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Avatar f tn I have a 4 1/2 yr old with a dx of pdd-nos that he got at the age of 2 1/2 but now other doctors diagree. They think he's just fine with anxiety problems. I see very little anxiety problems with him and in the testing that scored the lowest out of everything. He is very stuck on things being the same way all the time. He spins in circles without getting dizzy constitintly. He is very aggressive with others but does have friends and is finnaly giving eye contact with little coxing.
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1561480 tn?1295165750 RockRose - I did not know that. Our nephew was tested for Asperger's but he was too high-functioning and so was diagnosed with PDD-NOS. At the time he was about 30 years old so it was just a few years ago.
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968643 tn?1272314125 My 4 year old son was daignosed pdd nos when he was three and he has been in an early intervention program ever since. He has never had a diagnosis from his doctor although he says keep up with what the early intervention is doing for him. His diagnosis came from a group of people who form up this Early Childhood Intervention. I do think there is certain things my son is a little delayed on and he does mimic shows and have some of the behaviors.
Avatar f tn my 3 yr old daughter was diagnosed with pdd-nos a year ago. the first problem we saw from her was her speech.until now,she is not somebody out there with the same situation??? i feel so sorry for my daughter i just want her to have a normal there hope of recovery??? anyone???
Avatar m tn I have a child who was diagnosed with combined type ADHD at the age of 5 years old. Her doctor is now suggesting that " in addition" to ADHD my child might have PDD-NOS. My child is now 8 years old. My question is whether a child can have both diagnosis of ADHD and PDD-NOS. I told the doctor that I did not think that she has both. The doctor suggested that the additional PDD-NOS diagnosis would get the child more services from the school.
Avatar n tn My 14 yr old daughter's behavior is out of control. She's PDD/NOS w/seizure disorder, allergies. She just won't listen to anything she's told and we end up getting very upset and it's disrupting my entire family. I'm remarried with a new baby. Is it her age? She has a problem controlling her anger and has since she was 3, but now it's getting out of hand. I need help.
Avatar m tn so ive been taking it for a long time. i have severe panic disorder with generalized anxiety disorder and major depressive disorder. i know im addicted to xanax, the max dosage is up to 6 mg a day, believe it or not. ive been suffering severely again the last year and have been given many diff. antidepressants, lexzapro,paxil,pristique,invega,and now just stopped remeron and am starting all over with a low dose of zoloft 25mg.
Avatar m tn In the last couple weeks I have had the oppertunity to be seen by an expert Psychiatrist in the feild of resistant depression and anxiety and i have learned a lot. he has informed me of cutting edge research into what is called Bi-polar NOS. (Not Otherwise specified) We are all familiar with Bi-polar I and II, but this is much different. It actually explains that very new insight and studies may indicate that there are up to 5 different types of Bi-polar.
Avatar m tn I had a history of depression and anxiety symptoms for 24 months prior to hospitalization. I was diagnosed at discharge with Axis 1 MDD, severe recurrent (without psychotic features). Axis 2 was deferred. Axis 3: orthopedic condition, partner relation problems. Follow up care consisted of psychotherapy and ssri. One year later I was hospitalized second time for three weeks after experiencing a panic attack/mental break down in response to several stressful events the week prior to admission.
Avatar f tn I had a five day stay at a behavioral health hospital this past week. My original diagnoses was major depression. After a few assessments, the diagnoses was changed to mood disorder- not otherwise specified (NOS). The psychiatrist that I was assigned said he didn't want to diagnose me with the most serious condition right off the bat. I spoke with the regular therapist today and she said when I first started seeing her she diagnosed me with adjustment disorder.
5757880 tn?1395578022 My son, 8 years old, is currently going through evaluations regarding sensory issues, anxiety issues and he has been diagnosed with ADHD. The doctor is still uncertain whether he has PDD and is continuing to evaluate him. The doctor has diagnosed him with ADHD and Anxiety; we just finished an O/T evaluation regarding his sensory issues and should have the final report soon.
