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1166386 tn?1379009113 I don't even have the urge to go. I have tried all sorts of natural remedies and even most of the OTC remedies for constipation. Nothing worked. :( so bummed. So my GI specialist said to drink 2 capfuls of miralax and take Amitiza 8mcg capsule 2x a day. Amitiza is used for IBS-C.
Avatar m tn Also take Lactulose and Amitiza. However, in order to take the Amitiza must take a nausea pill before and after. Often times still have nausea with the Amitiza and not convinced it helps all that much. I've been at this for 8 yrs and have done everything but stand on my head. Without pills and powder - bowel movements are difficult and every 3-5 days. And only partial. EXTREMELY bloated. Have difficulty fitting into street clothes later in the day. Makes work life and social life difficult.
Avatar n tn When I couldn't afford it due to not having insurance, I switched to Prilosec OTC and never had a single issue for 2+ yrs until recently my Pharmacist had a bright idea and suggested I switch to Prevacid 24hr OTC. Well I've been on it a week and honest to God i was beginning to think i'm having Liver problems from the constipation since I've had my Gallbladder removed until it hit me it has to be this damned medication it being the only thing i've changed since all my digestive issues started!
Avatar f tn It is late so won't get into a lengthy discussion. Look up an OTC herbal supplement called Iberogast (Amazon). See if there are any ingredients in there you might be allergic to. I have/had IBS/C also. Was put on Amitiza and then Linzess which work well for some but not me but I can be sensitive to meds. It was my GI doctor at Stanford that suggested I try the Iberogast. I was skeptical but gave it a try. You can mix it in something to mask the taste.
Avatar f tn rules out any reason why you need to use this med on a daily basis before you commit to using it. All my tests were negative so I got a thumb's up! And in the US now Miralax is otc~!
Avatar n tn Often the stools you describe are the best I can hope for, and only the fact I use Miralax and Amitiza allow anything to pass through my long and twisted bowel (which is a problem that is in addition to Celiac disease). So I would say it sounds like you have inflammation still, and if you do not have a particular cause for the inflammation, you are going to need to take meds to continue moving your bowels, and not expect things will be perfect immediately.
Avatar m tn Currently, I take Glycolax (17 g) twice a day, amitiza (24 mcg) twice a day, OTC Fibercon twice a day, Prilosec OTC once a day (I was taking Nexium but the Prilosec is cheaper), and Synthroid (75 mcg) once a day. I also take OTC Lact-aid dairy pills. I am concerned that all of this medicine is hurting me. Mostly, I am concerned about the Glycolax. I have taken it twice a day for at least five years and my throat is constantly irritated, but the doctor just keeps prescribing it.
Avatar m tn Now, over five years later, I am still dealing with a very slow digestive system. Currently, I take Glycolax (17 g) twice a day, amitiza (24 mcg) twice a day, OTC Fibercon twice a day, Prilosec OTC once a day (I was taking Nexium but the Prilosec is cheaper), and Synthroid (75 mcg) once a day. I also take OTC Lact-aid dairy pills. I am concerned that all of this medicine is hurting me. Mostly, I am concerned about the Glycolax.
Avatar n tn Yeah, I found both of your posts. I was in the process of completing a long saga to share when my network went nuts again! Must have been a message from the universe my blog was too long. LOL I have retrieved the book from the shelf and earmarked a few pages to read on IBS. I plan to look through the index to see what other areas may be pertinent to my situation. I used that book a lot when I first got it and found great stuff for friends, family and even me.
Avatar m tn Reglan is it- I refused it- Zelnorm worked for my gas- bloat but they took it off the market- I didn't have gastroparesis ( I was sure I did) but manometry showed goofy motility- and I also have gas /bloat after my fundo- unless you want to work with the bowel emptying- they tried me on Amitiza/ gave me diarrhea though. I like chewable acidopholus for the gut (GNC), as well as fiber choice OTC. You burping or any other symptoms.
Avatar f tn I have been labeled with IBS and they gave me 2 meds for it. I take Amitiza and Dexilant (which is the same thing as OTC Prevacid). If the x-ray turns up normal you may want to get an upper endoscopy done. I had one done and it's a very simple procedure. They knock you out for 15 minutes or so and stick a long camera down your throat to look at your stomach and intestines. If they look irritated or abnormal they will take a small biopsy using the little clamps on the end of the scope.
988694 tn?1332363079 I stay in constant agony with my stomach. It's either one extreme or the other. I've tried every OTC drug you could imagine. I was even hospitalized for colitis back in April & they never could specifically diagnose my problem. After a colonoscopy a month later they still said colitis. So, obviously my colon is inflammed and has been for a long time. They assumed that I had salmonella back then but I don't know. They never found the bug.
916369 tn?1243371046 He put me on Amitiza, and I HATED that. The results were more frequent bowel movements, but they were unpredictable and often put me in bad situations. So, now we've just settled on a high dose of OTC laxatives twice a week. They are fairly predictable, so I can pretty much time when I will need to be home to have some privacy. I also take double the amount of recommended OTC fiber supplements. It is not the perfect solution. But, for now, I still have my colon.
199882 tn?1310188142 I've tried drinking that other stuff but I just throw it back up... My doctor has me on Amitiza for IBS and at first I felt like it did help some but it doesn't even make a difference any more... I'm just hoping that someone out there has any home remedies or something else I might try... My husband is very insistent on me going to my PCP but I'm pretty sure he will say the same thing he always says and that's that it's due to my MS... Blah...
523728 tn?1264625121 Sharon, I think it is great you brought up this subject. So far otc products(miralax and colace...together) have worked for me...once I stop taking the naseau meds. I do try and eat a lot of fiber...beans...apples...nuts...dried apricots...apples and walk. I bet prune juice or ground flax seed in a smoothie would help. I am interested in what ends up working for you.
Avatar f tn Personally at 55 yo I am not going to worry about my bowels getting addicted to senna. But normally I take 3 senna tabs and 1 Amitiza capsule at bedtime and that seems to work. But even that doesn't always work so I resort to a osmotic enema like Fleets. And I do fine. Oh Amitiza is a fairly new drug, you need a prescription.
Avatar n tn try to chew some of the flax...(i'm 50 yo). it may not taste great, but it is a healthy alternative to OTC laxatives etc. it has phytoestrogens & anti-viral, anti-fungal properties to name a few, and has the EFAs that are so important..may take a few days for it to "kick in", but give it a has helped my skin & hair a lot too.