Anxiety disorder and panic attacks

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1255246 tn?1316345547 s) related to the MVP, while also helping with the anxiety. Many people with concurrent MVP and panic disorder do very well on a beta blocker. Ask your doc about it. While the symptoms of a panic attack are super scary, including the increase in pulse, BP, they won't harm you physically. Also, you've had very thorough testing when it comes to your heart, so try to take comfort in that. The oxygen situation is a bit more unusual.
Avatar f tn ve noticed that thosse of us that have panic disorder can solve one problem that causes panic and the disorder will then give our minds something else to panic about. but i'm thinking as long at your attacks seem to be centered around your acid reflux, treating that may help you more. but keep those xanax on hand for when you do flip out because it really does help you calm down.
Avatar n tn I use to do grugs like ex pills and cocaine and when i stopped i started having panic disorder and anxiety and it also messed up my digestive tract a little bit but i think drugs play a big part in this.
282760 tn?1213327684 As far as I know, tegratol has no incidence of causing panic attacks. I think it is simply a matter of your panic disorder recurring. your body is under a lot of stress and especially the nervous system, since TN is a nervous disorder. And yes, your doctor is right when he says that the tegratol may help the panic/anxiety because of the way that it affects the nervous system.
Avatar m tn Since that trip to the hospital I live in constant fear and have panic attacks about once every other day, and have trouble breathing usually accompanied with chills. Do you think I might have a panic disorder, or even OCD. Any help is good help.
Avatar m tn Its simple really, but just go to the gym EVERY DAY, do a bunch of cardio, and watch over the course of a week as you start to feel less and less anxious, and your panic and anxiety just dissolve away... I think of it as excess energy, burn it off and it won't chew away at you in the form of useless fears. If you have never had a siezure, and you don't do drugs, there is almost no chance that you will have one, so cheer up! :) Good luck!
Avatar f tn I myself suffer from Anxiety, panic attacks for over 4 years now and planning on starting a family but worried about my Anxiety and being pregnant/being a mother. Are you scared and worried? Maybe you should try talking to someone and take walks, it helps me calm down when I feel sick to my stomach from my Anxiety. I hope you feel better soon. I don't think your Anxiety will hurt your baby, so try not to worry to much. Try to take good care of yourself and try to relax...
Avatar m tn This tracker will be especially useful for those with anxiety or panic attacks, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), agoraphobia, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or phobias. You will be able to track the occurrence and intensity of attacks, related symptoms, any treatments you may be taking, and you will be able to write journal entries to record additional details. Follow this link to start tracking today:
Avatar f tn i need some advice from those who suffer from panic attacks or panic/anxiety disorder...
Avatar f tn Hey all! I'm newly pregnant 6 weeks. My question is, do any of yu suffer from panic attacks? I have panic disorder and have noticed an increase with panic attacks and depression. I'm worried. Anyone else go through this? Any one else go through this.?
Avatar m tn Hello to everyone,i'm on cipralex several years diagnose with Ocd and anxiety disorder my dosage was initially 30mg now dicrease dosage 20mg,but these days are very bad i have again panic attacks every morning when wake up and i.m afraid that have some heart issue ,cause heart goes like crazy and start to shake and feel i will die ,and for this i take some xanax that distress me but i'm afraid if this happens again...
Avatar f tn I try also the Buspar, in fact it was the first med I was put on when I was diagnosticed with a panic disorder a 19 yo in 1994... and I try it also again in 1999 and also in 2005 and it was not effective for my anxiety even after 3 months on it... I try also a lot of off-label meds, one example was the Mirapex, who is a med use to treat the parkinson disease and increase the dopamine level who is sometime low in peoples who have a social phobia...
Avatar f tn I have been suffering from anxiety and panic disorder, along with everything else, for decades. Sometimes the anxiety is so bad that I think I might be losing my mind. Then it will let up because I will find something that is REAL to worry about. It is amazing that when something else in the world takes over your real emotions, how quickly you can lose the unreal fear that you have. This site has helped me alot.
Avatar n tn tall and weigh 235 lbs. About one week ago, I started having arrhythmia attacks. I have suffered from panic disorder for 2 years now, but this was clearly not a panic attack, I took my pulse and could feel the skipping beats. I take 2 mg.'s of xanax a day for the panic disorder. I also drink WAY more than I should, as I live an incredibly high stress life, and the panic attacks don't help either. I am adopted, so I have no knowledge of family genetic history or health.
