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Avatar m tn Hello Scriboe, I use to have that exact problem. I saw so many naturopaths, etc. For me, taking the "B" vitamins, along with a good multi-mineral, helped. However, I still was more prone to the anxiety in the morning and by night, I felt comparatively good. I think it has something to do with our adrenal glands. When you first wake up, your body is in full-gear, ready for work, etc, then, as the day goes on, and you move around and release some energy, the adrenalin subsides some.
Avatar f tn I'm on 500mlg 2 times a day of keppra with b vitamins and other supplements, but I don't want to go on another medication for anxiety. My dad thinks I'm going nuts, and I'm just milking everything. Is there any other way to get over this? Therapy is what I'm thinking, but I don't know and it sounds expensive.
1244180 tn?1325902711 If you have had four or more panic attacks and have spent a month or more in constant fear of another attack, you may have a condition called panic disorder, a type of chronic anxiety disorder. With panic disorder, you may fear having a panic attack so much that you avoid situations where they may occur. You may even be unable to leave your home (agoraphobia), because no place feels safe. When to see a doctor If you have any panic attack symptoms, seek medical help as soon as possible.
Avatar m tn I have been suffering from Anxiety disorder for the past 30 yrs.. I have been in therapy, and have had bio-feedback. I can't take "any" antidepressant drugs because I have a terrible reaction to everyone that I have tried. And my doctor has tried all of them from A to Z and the same things happen, my tongue swells, my throat closes up and my blood pressure drops really low just to name a few of a list of side effects. My doctor has been treating me with Xanax 1mg twice a day.
Avatar f tn Lasted a few seconds and then came a little dizzy spell along with an anxiety attack! I've been suffering from anxiety for years, actually had a CT scan 8 months ago because I thought i had a brain tumor! Came back normal.. Should I be concerned about this? or out it off as another anxiety symptom?
2005453 tn?1328242171 I know I'm reaching here with these ideas but if your low on B vitamins for instance it can cause anxiety. Have you tried any allergy medications to see if that helps?
Avatar f tn I don't advocate a medicine-only approach to psychiatry, but in the case of GAD, or any acute anxiety disorder I do try to impress by any means the necessity of getting treatment as quickly as possible. Untreated anxiety can lead to syndromes related to post-traumatic stress disorder. In my experience, acute anxiety does not get better on its own. You will have some good days and some very bad days; you may try to figure out why your good days were good and the bad days were bad.
20467483 tn?1498601854 I'd also be careful about that benzo you're on, if you take it regularly it's an addictive drug and can be very hard to stop taking. If you do turn out to have developed an anxiety disorder that will only respond to medication, it will still be there -- drugs aren't going anywhere. Good luck.
Avatar n tn I am having trouble with the anxiety, terrible scared anxiety, over starting Peg-I and Rebe combo 9 days from now. Has anyone had a anti-anxiety drug that they would recommend?
2111850 tn?1334369185 Some other predisposing factors to panic attacks and an anxiety disorder would be familial history (someone in your family with anxiety issues) and MVP (mitral valve prolapse, or a heart murmur). The good news is, there is help out there, and there are millions of people with anxiety disorders, so it is very common, you are not alone. Also, you have reached out early on, that will help you immensely.
Avatar m tn I've had severe panic/anxiety disorder for around a year now, when I first got it, my heart was constantly going mad, fast, irregular, pounding, etc. Now a year later, my heart is the complete oppersit, it's super slow, so slow infact it makes me even more anxious! Is a slow heart rate normal for someone with panic/anxiety disorder? Anyone else experiance this?
Avatar f tn I'm not a Dr but from what you're describing it sounds like generalized anxiety disorder. There are several kinds of treatments to help you. Therapy and possible meds are a really good place to start. Just because Xanax made you feel worse does not mean another med won't help you. Many Drs will prescribed an anti depressant because it not only helps with depression but anxiety as well. Can you get an appointment with a Psychiatrist?
716688 tn?1230313819 I take Stress B vitamins, and I also take Pre-Natal Vitamins. Any suggestions on other Vitamins or Natural things I can do and take so I can get off all of those medications? I feel that I dont really need them, but in some areas, like my mood swings, I still need something natural to help me.
Avatar n tn You ever suffer from anxiety before? Or can you think of any reason as to why you should suddenly begin suffering from it now? Just because of your encounter? Or are you a married man, maybe keeping a secret? Or even fearing your family might find out. These things could all bring on stress / anxiety. Look at the encounter as a one off, or do you fear you might do it again when drunk? if not, it is over with. Tests are negative. That's a plus. A very big plus. Everything has reasons.
