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15439126 tn?1444446763 here's a selection of earlier posts containing tips based on my own experiences with anxiety: http://www.medhelp.
Avatar m tn last week monday being the monday of the eighth week i went for a hiv test which the result was negective and i meet the nurse in charge and explained situation,she said it's an anxiety disorder that i should be calm that the symptoms will disappear,since then i've been calm and am feeling better but still having a little of that headache and stuffy nose..please my question are it possible that this anxiety disorder will perflectly disappear? 2.
Avatar n tn Based on these symptoms, should we have her tested for chemical imbalance, mental disorder,split personality...? Where do we even begin? We tried counseling when she was younger but it didn't help much. My family is at a loss as we cannot take much more.
Avatar n tn hi i'll try to make it short- well ive had anxiety disorder since this january. and i havent taken any medications (yet!) i do get very dizzy or feel like im running out of breath whenever i get nervous, scared.etc and Yes, is ometimes do feel like its not the stress or anxiety, but some brain issues, anyhow, im trying to overcome these problems by myself, without taking medications. i strongly believe that u should take some time and try to relax...
96108 tn?1197694930 They instead but him on a year probation and asked if he would like a anger management class. At the time he declined. A year later. My husband and I got into a somewhat heated discussion. I was mainly pointing my finger at him. He unexpectantly grabbed/twisted my arm, grabbed me by the neck and held my face down on the table. Then stopped and looked horrified at what he done. It scared me especially that he got so mad just over the fact I was pointing a finger at him.
Avatar m tn Benzodiazepines have robust efficacy in the short-term management of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), but were not shown to be effective in producing long-term improvement overall. Although benzodiazepines are much safer in overdose than their predecessors, the barbiturates, they can still cause problems in overdose.
4250330 tn?1388624779 Many people with an anxiety disorder also suffer with depression, sleep disorders, and physical health problems that are related to stress such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Anxiety disorders are treatable with psychological therapies, or medication, or both. Recovery from an anxiety disorder is possible with specialist treatment, education, support and self-management skills.
Avatar m tn My usage of the benzos widely varied depending on my symptoms, but I never relied on them long term as I was fortunate to have a lot of anxiety symptom management with the SSRI's. It was always nice to know they were there if I needed them....many times just that fact was enough to ease the anticipatory anxiety for me. Allow yourself to have your own experience, and again, be patient with isn't always an easy process at first.
445300 tn?1205168913 Dear Sir, I am utterly thankful to your kind replies. Yes I also feel euphoric, when you have praised for my English. It is definitely a big complement, as I am not a native speaker. Besides working as G.M operation, I also work as part time writer at a Internet site and have completed various projects. I am also glad that I am here. Actually my doctor always tells me that my progress is very good.
Avatar n tn I've been DX'd with panic disorder and general anxiety disorder, with a chronic fear of cardic disease, making me cardio-phobic. With therapy and Klonopin, my panic attacks are under control, however, my chronc anxiety and hypervigilince of heart diesease remains, even though my cardiologist says my heart is fine. I'm also on Toprol and a diuretic for mild HBP, again, caused by my anxious state.
2122807 tn?1560623306 It's day 18 for me and I am still experiencing anxiety. I have a pre-existing anxiety disorder, so the anxiety for me has been the most debilitating symptom I have experienced BUT getting out biking, taking lengthy walks, doing anything to release these anxious feelings. As for watching TV. I had to literally change my whole DVR recordings HAHA You are gonna wanna cushion what you are watching if you are as anxious as you are.
3060903 tn?1398568723 Best of luck to all who suffer from anxiety, it's a lot of reading, I'll give you that, but being informed about our mental health is priceless~ Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) – Learn how to break free from this common anxiety disorder that involves chronic worrying, nervousness, and tension. Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder – Learn about the causes of panic attacks, how to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of panic, and regain control of your life.
602213 tn?1221546044 Major Depressive Disorder, severe with psychotic features and suicide ideations. Intermittent Explosive Disorder Generalized Anxiety Disorder Personality Changes secondary to general medical conditions, disinhibited aggressive type Personality disorder NOS with features of depression and antisocial character traits.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know of a Doctor who know about conversion Disorder and how to cure it? I am looking for my brother who is in pain all the time from shaking. He doesn't have MS. Please if there is anyone who know anything about this disorder please hlep Thank You.
462570 tn?1273636577 A shortage or excess of these and similar neurotransmitters are thought to be responsible for emotional disorders like anxiety, depression, ADHD, social anxiety and mood disorder. Someone who has Parkinson’s disease lacks Dopamine. This question is best suited for the specialists. It takes years of education to have a good understand of how all these work together for proper functioning.
