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1673455 tn?1305212120 It could have roots in low self-esteem or selfconsciousness or be part of a disorder such as body dysmorphic disorder, depression, etc. Sounds anxiety-related. It could be that you are just afraid of a potential loss. Could be just a life transition you're going through. We all go through phases and challenges as we age. Not sure if that's very helpful. Talk to your doctor. There are expert forum here that may be more helpful.
Avatar n tn Yes, GAD is General Anxiety Disorder. Are you being treated for this either via therapy or medication? Therapy can help a lot with your self-esteem problem, as well as the anxiety. Take care.
Avatar f tn A few days ago I bought HIV self-test paper at the boots and the results were negative. But I am worried that the blood collection needle and test strip from the test paper will make me infected with AIDS.
Avatar m tn I've developed an anxiety disorder, from a big panic attack about a year ago on weed. I never had any anxiety before this and am starting counseling tomorrow at my school. You think there's a chance I can recover from this without any medication? I have been getting lots of head shaking/nervousness/edgyness in social situations. Thanks.
Avatar m tn i informed my doctor he said it anxiety disorder and the nurse i meet yesterday said it s also anxiety guys is possible that anxiety could give related symptoms like that?
Avatar m tn I received my first diagnosis back in 2007 of social anxiety disorder and was later diagnosed with generalized and OCD obsessional type. Throughout this time I also received the diagnosis of major depressive disorder. The most distressing of these, however, were the anxiety disorders. My anxiety used to manifest itself primarily as bodily symptoms - constant heart palpitations, feelings of impending doom. I would experience these things from the minute I woke up til I went to sleep.
Avatar f tn I've always had an anger issue but I also have had severe anxiety and paranoia. I've had few episodes where I would get upset and a completely different personality would come out of me. I was aware of what I was saying and how I was saying it didn't feel like it was me and I felt like I wasn't in control. I almost felt possessed. This has never happened randomly. It has only happened when I would get upset.
Avatar m tn I think that your symptoms come from your generalized anxiety disorder, since your online self-tests come back negative. I don't necessarily agree that just because 2 professionals disagree that you have BP, that you don't. I am 53 and have thought I had bp for the past 2 years, but was told it was just depression because I didn't have the "wild highs" or mania. Finally, a dr. realized that my extreme irritability and anger WAS my manic phase, and am on medication for bp.
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression disorder over three years now. Recently I have experienced thouyghts of self worthlessness and intense depression. I was wondering if anyone else had any positive affirmations or skills that I could practice to change my current (negative) way of thinking. Please help! Ex: foods, exercises, notes to self...
Avatar f tn I don't know what is happening at the moment. I had some really bad anxiety about 5 months ago, like I was having panic attacks all the time in the night and so never sleeping. I never left the house, I because a workaholic and would get really really shallow breathing everyday, for most of the day unless I had some work in front of me. I had chronic headaches, and poor digestion, occasional pins and needles, which would freak me out.
Avatar n tn Given the absence of a diagnosis of a cardiac or endocrine problem, yes, it does sound like anxiety.
4250330 tn?1388621179 Many people with an anxiety disorder also suffer with depression, sleep disorders, and physical health problems that are related to stress such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Anxiety disorders are treatable with psychological therapies, or medication, or both. Recovery from an anxiety disorder is possible with specialist treatment, education, support and self-management skills.
1936640 tn?1323576210 These all ways you have come up with to relieve your anxiety/stress. My sister twirls the pillowcase hem constantly when one is near. It is done absentmindedly as well. The picking I think indicates a higher stress level for you. Since you sound as if you have never been to talk to anyone about these behaviors, it may now be the time since skin picking can have devastating consequences to a person's self esteem since it causes scars.
774913 tn?1235716902 t until just this last summer when I was finally diagnosed with Manic Depression, Panic and Anxiety Disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I also might be Bipolar, however, it was never cleared. I have tried three different things starting with Zoloft, which made me jerk and twitch like crazy. I couldn't stop tapping my feet or thumping the table with my fingers and hands. Paxil was much better, I know I was happy, but it made my Panic Disorder worse.
980330 tn?1272391336 Its been about 6 weeks since I quit drinking and 4 days since I quit smoking. Is this an anxiety disorder or is this just classic symptoms of my body detoxing itself? Im scared to death and paranoid all the time that Im gonna die or pass out or something. Any help would be greatly appreciated. BTW I experienced some of this before I quit my stupid habits but it seems to be 10 times worse now that i have. Thanks so much!
Avatar m tn And it depends on what your diagnosis is. With anxiety disorder you could have panic attacks. If you are an antipsychotic to treat a psychotic disorder such as schizophrenia, schizoaffective or bipolar with psychotic features, "negative symptoms" (difficulty relating to people) are part of the diagnosis. As a person having recovered from schizoaffective disorder with glycine, a new form of antipsychotic in FDA study (for more information google "Dr.
Avatar n tn Whether you have generalized anxiety or social anxiety or garden variety anxiety can only be diagnosed by a doctor.........and at the young age of 13, (even tho it's obvious you are mature for your age) your hormones are kicking into high gear and that can sometimes bring on anxiety. I would urge you to talk to your parents about these feelings and I believe a talk with your doctor is in order. You do not have to feel this way.
Avatar m tn e sleeplessness.. when i go to bed my mind fills with thoughts ..and i feel my self unable to control it.and also very anxiety .and all the night i wake..plz help me!
Avatar f tn It sounds like anxiety is a problem as paxiled said. Not testing for adrenaline is self diagnosis, which is usually wrong when anxiety is concerned because its constant in your face irritation gets its victims so frazzled that their body sort of plays tricks on itself. Many people have gone to ER thinking they have a heart attack but find there is nothing wrong but anxiety.
Avatar f tn For most of my adult life, I've been on a weight loss & gain yoyo w/ a BMI of 25 to 30. When I set my mind to it, I lose weight healthily (1-2lbs/wk) via weight watchers, but I constantly feel starved & eventually fall off the wagon. I've always (for as long as my memories go back) been inflicted w/ a consistent & persistent large appetite for mostly healthy foods (just too much of them). I previously combated that w/ regular vigorous exercise 30-90 min/day.
Avatar m tn You are trying to self diagnose yourself. That doesn't work because you aren't a doctor and based on your numerous posts over the years, you have health anxiety. You won't just get medication based on your anxiety driven self assessments. Doctors have to diagnose something and THEN they treat. "Definitely" gonorrhea, no. Have you tested for gonorrhea? It does show up on tests if you have it . . .
Avatar f tn Im against medications when is about anxiety disorders..since this is not a only that your nervs are damaged a little.. I took buspar aka busprione for 2 weeks and it made me have mood swings and since then i have brain zaps at night but not everytime.. So i don't know what you should get on some meditation r and you should go and make some CBT. I will give you also some advice about Dr. Clarie Weekes books and CD's that you should try.