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974371 tn?1424656729 I was sick in bed all day yesterday with upper and lower abdominal pain, bloating and nausea but not sure if it was from this med. I was also told to increase my Gabapentin up to 900 mg a day. I hate taking any of this stuff. Thus is from my Stanford doctor and I still don't think they are sure what I have. My GI doctor here suggested I see the surgeon again about my gallbladder as a HIDA scan showed a 19% ejection fraction.
Avatar n tn This is on top of a strong oral medication (Amitiza) and magnesium. With Miralax, I get the stuff in the bottle and take 1 1/2 capfuls once a day and as needed.
Avatar f tn I was on 8mcg of the amitiza first twice a day and it didn't help at all, now I am on the 24mcg twice a day and it seems to be helping, I have to be home though while taking it if you know what I mean? How are you since posting your message?
Avatar n tn I rarely had a BM, twice a week if I was lucky, at 2 weeks the most. My new specialist that I have found perscribed Amitiza 24mcg twice a day also and it instantly took away the pain that I never thought would go away. That alone was a miracle! My stomach was also free of bloating which was odd to see since my abdomen was always severly bloated and extended, my stomach finally didn't look like it was going to burst.
Avatar f tn Check for food allergies like gluten and dairy. If constipated, try Miralax or the generic version. I also take Amitiza, but it is a very expensive Rx for serious constipation. That is just like putting a tube in and releasing the bubble I get above the splenic flexure. Such a relief.
1166386 tn?1379009113 ( so bummed. So my GI specialist said to drink 2 capfuls of miralax and take Amitiza 8mcg capsule 2x a day. Amitiza is used for IBS-C.
Avatar f tn MiraLax (over-the-counter) or Amitiza (prescription). Magnesium citrate.
Avatar f tn I do eat a lot of grains, veggies, and drink apple juice, more than 8 cups of water a day and have taken senna, miralax, benefiber, and other things to no avail.
Avatar n tn If these measures do not restore you to normal, you definitely need a visit to a gastroenterologist and colonoscopy. A medication that could be prescribed is called Amitiza if all else fails, but it is expensive.
Avatar n tn Sorry you are going through all this and I can relate!! Have you had a colonoscopy and endoscopy done? If not, those should be done also. Have you had a HIDA scan if your gallbladder? My story is very long and involved but I have been with these symptoms also. Numerous tests run with no definite diagnosis and still being tested. Doctor will diagnose IBS when they can't come up with anything else. I finally referred myself to a GI doctor at Stanford.
Avatar n tn I have done the doxycycline and a few other therepies that my gastrointerologist recommended. They would work for a while and then would get worse agan. I am now taking Amitiza and am doing pretty good with it. Though I have now started noticing a correlation to my menstral cycle and the onset of these symptoms. A week before i start my period I will stop haveing BMs. Completely. I won't go again until I start. And then I usually have to induce it somehow.
Avatar n tn I have tried everything from high fiber diet, miralax, enemas, and I have been on Amitiza and Sentakot for three days and to no avail. I researched some on the internet and I am concerned that the gastrointestinal issues are from macrocyctic anemia (b-12 or pernicious anemia) from what I can figure from my symptons and blood work. What is the treatment for such? Whom would I see regarding this? What other methods will relieve the constipation? I am very miserable and feel awlful 24/7.
Avatar f tn However as I'm getting older constipation is becoming more prevalent so I take Metamucil but it seems to make it worse. So then I take Miralax with it but I then I have gas ALL the time and with it, poop. I feel chained to the bathroom and of course never clean. Zelnorm was the beat solution and worked really well but then was taken off the market. What can I do to resolve this ever increasing problem?
2102085 tn?1350870245 I went to a gastroenterologist the next day and she thought it was IBS and prescribed me Amitiza and Bentyl. I have been on the Amitiza and it makes me have frequent watery BMs...and the Bentyl does not do much. The pain is constant and I feel like I'm pregnant I'm so bloated (I'm not!) could this really just be IBS? Could the pain be reproductive (i.e. ovarian cysts) I'm going to school for nursing and it is really interfering with my education... I really could use some insight!!
Avatar n tn This last month I have been on Go-Lytely colonoscopy prep to make me go to the bathroom while taking miralax 3x a day and amitiza 2x a day. Nothing works! I had a colonoscopy where they said my colon was too redundant to really scope. After a barium enema x ray they found that I have an extremely redundant colon that starts under my diaphraghm and may be the cause of the high and low abdominal cramping I have been having.
