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296340 tn?1336164001 How Food Impacts Fertility There’s been extensive research to date indicating that certain foods can have a positive impact on a woman’s fertility. In fact, according to Beth Heller, director and co-founder of Pulling Down the Moon, a holistic treatment center for infertility in Chicago, nutrition is one of the easiest ways to maximize fertility. “Certain foods can regulate the hormones that affect egg production,” she says.
Avatar f tn What vitamins can I take to prevent aging? Exclusively the face and neck areas. If there is not a vitamin, can herbs help and what kind? Any Natural Preventions?
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Avatar f tn chard, dandelion, kale, celery, carrots and ginger. Your best bet is to blend them into a smoothie so you can eat a lot at once. Raw coco butter and almond oil rubbed directly on your skin helps with elasticity and hydration drink a lot of water.These measures will make a small difference but generally the skin has already been damaged from being stretched and it will wrinkle and sag when it's no longer being extended.
Avatar m tn Also you may want to start looking at the foods you are eating and try to cut back on fatty foods and those high in cholesterol like eggs and hamburgers etc. to help keep your cholesterol level in your body down. Hope This Helps. Have A Nice Day.
Avatar f tn Go to ulta and talk to their estheticians for a professional recommendation. While pregnant do stay away from retinols which are anti aging. They can cause birth defects. But look for something that has hyaluronic acid in it which is a natural chemical our body makes which helps retains moisture by 1000x its weight. So it is super hydrating which will help reduce and prevent wrinkles.
Avatar n tn This summer we are taking our grandson (9) to Chicago for a vacation and baseball. We will be eating all meals out. Any recommendations on restaurants or sources to find nutritional info on restaurants in the Chicago area, especially downtown? Any help appreciated.
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Avatar f tn Before using any serum, I'd check with your doctor to see what they recommend. Has your doctor given you any advice on what you can do to treat the alopecia and fast aging?
Avatar f tn You may want to look into eating foods that are alkaline. (you could probably do a search on Google for them) It may lessen the amount of acid in your pee and thereby lessen the pain. I too had that once and I don't have herpes either. I used to get canker sores in my mouth all the time, but switched to a toothpaste without Laurel Sulfate in it and have not had any in years. Some soaps have laurel sulfate in them and may irritate the area as well. You may try soaking in Epson Salts as well.
Avatar n tn This sounds like spinal or pelic/hip arthritis. There are other anti-inflammatories that may help so discuss with your vet again about what other options are available to you. Radiographs are quite helpful in letting us determine if there is arthritis (which is painful) or if there is spinal or disk disease that while not always painful, can cause these signs as they result in a weakening of the nerves controlling the back legs.
Avatar n tn I suggest the use of products that are hypoallergenic and also with organic ingredients such as vitamin C and E. Anti aging products may also be beneficial especially for women with fine lines and wrinkles. A healthy diet,decrease intake of fatty food, cessation of smoking,adequate sleep and daily exercise will ensure not just great skin but also a healthy body in general.
675347 tn?1365460645 or expensive brands (that the Vets carry) are full of grain, which dogs have difficulty digesting- and it stresses the kidneys over time, (corn is especially difficult on a dog).
Avatar m tn 08 March 2016 Vitamin D is a seco-sterol produced endogenously in the skin or obtained from certain foods. It exerts its action through binding to intracellular vitamin D receptor (VDR). Lately, the role of vitamin D has been revised regarding its potential advantage on delaying the process of aging. The aim of this study was to assess the contribution of VDR gene polymorphisms in healthy aging and longevity.
Avatar f tn How do you choose an a skilled accupuncturist. Looking for a Chicago area Dr.
315737 tn?1407298997 There is significant evidence that high sucrose diets may alter intracellular metabolism, which in turn facilitates accelerated aging through oxidative damage. Scientists found that the rats given fructose had more undesirable cross-linking changes in the collagen of their skin than in the other groups. These changes are also thought to be markers for aging. The scientists say that it is the fructose molecule in the sucrose, not the glucose, that plays the larger part.
Avatar f tn Anyone from Chicago on here? ! If so do you know of any mommy groups!?
272338 tn?1252280404 So sorry you are feeling poorly, I wanted to let you know that I will come to Chicago, if just to meet you, and of course the others, I remember one nurses convention I went to, years ago, there were 7 of us in one room, I slept in the bathtub, 2 sleeping bags , a pillow and some wine and I slept well.
564735 tn?1263943526 Just wanted to wish everyone a safe trip to Chicago. Stay healthy and Have a blast !!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn Does anyone know if a handheld LED/Ultrasound device used for skin anti-aging purposes would affect the thyroid if used over the neck, if there is a diagnosis of hypo OR hyperthyroidism? Thank you.