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Avatar f tn Any comments on the medication ambien. Does anyone else think it is addictive besides me. I have not only had bad w/d symptons due to hydro but I believe this has effected me as well. My nights are terrible, horrible nightmares! I have been taking it for about 7 years (taking ambien for 2 weeks, then switching to ambien CR, going back and forth between the two) This is night two without it.
501205 tn?1227349042 Staying awake on Ambien did seem to help the anxiety but that is only because it turned me into a zombie and when I was on Ambien, it was like I was half-way dreaming and for most people dreams are impossible to remember all the way, now what does that sound like? Also, I remember one time I took it and told myself ok, I have ten minutes to go to bed....then I started watching tv...then I remember like hallucinating from the lights coming from the tv and thats when I new it was time for sleep.
Avatar f tn So I was just forever addicted to ambien? i was prescribed it 2 years go along with lexapo and i was taking 3 times the recommended amount..i notice from people that i was getting myself way in over my heard so i went to a new psychiatrist who put me on a did sleeping pill which worked too well...
179856 tn?1333550962 The stories are a riot, but I gotta add that I recently saw an expose about ambien, hallucinating and sleep walking. A woman had taken ambien, gotten up in the middle of the night, gotten into her car, driven around, gotten into an accident, driven back to her home, gone back to bed and woke up the next morning without any memory of what had happened. According to the story, there were a significant number of other people who'd experienced equally bizarre and dangerous reactions.
Avatar n tn Being a mom and a professional, I cannot go around like a zombie. I really need to get off the Ambien, so I can loose the weight.
Avatar n tn I just watched on CNN that many people on Ambien CR bing eat, walk, even drive on a zombie state Just what we needed on top of the combo TX Saludos Scuba
Avatar f tn I got off of pain meds back in april 09 and couldnt sleep so I went to the doctor and got ambien. I take a 10 mg pill every night. After reading some posts I am wondering if the ambien is making me tired and more depressed during the day. I need to go see a therapist as i stopped my aftercare too soon and didnt have the right fit of a therapist. I am going to taper the ambien down to 5 mgs a night for a week or 2 and then maybe 5 mg every other night for a week or so.
Avatar n tn I made it THROUGH and that is all that matters. At week 36 or 37 right now all I care about it keep on keepin on. PS I take Ambien and it really really helps me to fall asleep. Oh yeah I do wake up on and off during the night to drink water cause of the cottonmouth and to go and pee and stuff but I am able to fall back to sleep. It really helped me so very much.
243614 tn?1266201137 I know i will be a zombie with no sleep but hopefully i can get my sleep pattern back without pills. I also take 5 mg. of melatonin a night. Thank you for any advice.
Avatar f tn I take Vistaril to go to sleep. I like Ambien but it makes me a zombie the next day. Usually in combination with Vistaril. Everybody is different though. See if you can get a sample and try it.
Avatar n tn Now that Im down 20 mills and today 10 mil my body feels hungover making me want oxy more . Ambien CR is what im taking right now and I have the other Ambien Anyone out there who had addiction ?
Avatar n tn How do detox places wean/taper people off Ambien after long term use? I know detox places do get people off Ambien but I need to know how. I know I am not the only one experiencing this problem.
736475 tn?1281262927 eagle, i have doen some far out stuff on ambien myself, for some reason ambien and benzos make me get naked or drive my car!!!
Avatar f tn Recently, my new GP suggested MIRTAZAPINE for sleep . . . .instead of Ambien. I have tried it twice. . . .it puts me to sleep alright, but for days! I feel like a Zombie. What is in this medication that causes this excessive sleep mode. It actually has a positive effect, in that I certainly don't need the Xanax much but makes me feel like a psyche patient with no affect, and unrelenting sleepiness. It changes who I really am. I don't take it anymore. . .
Avatar n tn is this a normal course of treatment and is it safe? Also I am allowed to take a clonopin and an ambien as needed. I just want to make sure mixing all these is a safe idea, I've been made a zombie before so I'm a little weary about stacking meds.
Avatar m tn If you are getting any sleep at all right now I would not do it.If you have not slept at all then yes. I did ambien one time in detox and I am pretty sure it made my days more zombie like and added days to the detox.
Avatar n tn havnt slept in 110 hours went cold turkey of blues30s 4-6,7 per day. already have been on ambien for 2 years, It won't breakthru this withdrwl insomnia fell like a living zombie benzos melentonin doesnt work should I try benadryl or trazadone...
Avatar n tn I was having trouble sleeping during the day while on midnights. I went to my PCP and was prescribed ambien and leaxapro. Is this considered a mental health condition ?
Avatar m tn Hi and welcome, Ambien works the exact same way as benzos. If you looked up Ambien Withdrawal you'll find it's very rough to get off of. But I bet if you resumed your Ambien just as your doctor prescribed, it will eventually build back up in your system and let you sleep again. I have to admit, I'm like you and I second guess my doctor, but he always seems to know best. A couple of years ago I was on Ambien 10mg for just 9 months and it took me 4 months to taper off of it.
Avatar f tn I'm 26 diagnosed bipolar 3 years ago went through a insane amount of meds lithium (allergic),Depakote, Geodon, Seroquel, Wellbutrin , finally Latuda all which made me a zombie well about 8 months ago I went off my meds except clonazepam 2mg and trazodone 200mg been on them 2 years and they just don't help me fall asleep I'm just fine most of the time except when it comes to going to sleep which I need or I don't do so well ..
620048 tn?1358021835 I am going away for two days tomorrow and I have a friend who had ambien and she gave me one. Yeah, yeah, I know this is not something I should do, but I did. This is what happens sometimes when your Dr. refuses to help you. And actually I had 12 ambien that was prescribed last year in July , I just used the last one when I was gone overnight last month. I do not take them unless it is necessary.
Avatar m tn I got off the Diziapine days ago..Made me feel like a zombie...Anyone else have this kind of problem?
Avatar f tn i dont like the trazodone because if my anxiety is high, i still cant sleep then the next day i feel like a zombie. But he wont change it and wants me to try again for a while.
1067022 tn?1257777362 00am and 2:00am. I have had 2 sleep studies and they recommend Ambien Long Acting. It didnt work. I feel fully awake and get up for the rest of the night and work on the computer or something. No sleep apnea or resless leg syndroem or anything. Studies show I just wake up after a short REM cycle. I have tried Ambien, and a lot of herbal medicines. Nothing works.
Avatar m tn Now I take thyroid meds and I take Ambien CR. It doesn't help me sleep a complete night but I knock RIGHT out after taking it and then even if I do wake up...I can fall right back to sleep.
Avatar m tn For the last 20 days I've had problems sleeping the doctor gave me ambien cr and I've taken it to help sleep because I've worked all through this. So I've been taking melatonin and valerian root to sleep naturally. It helps me go down then after 1-2 hours I'm up! Then sometimes I cave and take the ambien ( I cannot function w/o sleep) anyway I didn't do that tonight because I don't want to rely on another drug!
Avatar m tn Last night I took everything I possibly could, ambien, tylenol PM, Nyquil, Benadryl, and finally gabapentin did the trick since it helps with restless legs. But this morning I feel like a walking zombie. Can anyone tell me when the insomnia will end?
Avatar f tn Talk to your dr about it. Mine gave me ambien and I take a half a pill maybe once a week. I dont take it often but I feel like if I can get 1 great night of sleep in a week then I can handle the rest of the sleepless nights.
Avatar n tn Help! I need sleep. I have taken Ambien for at least 3 mths., and it is not working. I average 4 hrs per night and walk around with my eyes burning & itching all day.