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Avatar n tn I also suffer from severe anxiety/panic disorder. To me, this sounds like you've gone so long not dealing with the anxiety that it has turned into major social anxiety. Breathing techniques are GREAT for calming down at home. Belly breathing. Tons of info on the net. I'd go seeing a therapist.
Avatar m tn Since that trip to the hospital I live in constant fear and have panic attacks about once every other day, and have trouble breathing usually accompanied with chills. Do you think I might have a panic disorder, or even OCD. Any help is good help.
Avatar f tn I do too suffer from panic or anxiety attacks while driving I had to stop driving for two weeks, and I drive now but when im driving I get a bit scareed one thing forsure I cant drive in fwy right now because I fear of a anxiety coming.. it *****.. my panic attack while driving are like a foggy or fainting type like im going to past out while driving, is very scary.
Avatar f tn I saw a therapist a couple years ago and she diagnosed me with anxiety, panic disorder and post traumatic stress disorder but didn't put me on any meds. I was able to deal with it for the first year but it seems to be getting worse now!! What do I do?
Avatar f tn Does anyone know how to heal anxiety/ panic disorder without medication? I'm on mirtazapine and xanax as needed. I hate it. Tired of feeling like a zombie.
1126790 tn?1268014605 I've had what is presumable panic disorder for the past two years now, and today seems to be particularly bad. Earlier, I started to feel tingly all over, and when I noticed it, I went into a short panic attack (chest discomfort, extreme fear, urge to leave the place, etc). Now the tingling sensation won't go away, and I feel somewhat dizzy. My heartrate is fine, there are no mental changes in the slightest, and my legs feel slightly weak still, like I was just scared quite badly.
Avatar n tn will a total hysterectomy cure my panic disorder.
1255246 tn?1316345547 s) related to the MVP, while also helping with the anxiety. Many people with concurrent MVP and panic disorder do very well on a beta blocker. Ask your doc about it. While the symptoms of a panic attack are super scary, including the increase in pulse, BP, they won't harm you physically. Also, you've had very thorough testing when it comes to your heart, so try to take comfort in that. The oxygen situation is a bit more unusual.
Avatar f tn phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder (National Mental Health Association. 1993). Both the acupuncture and psychiatric communities have noticed the effectiveness of acupuncture treatment for patients with stress and anxiety. Traditional Chinese medicine does not separate emotional and physical function (Leviton, 1989).
Avatar n tn My mother has been suffering from a panic disorder for the past 5 months, primarily experiencing the panic at night. She describes the feeling as a pit in her stomach and fear, but she can not really say what she fears. She just says " I am fearful." She has seen a psychiatrist who gave her zoloft first, but it did not work. Then they gave her xanax, but again this did not work. Then they told her to take more xanax and Klonopin, but she continues to experience the panic.
Avatar m tn I have suffered Anxiety/Panic Disorder for just over 4 yrs now, and even though I've been reasured, I still believe there is something wrong with me. I get most physical symtoms, palps,lightheaded,dizzy,nausea, shakey,jerks, vision problems like flashing white lights,numb hands and feet,headaches,burning eyes,face twitching. I am an epileptic but my symtoms are very well controlled, Ihad 2 fits 16yrs ago and I've had nothing since.
1803818 tn?1316034936 Panic disorder (or other anxiety disorder), for most of us is usually a "forever" thing. I know for me, I have my ups and downs. I'll go years without a panic attack, then all of a sudden, start having issues again. Each "exacerbation" of anxiety will last different lengths of time, and can be triggered by anything.,..sometimes the trigger is very obvious, sometimes it isn't.
Avatar f tn Dear doctor can panic /anxiety disorder cause you to block out notso happy times in your life.
Avatar f tn The day following the surgery, I began having severe panic attacks and anxiety. I did have some anxiety problems before the surgery but had never suffered a panic attack previously. I am now taking medication for this anxiety that still hasn't subsided following this surgery. I have read in some places that N2O is contraindicated for those with anxiety/mental disorders, and others that say it is not. Is anyone familiar with this and could offer an answer? Thank you.
Avatar f tn I have agoraphobia/panic disorder. too scared to take any antidepressants/anxiety meds such as lexapro had horrible experiences in the past. Its gotten worse as i'm becoming more and more of a recluse. i don't know what to do anymore been sick for a couple months now its just constant panic attacks.
Avatar m tn I was just wondering if what I have is a symptom of panic disorder, which I have. It feels like there's a heat rush going to my head and it feels tingly. Is this common? Thanks.
Avatar m tn Therapy is invaluable because it teaches you how to COPE when those panic attacks strike. Many people diagnosed with anxiety and panic will suffer with it for the rest of their lives on some level or another. Typically, anxiety kind of appears in cycles. Myself, I'll have YEARS of what I'll call "anxiety remission" and then all of a sudden, anxiety and panic rears its ugly head again.
Avatar n tn im 22 i was diagnosed of having Panic disorder for almost 2 years ago..Im always feel nervous and the fear never left me..I feel that im going crazy..i feel that i not normal anymore...does somebody out there feel the same? please help me..i feel so hopeless..