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Avatar f tn I talked to physicians at length at the PEPline and the nurse at my pediatrician's, and I was told I could breastfeed. I'm still anxious though. This has caused me a lot of anxiety. I can't sleep, can't think about anything else, wake up in middle of night crying, and can barely eat sometimes. I just wish I knew what made some needlesticks a risk and others not. I hope and pray the anxiety will go away.
Avatar n tn my wife suffers from many health issues, chronic back pain, diabetes, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and has had 1 heart attack, and had 2 stents put in recently. her emotions are all over the chart, she is being treated by a pain management specialist, and a psychologist, yet nothing seems to be getting better. I am a disabled veteran, who has severe PTSD, and i'm at my wits end, as to how to help my wife of 25 years, recover from this roller coaster ride, we're both on.
Avatar f tn time is a start with stress management. If you have a lot of test anxiety, you can ask for some support at school, ask to speak to an advisor, or counselor for some tips. You don't indicate whether you're in HS or college, but both settings would offer resources for someone with severe test anxiety. Never hesitate to ask for some extra help, or special considerations.
1124731 tn?1259702611 I have to thank my lucky stars that in Wisconsin, our PCP is our PMP in most cases. I feel that in your case, you shold ask for your records and view them personally. You never know what the Doctors write in them. Tuck is absolutely correct in saying that you shouldn't delay in finding a new Pain Management Clinic. Good or not, they are hard to come by. I truley hope that you find the care that you both so deserve.
Avatar n tn This spring and last (at the same exact time, when oak pollen was strong) I got the constant burping and anxiety. For me, taking some Tussin product helped somewhat. Anxiety and allergies seem to go hand-in-hand for me and can produce some weird symptoms. Sometimes it helps just to know that's all it is. Hang in there!
1912832 tn?1322191954 Maybe next is to try an antidepressant for daily anxiety and stress management. Will write back with results when appropriate.
Avatar n tn Is there something else I can do besides binging on sugar to deal with the depression an anxiety that comes with nursing these days. I hate to leave bedside.
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Avatar f tn Stress levels have been constant - I am in nursing school, with only one year to go, and can actually say that I've got less stress now than I did three years ago. Everything seems to be aggravated when I'm doing things that require using that hand/arm, be it writing, working on a computer, or knitting/crocheting. Any thoughts? Thanks.
Avatar f tn I am a Nursing Student with two kids (2 and 8) and married. I have been having so called "panic attacks" like every other day. I feel all sorts of symptoms, chest tightness, shivering, rapid heart beat, weak arms and legs and neck. I have had an Echo and Stress test and both were ok. Plus nothing significant in my blood work. I am a runner and consider myself pretty fit. Lately these attacks have really been getting to me. The scariest part is when I feel I can't breathe.
1715986 tn?1309369137 It would take pages to list every detail of my pain management journey, but to sum it up, I started in Indiana at a pain management clinic. Mike was transferred to New York through his company in 2007, so after graduating with my LPN and 5 months away from my RN I left nursing school to support my then boyfriends career and we moved to New York. I struggled to find a doctor who would treat me. My primary care physician would not treat pain patients.
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Avatar n tn Hi, I went to my primary for a physical required for the nursing program I am entering. He heard a carotid bruit in my left carotid and I had an ultrasound performed last week. There is some family history of strokes, but the only cases I know of occurred much later in life. The ultrasound technician asked me my smoking history, which includes smoking during the summer in high school since I played sports three seasons per year in school.
Avatar n tn I am an RN who struggles with time-management. In fact, time management has always been a problem but is most debilitating in this field for me. 12 hour shifts turn into 16 hours... Now I am enjoying Home Care but the charting bogs me down and I face 16 hours to complete work 5 days a week. It has become my life. As you can imagine, I am mentally exhaused. One month I am employee of the month, the next I am getting written warnings about not getting off the streets by 4:30 PM.
Avatar n tn Hello everyone, I was not sure where to post this, but I could use some help, advice, suggestions, etc....please! I'm a newly practicing pain management doctor. Like many pain management Dr's I prescribe narcotics and am concerned with the growing problem of patients becoming addicted. Problem: I prescribe a few narcotics to a patient over a period of 2 years. I find out later on, that the patient claims to have become addicted to these narcotics.
Avatar f tn I have a legitimate prescription and take about 4-5 per day. Two months ago I was in a car accident and my pain management Dr prescribed me Percocet (15 mg no tylenol) to help manage the pain. In addition, I also suffer from severe anxiety/Depression and was prescribed Ambien, Xanax, and Doxepin to manage these symptoms (have been on these meds for 2 1/2 years). I recently found out I was pregnant and called my OB to make an appointment.
Avatar n tn Recently I have found myself not only hating nursing, but unable to perform my job adequately. I am overwhelmed by the enormous amount of work and I really don't think I can do it. Recently our staffing grid changed AGAIN and we now have 20% more work than we did when I got hired for this job 6 months ago. IT was tough then but it is impossible now. Job stress caused me to be hospitalized for depression 2 years ago; at that time I swore I'd never work in a hospital again.
