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1422823 tn?1287682880 Does anyone here have anxiety or panic attacks when certain symptoms come about? A few years ago, I passed out while being out with some friends. Went to the ER, cause unknown (of course). Ever since then it seems like the moment I start feeling dizzy or light headed, which is every day now, I think I am having what may be a panic attack. I start to feel like I have tremors, my heart races and the dizziness gets worse.
780253 tn?1237559519 Have had anxiety attacks and panic attacks ever since. If my dose is right I have less anxiety, and if my thyroid goes down I have more, which lets me know I need bloodwork and possibly a tweak in my dose. No one told me at first what a lifelong and stressful illness this would be. I keep having these anxiety attacks and it has crippled my confidence and limited my ambition in some ways.
Avatar f tn are there any anti depressants to help with panic attacks? I am experiencing panic attacks, I have recently started my degree, since my completion of my diploma level in 2012, I feel the 4years break I took from school is too much and I have forgotten most of the stuff and I fear I will not make it, and now im just having these panic attacks. I want to go and see a Doctor but im not sure if il be helped.
Avatar f tn Hi, Panic attacks are periods of intense anxiety that are associated with cognitive and somatic symptoms. Usually the onset is abrupt. There can be many causes of panic attacks like heredity, biological causes like hyperthyroidism, generalized anxiety, hypoglycemia, post traumatic stress disorder, vitamin B deficiency and inner ear diseases. Other causes can be hyperventilation syndrome, sudden personal loss, medications like methyphenidate.
Avatar f tn I do very well with Celexa, but if I want complete relief from panic/anxiety attacks, I have to take a low dose of Klonopin 2 times per day. I take less Klonopin now than I did two years ago. I wish I were one of the people who could just take an SSRI, but I'm not. This is only my experience. When comparing Xanax to Klonopin, I think it is a proven fact that Klonopin is the better drug for long-term use. I don't believe that that is just an opinion.
10011789 tn?1409707661 Anyone have issues with panic attacks? I had them probably 3 or 4 times in my life and never with my first pregnancy. Now with this one (having twins) I've already had 2 and I'm only 12 weeks. Both my parents take anxiety meds. I never have had to and don't want to but it's kind of scary. I'm never like stressed or thinking about anything at the time. It just suddenly hits me and I can't breath and I feel overwhelmed and trapped. My husband witnessed one and is now freaked out.
Avatar n tn I'm 20 and have been suffering from panic attacks, anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive thought patterns, and extreme uneasiness after having suffered an unknown illness in which I developed fever, fatigue, diahrrea, rapid heart beat, and difficulty breathing for a period of 2 weeks. The panic attacks turned into anxiety-attacks, in which I no longer felt that I was dying, but felt extremely uneasy to the brink of going totally crazy. This all occurred in a tropical 3rd world country.
Avatar f tn Yes you do have social anxiety. I have had it for years and now it has turned into agoraphobia. I also have panic attacks. I am not saying all this could happen to you but just be aware of these things. Have you seen a therapist? I stay secluded to my home but my therapist is trying to help me with these issues. I take xanax for the panic attacks and anxiety. But they do have different meds. I suggest you go to a mental health facility in your area. They can be quite helpful.
1979360 tn?1328147465 i've been experiencing panic attacks for the past year or so now. after they happen, i keep telling myself that it was no big deal and that i got through it just fine. but when they're going on, i feel like i am going to or about to die. i hate to say it, but i do not wish these on my worse enemy - if i even have one. are there any techniques that you all use to calm yourself down during one of these?
Avatar n tn I believe I have social anxiety and am currently seeing a therapist. However, managing my symptoms has become a daily challenge. How do I prevent panic attacks when I'm around others? I still get really anxious around strangers which prevents me from making genuine relationships?
Avatar f tn Also seeing as you have spontaneous anxiety attacks you should also get a full check up from your doctor, he/she will probably do a full blood panel workup to make sure your fine, things such as an overactive Thyroid can cause anxiety, nervousness, panic attacks. Vitamin Deficiencies can cause anxiety and panic attacks too, being low in EFA (essential fatty acids) like Omega 3 will do the same.