1448936 tn?1363209946 And I argue that I have an anxiety disorder but he's adamant that its an eating disorder. I'm not doing this on purpose!! If I felt better I would love to eat. But I feel so nauseous and sick from the anxiety that after taking a few bites of food I feel so sick I have to just stop. This has happened before and I eventually get out of the horrible anxiety rut and start eating normally again. Well as normal as possible with my food allergies.
Avatar m tn Can you overcome anxiety and panic disorder without anti depressants? Yes and no in my opinion. :) I was on a benzodiazapine like Xanax for 4 years called Ativan. I took it when "needed"... but over the years I started going through tolerance withdrawal. Which meant my body needed more of the drug. Since I took it as needed, also known as Yo Yo Use, my brain was getting confused and craving it physically. I was a mess for 4 years. Finally I got benzo-wise and got off my Ativan.
Avatar f tn Has anyone had a state of protracted withdrawal like this?! I can literally feel the imbalance in my brain and yet doctors tell me it's an anxiety disorder which has just come on! I've never, ever had issues with mental disorders or anxiety. I have been given Xanax and have used a total of 8 of them (0.5mg) over the course of two weeks. I am TERRIFIED of them but in an attack it helps. I see a new psychiatrist day after tomorrow who deals in substance recovery.
Avatar n tn It seems that your condition is quite similar to mine, namely Social Anxiety Disorder leading to Depression and General Anxiety Disorder. But I have a lot more choice of drugs than you have. I have tried all your drugs (Paxil, Celexa, Zoloft, Effexor.) All of them had no effect on me.
Avatar f tn EKG abnormal. The cardiologist said i have a hole betwwen the two atriums,atrial septal disorder, the 30 day heart moniter came back normal and the neurologist did an EEG, came back abnormal the nurse said i was having small seizures coming from left temple, to get a better look i wore a 24 hr EEG that came back normal, my appt is May 19th. New symptoms since this started are now have numbness in my hands, mostly left hand, I feel i dont have hand to mouth coordination with left hand.
Avatar m tn Dear Sir: What is reason for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD),,is it due to any deficency, Can it be prevented without the medicines,if yes how to go through.
1722895 tn?1309485247 I am diagnosed with an O.C.D. disorder known as (CSP) Compulsive Skin Picking. I began picking obsessively after being prescribed Adderall to treat my Adult A.D.H.D. I have visible scars all over my body & face from years of picking. They begin as 3D bumps which look somewhat like a whitehead or ingrown hair. Some will pop & discharge what looks to be white puss on the outside.
Avatar m tn I agress with you, most of the PDoc, Doctors and Psychologist will put the blame entirely on the anxiety and say that it's only severe panic disorder with agoraphobia and OCD about my heart, they will say that it's normal that i'm exhausted cause the anxiety overactive my cardiovascular system and my minds are always running fast so that's why i'm tired all the time, but I don't stop to complain and told them that it's not normal to feel like I feel now!!!
Avatar f tn Can you damage your peripheral autonomic nerves with Anxiety/Panic Disorder. This has all started in relation to anxiety. First time it happened I was due to give birth and had panics relating to that, then I got an infection after the birth and seem to have daily (sometimes more than once daily) panic episodes. The tachycardia is on-going, being treated with beta blockers, but rates are elevated. Worse when standing or walking.
Avatar m tn For the past several years, and up until about 6 months ago I suffered from Generalised Anxiety Disorder, a condition which dramatically lowered my quality of life. To all intents and purposes, I am now cured of my anxiety condition. I can say this because I no longer have panic / anxiety attacks and it does not control my lifestyle in the way that it used to.
4274823 tn?1388532698 Does anyone else have hypothyroidism and a musculoskeletal disorder? I suspect my underactive thyroid is aggravating the occupational tendinitis in my forearms. I've had this condition for almost a year and while it has improved I still don't have a full recovery. My job is physical labour with a lot of repetitive hand/arm movements. I read on a medical website that it is not uncommon for people with thyroid problems to have CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome).
Avatar n tn In the past three years it has become apparent to me that Sabrina has some other form of mental disorder, I just couldn't put a name on it. Because the downward spiral kept getting worse, I took Sabrina to a psychiatrist. I emplained to him that I am CONVINCED Sabrina has a mental illness besides ADD, and that I need help in diagnosing it and treating it. Without even saying anything really, he set up an appointment with someone in his office and gave me and Rx. Then he left.
Avatar f tn does anyone know after an anxiety attack how can anxiety smyptoms last. mine seem to last most of the facial numbness buzzing in feet,.i've had alot of test done mri you name it all normal.