Avatar n tn Hopefully that will relieve some of your pain and anxiety. There's an interesting article on WedMD about pain management. I think you'd find it interesting & would love to hear your coments about it.
Avatar f tn I don’t know that to do and it is no life living in bed all day. They have now diagnosed me with somatoform disorder?
Avatar n tn I also suffer with some anxiety due to this condition. I have had several Holters- one registered 2000 VPC in 24 hrs, the other three holters had less than 20 in one, 2 in another and about 150 VPC's in another. For the most part, I usually get an episode of VPC's every 4-5 months (maybe) 100-250 in that day mainly driven because of an anticipated stressful event. Other than that I may get a few per wk that I notice. I sometimes get the odd VPC during excercise but rare.
Avatar n tn Obviously they know best about pain medications so you need to be honest and open with them including letting them know how much of each you are consuming. Anxiety can be a problem for post surgical patients and your statement regarding your cat should concern you personally. As a owner of numerous cats over the years your cat seems unusual. If you are not talking to a Neurologist about any possible anxiety you should because that could be part of the headache problem.
Avatar n tn And he's getting it with an IEP in school, meds for his OCD/anxiety-tourette's, and therapy. Yes, stress can exasberate a generalized anxiety disorder etc..... but some kids and people need meds, just like a diabetic needs insulin. Were a very open family, hugs, talking, crying, no denial here. We don't believe in a quick fix with a pill! My son still will face hardships and does everyday with his learning disability. He will find the strategies he needs and hopefully come off meds someday?
Avatar f tn Has anyone had a state of protracted withdrawal like this?! I can literally feel the imbalance in my brain and yet doctors tell me it's an anxiety disorder which has just come on! I've never, ever had issues with mental disorders or anxiety. I have been given Xanax and have used a total of 8 of them (0.5mg) over the course of two weeks. I am TERRIFIED of them but in an attack it helps. I see a new psychiatrist day after tomorrow who deals in substance recovery.
Avatar n tn My son, now 32, has been diagnosed with adhd with subclinical seizure activity when about fourteen or fifteen. He has had a lot of anger management problems but has calmed down a lot. He is extremely nervous unless absolutely focused on something. Now he seems to have developed some form of panic disorder and has become attunted to fine bodily functions, or so it seems. I won't say he's imagining the symptoms, but rather exaggerating.
Avatar m tn For the past several years, and up until about 6 months ago I suffered from Generalised Anxiety Disorder, a condition which dramatically lowered my quality of life. To all intents and purposes, I am now cured of my anxiety condition. I can say this because I no longer have panic / anxiety attacks and it does not control my lifestyle in the way that it used to.
718468 tn?1232418047 We're not drug addicts, we have an anxiety disorder and we're very informed. I was surprised that he told her that Valium does'nt last any longer than Xanax! I know that's not true, I've done the research. Even though she's 31 years old, he treats her like a child. Maybe because he he met her when she was 13, I don't know. She completely understands benzos, the good and the bad, and so do I. You sound very well informed and I really hope things work out for you.
679393 tn?1226544772 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia/Myofascial Pain Disorder in 1995 by a top Dr. in Boston after a car accident. My pain began in my mid-back and cervical spine (C5-6). I also taught aerobic and did some pretty major over-use injuries to my spine. I have also been treated for depression/PTSD through therapy and medication since I was in my early 30's.
Avatar n tn I have had panic disorder many heart rate was a common complaint but in all my years I never noticed the skipping til one day I was ehausted and dehydrated.. I am getting better and have learned to ingore them..I still do tend to notice them after excercise. I have just come to the conclusion I have probably had them but neve noticed them before. I am managing panic/pvc's without medication but it is so hard when your heart is racing close to 160 bpm...
Avatar m tn People label people with anxiety or depression as having a mental disorder, why is not the same for someone who is transgendered? Here is an article on what is being called "transabled" which is nothing short of a mental disorder. Maybe a closer look should be done with transgendered to see if this is more a mental disorder than anything else. http://news.nationalpost.
4274823 tn?1388532698 Does anyone else have hypothyroidism and a musculoskeletal disorder? I suspect my underactive thyroid is aggravating the occupational tendinitis in my forearms. I've had this condition for almost a year and while it has improved I still don't have a full recovery. My job is physical labour with a lot of repetitive hand/arm movements. I read on a medical website that it is not uncommon for people with thyroid problems to have CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome).