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Avatar f tn 0) There are many here who would be your first customer, myself included! Take care!
Avatar m tn Since taking Morphine my asthma has flaired which has resulted in me taking alot of my reliever inhaler which has worsened my sleep, anxiety and caused muscle tension/cramps. What are the various alternatives/options to morphine (Narcotics) to manage the pain?
Avatar m tn If other problems have been ruled out. There are anger management programs. support groups, meditation tapes which can be found on the internet. We have to learn coping mechanisms on how to deal with anger, fear, worry/anxiety, self blame, etc. If you can write down what you are angry about...(ususally an un adressed problem within yourself)...take a look at that. There may be a real reason you are angry, yu should be able to identify why.
Avatar f tn I have really major anxiety problems. Pretty regular panic attacks, irrational fear, OCD-like tendancies. I am scared of medication and I am scared of psychiatrists. How can anxiety be treated? Do you have to see a doctor or are there reliable self treatable methods? I am getting so desperate I don't know what to do anymore.
Avatar n tn Anything related to your heart can be very disconcerting. Anxiety only creates more problems. There is peace in knowing your anxiety symptoms are shared by others and you are not going crazy. My father has been almost incapacitated by his fear of cancer and heart attack. Head to you local library/bookstore or even a site like and find some books to help you.
Avatar n tn // Very best to you, keep in touch and let us know how you're doing, okay? You're among people who understand and who have been there.
Avatar n tn I have been here off and on for over a year. I am about 21 days off the opiates, but, the anxiety is so bad that I drank alcohol all weekend and now the anxiety is even worse. Of course! I don't want to go back on the opiates, but, I am so scared I can't function. My job is so important to me and it is all about helping people, so I can't tell anyone what I am doing. I realize now that I have had an severe anxiety disorder since I was a small child. Withdrawn, social phobia.
147426 tn?1317269232 This topic of anxiety symptoms versus real ones has come up a couple times recently and I decided to do a blurb on "Somatization" or the appearance of symptoms that represent anxiety or psychiatric difficulty expressed as physical symptoms. For the last week I have been doing reading and I will tell you that I come away both suspicious of the medical profession's take on this topic and confused about what I really know and what I want to believe.
Avatar f tn 25 mg twice a day for another 10 years, never had the need to go higher. But as time went on, the panic became more General Anxiety and a Pain Management Doctor filling in for my Family GP talked me into trying Klonopin for the anxiety and still keep a small prescription of Xanax for the black rolling panic attacks. I take .25 mg Klonopin along with 25 mg Beta Blocker for SVT in the morning and .50 mg Klonopin and 12.
5624042 tn?1372200166 Many young children also lash out because of low self-esteem, isolation, and a sense of failure and anxiety. Sadness and depression is often linked with anger in young children. Young children also tend to act out of angry defiance to assert independence when they feel unimportant and lacking control over their lives. It is important not to dismiss their transgressions, because childhood-onset anger and aggression is correlated with serious problems later in life.
Avatar m tn how do i know if i am having an anxiety attack or if it is the copd acting up? Also, all i do is think about dying. how can i change my way of thinking?
Avatar f tn Does any one else need to use a product called stadol just to get by each day due to the severity of their pain and are they having a hard time getting their doctors (neurologists and pain management) to prescribe it because they say they will be addicted, every medication is addictive but if it is the only one that works why should they give you a hard one.
Avatar m tn I did 25 day inpatient many moons ago,attended AA/NA for I qualified for both programs!There was much about both programs i didn't agree with but much that i did....i took what i could use and left the rest.I've met many great ppl in AA over the years and I can still see their faces and hear their words of wisdom.I checked out Rational Recovery which helped to establish SMART.A really good book is Sobriety Without Religion by Dr.James Christopher.RR began in ur state of California.
Avatar f tn Last year I lived abroad and experienced anxiety that was difficult to deal with, complicated by other mental health issues and insomnia. I was prescribed Nitrazepam for sleep, which I abused because of my depression. I became suicidal and was hospitalized for four days. After my release I was prescribed Xanax for my anxiety (Dec. 2007).
Avatar f tn Hello again. I'm going to copy/paste all of your different questions here, so we can reply to everything in one thread. Like I said in one of your other threads, it's much easier and less confusing to have one thread going with your concerns and questions versus multiple ones. That way, the responders have ALL the info they need in one place. To your questions.... Hi everyone I am new to this forum and I just wanted to share my story and get everyone thoughts and opinions....
Avatar n tn Vic have you tried stress/anxiety management by chance? If you suffer from anxiety like I do. Frequent urination is and can be an issue.
Avatar n tn The problem with people with anxiety is that we all have a problem with being able to put ANYTHING out of our minds, whether it is something that made us angry, a health worry, or nervousness about any given situation. Retraining your mind to deal with such issues cannot be taught in a forum such as this, although the best advice I could give you is whenever you find yourself about to explode either walk away, or stop and count to ten in your head. Do not be afraid to appear foolish, or slow.
Avatar f tn I hope somebody can relate to this story. I still think that I am creating a lot of anxiety myself, I've had anxiety problems before, not chronic but definately have a history of panic attacks. My question is, is there any detox or treatment center that only lasts a week in tampa florida? I have looked online and a lot of them are 30 days, maybe that's what I need I don't know. Thank you for all your support everyone, you are all wonderful people, I think all addicts have big hearts.
572651 tn?1531002957 , Monday to Friday. PRESENTATIONS AND WORKSHOPS -Stress and Anxiety Management, Keynote -Improving Balance Through Movement -Support Partner Workshop Presented by: Can Do Multiple Sclerosis In collaboration with: National MS Society NOTE: SINCE THEY SAY THIS FILLS EARLY, REGISTER NOW AND YOU CAN ALWAYS CANCEL IF YOU CAN'T ATTEND.
Avatar m tn It contains Naloxone, just like Suboxone, and blocks your opiate receptors Naltrexone, marketed as Vivitrol, is an opioid receptor antagonist used primarily in the management of alcohol dependence and opioid dependence. To be effective, Vivitrol must be used with recovery programs, such as counseling. Stop looking for another magic pill to cure your ills. That's what got you where you are today.
Avatar n tn I had mild anxiety and it has developed into MAJOR anxiety. I had the first AICD placed in 1992 and my anxiety did not peak until 2001. I have tried support groups but they did not work for me. I did not revel in defibrillator stories like those in the group.
Avatar m tn In order to provide free or low cost medicines to those who qualify, patient assistance programs were created by the pharmaceutical industry. Besides helping with medication costs, patient assistance programs may offer other services, such as a 24-hour on-call nurse, motivational information to help patients adhere to their medications and tips on side-effect management.
Avatar f tn I would strongly recommend that you find a pain management doctor to help with the pain. Palliative care is very important and is not limited just to hospice patients who are in the final stages of living. If her doctors can't recommend someone, make some phone calls to your local hospice organizations and ask for their assistance. This is a loving, supportive community and I hope you will feel comfortable to ask specific questions as you think of them.
Avatar f tn I attended a presentation in SC given by a pain management clinic. They were encouraging [atients with chronic debilitating pain to take methadone as a miracle pain medicine that would allow us to function again and not have to swallow pills all day because it was long lasting. By this time I was willing to try this miracle.
Avatar f tn Has anyone had any success with their programs? We live about 4 hrs away from the nearest one, and I'm considering having my husband take out patient treatment there for Loratab addiction. Any suggests would be great.
1327212 tn?1275862722 When we are in pain, we tend to forget what we need to tell the doctor. One more thing, make sure you put pain management at the top of your list. MS can cause pain and you have a right not to be in pain. Do you think you are in a relapse right now?
Avatar n tn Dear SingleMom1246 I am very grateful that I've met a child pshycologist and psychiatrist that actually beleive that medication of children in general should take place only after all behavior management techniques proved as not working....They actually only reccomend it in very severe cases. Main problem with meds is that they "help to concentrate", but they do not teach to concentrate. Your child still is not able to concentrate - without meds.
Avatar m tn Heart attack several years ago. Progressively more anxiety as time passes with every symptom real or imaginary. Last several driving trips had to pull off the road and in one case return by ambulance to the hospital where the tests showed no evidence of another heart attack. Since then every imaginable test has been run with CT, cerebral arteries checked, and many other tests without discovery a cause for the feelings of leg weakness, feelings of impending blackout/fainting, and loss of control.
Avatar n tn I know anxiety is a major problem along with behavor concerns at school. (Add/Adhd syptoms). He has been taking effexor and is on 150 mg. now. Also we have added Lexapro 10 mg. He was taking concerta 36mg, then the teacher last year said she didn't see improvement in his behavior, so they doubled the concerta, which exelerated his anxiety. That's when they added the Lexapro, and switched the concerta to strattera. (which did nothing) Now he's on no ADD medicine.