722310 tn?1234765737 It took having a nervous breakdown at age 25 to finally get help for my social anxiety, Panic attacks, and depression. I think your son needs to be evaulated ASAP because if left untreated he wiill never learn to deal with his social anxiety which will then cause him to be depressed or worse. Today I am 33 and I finally feel like I have control of my life..... A little about me.. I am married with 3 girls ages 16, 5, & 2.
Avatar f tn How does one go about getting a job, going back to school, buying a car, etc, when you don't have money, because you can't get a job because you can't be around people (social anxiety)? This *****. It's really a nasty circle. No job, because of anxiety, no money because of no job, no help, because i have no job that gives me money, because i have social anxiety. I really have no solution to this.
Avatar f tn Hi I am 35 years old and I have been having anxiety attacks for about 5 years now. They are really bad and it is hard for me to go anywhere or talk to anyone. I am afraid that I will have an anxiety attack around other people. I was never like this, I used to work and go everywhere and do everything for myself but now I can't even step outside my front door without feeling anxious and scared. It is so embarassing for me I'd rather stay in my house where no one can see me.
Avatar f tn I have been suffering from social anxiety my whole life without medication, I didn't know it was social anxiety until about 6 months ago, I just thought it was me. Over the past year or so I have been getting anxiety and panic attacks which are taking over my life, i dont know what braught them on but its really starting to scare me...
1374969 tn?1321461090 shaking, heart beating out of my chest, etc. So I'm thinking that it's not a social anxiety issue, it's a driving anxiety issue. All of my friends were telling me that they had missed me (I haven't been out socially in months) and I missed them, too, and I had a great time while I was there, but getting myself there and home was the whole reason I initially didn't want to go. Any suggestions?
Avatar m tn My guess is that you have had 'issues' with anxiety and found that alcohol helped 'see you thru' it. You may not even have realized it for some time. Perhaps you began drinking more and more to achieve the same results. But alcohol can make the situation worse and is not the solution to anxiety disorder. It only causes more problems really. You need to get treatment to get to the root cause of your problems.
334848 tn?1206704288 I know it seems so long and painful. I know many ways that I got my panic attacks/anxiety attacks under control. I have been to the doctor for testing,etc as well. Do not worry. If you are interested in some easy tips, write me and I'll through them. I have been just fine and content for the longest that I have ever been. Just a few QUICK tips...not much time today sorry!
Avatar n tn Most of the time dizziness is cause by the inner ear(could be anxiety too) but to rule everything out,I guess a visit to an ENT would be very wise....
Avatar m tn But when I am not alone in the car or another situation, even when I am only with my family, it is easier to get anxious and have a panic attack. Probably my social anxiety disorder / social phobia is the reason for this. And the longer the distance, the bigger the anxiety. Maybe the fact that I travel with car once in several months contributes to this. I also remember I had a panic attack 5 years ago in the car, just the same feeling, and I had no anxiety disorder by that time.
379296 tn?1206316450 dear docter can you please help me.i have been haveing panic attacks for 10 years and a bit of depression.i started to have panic attacks again i have allways had them on and off.but the last time i had them it was like most other panics about dieing.then one day i said ok panic if you are going to kill me fine.then i started to think ok i read alot and i look up things alot and i know that the panic attack can't kill then i stoped haveing them about dieing.
1565754 tn?1295482382 Ive read the leaflet on these and they seem to be targeted at people with OCD and panic disorders and social anxiety disorders as well as depression. so im hoping that when these new pills start to kick in i will feel a tad more hopeful. i agree with you mammo that im not really accomplishing much with this therapist, my doctor also said this the other day. My next step is to go to a self help group where i can meet other anxiety sufferers.
1120177 tn?1259205378 ) My name is Becky, im 33 yrs old and suffer from panick attacks, social phobia,dizzy spells the works really.It started back to when i was just 13, i had a lot of anxiety and got worse after i met my ex husband.I ran with the wrong croud really, got into smoking pot and tried lcd and Es.Not good i know but i was only 16 living all on my own in sydney.After i got married i started getting very bad panic attacks then i refused to go out.