 days begins simptoms After30 day i have pneumonia problems with mouth and rash on body And i make many home test alere combo negative till 40 day Also negative lab test 4 gen on38 day also make ultrasensetive psr dna on38 day with sensitive 20 copy also negative Can i say i hiv free on this tests? In our hiv center they say i am clean?
Avatar n tn I just received my test results from the doctor, which were non-reactive (Negative) at 6.5 weeks. Does anyone know if 6.5 weeks is long enough to get an accurate result?
Avatar n tn I would ask you family for copies of there medical records for their thyroid treatment plan to show your new endo and PCP. I also recommend getting hard copy of your test results. It helps us here on the forum to understand the lab ranges and exact terminology used by the doctors.
Avatar n tn If they were suspicious of CAD, they would have pursued additional tests. Good results on an echocardiogram, nuclear stress test and home monitoring is GREAT! As for the SVT, have you tried the atenolol? Beta blockers work differently for different people. I was able to take propanolol, but could not take atenolol. Don't give up on the meds; it's just a matter of finding the one that works best for you.
Avatar m tn You never had a risk and your test results are conclusive--whats so conflicting about that.
Avatar m tn At home testing kits (like Oraquick) are not recommended for accurate results because it is quite easy to do the test wrong and get false results. My recommendation would be to get another test at a clinic to be sure.
53833 tn?1235000229 Just got my thyroid test results back: TSH 0.27 (range 0.47-4.53) Free T4 1.0 (range 0.84-2.26) T3 132 (range 65-170) Dr. told me when I saw her (before test results were in) that they don't recommend putting patients on meds until numbers get to a certain point out of the range because of the side-affects associated with them.
Avatar n tn I just got the antibody test results from LabCorp taken 20 days from 2nd exposure and it was negative. I am awaiting the reults of a PCR test that arrive on Thursday. My questions are: 1) how reliable is an antibody test after 20 days? The lab mentioned that it was not reliable at all and that no data was available to support any kind of estimate.
Avatar m tn Further, it appears that you do not know whether your partner had HIV or not (it is statistically unlikely that she did) and now you have a negative test for HIV antibodies performed at a very reliable laboratory.
Avatar n tn 1(range 4.5-12). Based on these results my GP told me I was OK and said I had anxiety, gave me more Aplrazolam and sent me on my way. I went for a second option and he ran more tests--T3free 112 (range 70-112), TSH 0.59 (range 0.47 - 4.68) and Free Thyroxine 1.9 range (0.8-1.9). Based on these results, my symptoms, and my family history he is sending me to an endocrinologist and gave me remeron 30 mg to help me sleep at night.
208164 tn?1189759432 They told me at the lab that HIV test results usualy take 24-48 hours to come in. They haven't called me. If I tested positive, wouldn't they call me? I'm scared to death! I'm worried about my babies (yes, twins) most of all. I'd appreciate the input.
Avatar m tn But she told that the HIV Virus will show up only after 6 weeks of exposure. But i took the test after 34 days. Can i rely on the result or i may test positive later. I am worried. I have been suffering from sore throat from past 4 weeks and muscle aches occasionally. My risk is protected oral and sexual intercouse with SAME CONDOM.