497348 tn?1283439666 So I wanted to keep taking celexa to avoid any anxiety... But first let me back up. I never had a anxiety attack in my life before I got diagnosed with hypothyroidism. My doctor wanted me to just do a temporary treatment. I have taken it for about a year now and I should be off. I only take 10 mg....So wondering.... the doctor that is my friend said that Prilosec can multiply the dose of a SSRI.... its not a normal drug interaction but he has heard of this being a common thing.
Avatar n tn I am an RN who struggles with time-management. In fact, time management has always been a problem but is most debilitating in this field for me. 12 hour shifts turn into 16 hours... Now I am enjoying Home Care but the charting bogs me down and I face16 hours to complete work 5 days a week. It has become my life. As you can imagine, I am mentally exhaused.
Avatar m tn I'm 13 Years old had panick attack disorder sence 9 I went to the doctor for chest pain and trouble breathing my doctor said I don't have heart problems and it's just anxiety I have been awake for the past 5 days till 2 am because I can't sleep with the worry but I have had this for a week now and I feel it's not just anxiety what should I do?
Avatar n tn My heart rate frequents 160bpm and higher. Initially, the dr's thought I had anxiety probs, so I was put on Xanax and then Paxil. After further testing, they realized from the results of my holter test that I wasn't crying wolf, so they put me on Atenolol, which didn't work. I went from Atenolol to Cardizem CD, from the Cardizem to Verapamil, and am now beginning to take 50mg of Toprol as prescribed by my new cardiologist.
Avatar f tn I previously had some back injuries from many years of nursing and a car accident so I have degenerative spinal disease now as well. I have osteoarthritis and have had to have 2 total knee replacements over the past 2 years due to years of dislocating my knees since childhood and previous to my spinal injury I was on PRN panadeine forte when I needed it. I now live in constant and at times unbearable pain.
971577 tn?1304714866 Hey. I'm still a little new to the anxiety forum. I've had issues with anxiety since the end of my senior year of high school in 2005. I am currently in college. I just started last spring to get my associates degree in nursing to become an RN. I took the summer off & enrolled for the fall which starts tomorrow. I'm just kinda anxious about first day with new classes & such. Just needing a little support on what I should do if I happen to have an anxiety attack while there etc.
Avatar n tn So a little over 2 years ago I graduated from college with my bachelor's degree in nursing. At the time everything was perfect and I began working as a graduate nurse at a children's hospital starting at $22/hour. I was also in great shape, workout often and I was able to spend time with family and friends.
Avatar f tn heart palpitations cause a soar chest. It's only anxiety, anxiety can not kill you. And the good news is, anxiety is TREATABLE! =) With proper medications they have out on the market and therapy... these 2 combined are VERY good ways of treating it. Just b/c you are on medication does not mean you will have to be on it for the rest of your life. I too was scared when I was having anxiety spells... mine lasted for weeks at a time. I was scared to take the anti depressants...
Avatar f tn I think if you've seen success with therapy and when you push yourself, then you know what you need to do. To be honest, the KEY to long term effective management of anxiety in most cases is the work put in by the patient themself. While I think meds can be a helpful tool in a treatment plan, I think you're fear of meds is going to be a hurdle in and of itself, which will cause MORE anxiety.
202436 tn?1326477933 Raising and lowering doses and increasing and decreasing frequencies in order to find the right combination to stabilize her pain management but not have her doped beyond oblivion. They started her on Ativan (anti-anxiety) on Tuesday. They were giving it intravenously and immediately she was out and has been asleep for I'd say a good 95% of the time since then. She's barely woken up to eat. I spoke with her doctor today...first time in person.
3212047 tn?1345726745 I worked for this family for 8 years and eventually got tired of driving 30 or 40 miles to work each night so i got a job at a local Nursing home. Would you believe the same darn thing happened at this nursing home with the narcotic destroying. Continued my abuse and really still hadnt ever had W/D symptoms that i noticed. Went away on vacation one year and didnt take any narcs with me and got really really sick. thought i just had the flu but eventually figured out it was withdrawl.
Avatar f tn I'd really love to hear from people who have gone off sub and what strength and what they recommend?? I'm prone to anxiety and depression anyway so feel every decrease so much that I'm just thinking why not get prepared for some hard w/d's and do it?? I've been to the suboxone site but it seems everyone there is of the consensus to get below .016 for a while b/4 stopping (that would take me months :( thank you so much to everyone on here for their honesty and all you do for so many of us!!
Avatar n tn She has been in serious pain for a month taking drugs such as oxycontin, darvasat, demoral, morphine, vicadin (not all together we were trying to find a drug that worked for her) and a couple more while making a decision to amputate. She was in a nursing home for 3 weeks because she needed 24 hour care. Before this she was very independant and living on her own and sharp enough to play games and take care of herself.