6530778 tn?1456883801 Hi. I suffer from OCD & anxiety. I go for therapy & take meds which help tremendously.
Avatar n tn Both my twins were dx with pdd-nos at age 16 mths & after intense EI they have made huge improvements & now (at age 4 yrs) only one qualify for special ed, the other did not inspite of me trying twice with the school district but everytime the same story of "he's doing academically good & no issues in preschool classroom". I am happy that my son is smart & enjoying school but at the same time i am spending sleepless nights on wondering if he needs some services .
Avatar f tn my 5 year old is in developmental pre-school for language delay and social skills (diagnosed with PDD-NOS, school leans toward anxiety disorder). Environment in pre-school is VERY structured (more structured than it will be in kindergarten).
Avatar n tn My 8 year old son has been diagnosis with PDD-NOS. His emotions are extreme from overly happy to violent tantrums. The past six months he seems to be angry most of the time. Will make comments to "kill him" or "he will kill himself." He will also threaten to stab or kill others when he is upset. At first I thought it was just a faze and he was trying to get me upset when he is upset but it seems to be getting progressively worse.
Avatar f tn I have a 3 yr old son that was just diagnosed with pdd nos. He is currently attending an early education daycare but he is being very aggressive with the other children in his class and with me. I have no idea how to stop this behavior, Currently he is biting, pinching, grabbing, pulling hair, shoving and pushing. This past month he has recieved 19 incident reports this month. And I am afrid that its going to get worse.
Avatar f tn TSH of 242.90? That's not low, by any stretch of the imagination. That can't be right because that would be very hypo, not hyper, and most likely (depending on other test results, which they apparently didn't do), would require thyroid replacement medication, not a medication to block thyroid function.
Avatar n tn s shy or has a bit of social anxiety. My sister thought her son at one point had autism even though he was speaking well above his age level. He banged his head all the time and had some sensory issues over touching certain things with either his hands or feet, but other than that showed no other signs of autism. He is now 4 and no longer bangs his head and is growing out of some of the sensory issues.
Avatar f tn i have read your other posts about hiv anxiety and i think you have ocd, ocd can change its themes in your case it has changed from hiv to your relationship, i think you should consult a psychiatrist
Avatar f tn whats wrong with my 5 yr old he behaves strange in school, he rocks forwards and backwards during story time. the teacher also said he like routine and nos exactly how the day is structured and becomes upset if it differs.he does not behave like this at home and is perfectly normal. I dont think he has a problem but the teacher does.
Avatar m tn On the same day I got buttocks pain and it remained for three days. In the fifth week I got anxiety and sleeplessness and fatigue for entire week. On sixth week end I got rash in the centre of chest about 10 nos of rashes and it got disappeared in three days. But I'm not sure from when the rashes were there as I have hairs on my chest and rashes didn't itch also.
1546631 tn?1321643204 ll start with our story, my 8yo little boy has current diagnoses of psychotic disorder NOS, mood disorder NOS, and ADHD, combined type. We are pending diagnoses of Schizoaffective disorder, Bipolar disorder with psychosis. It's been a rough road, and still is. His meds are constantly being changed, and we just had another hospitalization. I have hope for the future, and believe we can all find support here. What is your story?
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Avatar n tn I have been to see a psychatrist and she said I had an acute case of anxiety NOS and OCD, I get the shakes and I hyperventilate. I am an engineer, and just want to know what the odds, are here. We are both Caucasian, and she claims that she gets tested once a year at the Gny and says she is clean. I read sites like the cdc and went to planned parenthood and they both said 3-6 months avg 25 days for accurate results.
Avatar f tn Is there anyone out there that has a child that has PDD-NOS/ADHD/Mood Disorder-NOS/mild CP/Communications Disorder? Also taking meds to help with some of the aggression? Would be nice to not feel alone. Our son has spent almost half of his 6 year old life in and out of psychiatric hospitals to be monitored. Don't think they know anymore than we do. Nothing has changed. He takes Depakote for seizure/strattera for adhd and clonidine to help him sleep.