Avatar f tn m terrified of dying i just want the anxiety,panic attacks and all the symtoms to leave me alone and let me get on with my life please help if you can. also can anxiety make your legs go weak and can it cause you to have pains in your chest as i've had my heart and chest checked and there's nothing wrong?
Avatar f tn In my experience with this, I find that my anxiety can really be bad in times of stress. My first bout with anxiety and panic came after my grandfather passed away. I also thought I had problems with my heart. I also initially refused any forms of medication. For me, the most important step I took was to seek help through talk therapy. In my opinion it gives you the knowledge to understand and confront your sources of anxiety.
Avatar f tn Never had GAD until after Paxil withdrawal, and I have to say, as bad as panic attacks are, GAD is even worse, at least for me. With panic attacks, I wasn't nervous unless I had to do something I'd attached panic to, but with GAD, I'm anxious all the time and I still have panic attacks, too, so phooey.
Avatar f tn My boyfriend of a year has panic attacks. Recently, he has distanced himself from me. He doesn't call or see me right now. He says he has weird feelings. I am at loss about what to do. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn Dr. Forster - I started on Wellbutrin two days ago for depression and feel great! However, I'm also being treated for panic disorder and had 2 panic attacks today, despite taking my Klonopin 1 mg/day. My doc originally put me on Lexapro but it made me so sleepy, drowsy, and even more depressed so we switched to the more activating Wellbutrin, What would ease the anxiety associated with the Wellbutrin XL 150 MG? Maybe up the Klonopin to 2 gr? or add another SSRI at night? Thank you!!
Avatar f tn I used to have this anxiety disorder and then by time it was gone. But a few days ago I smoked marihuana and I'm like having this disorder again, having panic attacks so many taughts in my mind like I feel like I'm not living anymore and I tried everything to concentrate and keep calm and move on but its like I can't it's so difficult and usually when I'm so depressed with this anxiety I cry a lot !
431073 tn?1222177026 I only started having panic attacks and anxiety about two weeks ago. I know a little bit about the disorder because my sister has it and I am a nursing student. My attacks differ from my sisters. Hers seem to be more severe, her attacks mimc a stroke. Here is what happens to me, my vision has changed and it doesn't go back to normal, I get a burning sensation in my head and neck, I tingle in my hands, feet, and lips. My heart races and I feel faint. I also breath heavy and get dry mouth.
Avatar n tn will a total hysterectomy cure my panic disorder.
Avatar f tn For long term anxiety, which after 10 years we can all agree you have, a drug such as Klonopin is as effective as Xanax at controlling not only panic attacks but the anticipatory anxiety that usually comes with severe panic disorder. Best of all, it is prescribed for long term use, as in years. It also has the advantage of not having to been dosed as often as Xanax. Klonopin is usually dosed between 2-3X per day. Xanax is very short lived and is out of your system in about 4 hours.
Avatar f tn I get such terrible panic attacks, i'm close to 33 weeks and this has been throughout my whole pregnancy. Before pregnancy I took medication to help with anxiety and depression, and I try to breathe or drink water to calm down (since I can't smoke anymore) and it doesn't help. It gets to the point where it's uncontrollable. I struggle with bipolar, and i'm so worried about my daughters health when she's born that it gives me more anxiety.
Avatar n tn iv finally come to the conclusion that the doctors are right and that its panic attacks and not a real health problem. this has honestly been driving me crazy for 3 years. iv tried medication and some therapy but that didnt do much. the first panic attack i had 3 years ago my heart was beating so fast and it kept skipping beats i honestly thought i was gonna die i was rushed in a ambulance to the hospital. it was very horrifying my whole body was completely numb.
Avatar f tn Has anyone looked for a physical reason for your anxiety and panic attacks? This problem is not necessarily emotional. In my case (the same symptoms)I was in the early stages of adrenal fatigue with high cortisol. Xanax worked wonderfully, but I only took it to abort an attack, did not take a maintenance dose, and the dosage was very small (.25mg). Xanax can work miracles with these attacks, but it is very nasty stuff and highly addictive.