293157 tn?1285877039 I have a question does anyone know if there is an association between MS and Irritable Bowel Syndrome, I seem to have this problem for the past few years on and off and it's getting more often then normally was? I'm seeing my Dr in a few weeks about it, but wonder if anyone else here has this type of problem. It can get quite painful most of the time now. Difficult to treat. any ideas on that too??
1808728 tn?1316370435 If you are constipated, try Miralax. If Miralax doesn't cure the constipation, then Amitiza is stronger, but very, very expensive.
Avatar m tn Try magnesium citrate and Miralax. If these aren't enough, the Rx that helps me is Amitiza. It is expensive if you don't have insurance, but it seems to target that gas bubble and brings relief.
Avatar f tn Long and twisted colon that tends to slow passage of stool and cause constipation that can be quite severe. I take Miralax and Amitiza for mine. They work, but are expensive - especially the latter.
Avatar n tn the results were sever IBS w/constipation and a tortuous colon. he put me on Amitiza. an hour after taking my first pill i had a severe allergic reaction to the med. the doctor said there was nothing else he could do for me. i stopped seeing him. after i graduated from college i found a new primary care physician. told him my problems and he started me on Librax as well as Omeprizole and an iron supplement bc i am anemic. (i had an upper GI and they found an hyatail (sp?) hernia.
Avatar f tn I then start to sweat excessively and begin to vomit. After I start to throw up I begin to go to the bathroom and my face turns sheet white. I have had blood tests, colonoscopies, I have even been checked for carcinoid tumor--everything comes out normal. Does anyone have any answers for me. This comes on me all of the sudden. Thanks!
Avatar n tn 6 days later I was at ER -177 pounds w/ severe abdominal bloating and constipation.I was constipated given Miralax. One week later I am in ER again @ 180 pounds,sft tissue pitted edema in right leg & calf, &l no bowel movement & ab swelling. I've been tested for Celiac and was neg..Had numerous GI tests all negative.I ws diagnosed w/ IBS-C and given Amitiza. I was in the hospital again on Friday. I looked 7 months pregnant,severe soft tissue pitted edema in my right leg.
Avatar n tn I am dieing to know the med as well as nothing seems to work for me.. I have been doing the Fiber thing (which too much makes the gas get trapped in the colon even worse and the pain is god aweful)..
Avatar n tn After all of this, I was told I have IBS-C and given Amitiza and sent on my way. I have educated myself on IBS-C and I do not have any of the symptoms/signs other than the constipation. I was in the hospital again on Friday. I looked 7 months pregnant, severe soft tissue pitted edema in my right leg. my stomach was hot and very tender, my hands and feet were ice cold. My bp was 104/64, body temp 98.2, pulse 64. They did a doppler and found no DVT, did my blood work and said it was fine.
Avatar f tn He said well you are too young for surgery (I am a 40 year old woman) so take the Senna's and Miralax every day for the next 3 months and we will follow up then. So now I am taking both of these laxative forms and fiber like crazy and I am still filling up. The only way I can move my bowels was to drink the solution that most people use before a colonoscopy. It was always a hit or miss.
1458697 tn?1285635114 I get by with MiraLax or Amitiza plus the gluten-free diet. Oh, and I take magnesium citrate and use glycerin suppositories sometimes. You need to be tested before trying a gluten-free diet.
Avatar m tn I take amitiza twice a day and drink miralax every night with prune juice. this has ruined my life. it has just gotten worse over the last 6 months.
Avatar n tn I have been having alot of pain under my left rib i do have a feeding tube which i have not used in about 6 months it feels like a gas pocket and when i am in bed it hurts to sleep on my left side and when i try to roll over i have to hold my ribs it hurts so bad the dr did a x ray but said that everything was fine can you help me
Avatar f tn I am on milk of magnesia, amitiza, and dulcolax and my doctor wants me to try to get off the milk of magnesia. You can try using other medications for constipation to see if that works better. Amitiza is a new one out there but sometimes certain ones work better than others. Has your doctor ever mentioned abdominal migraines?
433485 tn?1321816990 My dil is a medical assistant and I have asked her in the past about to much fiber, she said there is no such thing. Fiber yes may bulk up but it attaches to the wall/lining of the colon/intestines and pulls the junk/garbage from it, which is exactly what you want it to do. Key is drink plenty of fluids with the fiber to help flush the process through. I am in this "misery" with you all. I have suffered with chronic constipation since 2001 after my hysterectomy.