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Avatar f tn I had the same symptoms as you and there are many horror stories of people doing things they dont even remember doing. For me the mental torture of them followed by the physical pain they caused my body the next day made me stop right away. You can become dependent on them as your body gets used to using the drug for sleep. Personally..... I would stray away from putting other strong drugs into your system right now. The creepy crawlies are the worst at bedtime.
491910 tn?1209369793 Keep in mind though that I still had some xanax so I though well maybe I do just have anxiety and should have been on xanax all along... Then I started researching xanax and all of the horror stories associated with it... I hadn't even been on it a month yet and I was scared to come off of it by tapering... Which I successfully managed to do.
179856 tn?1333550962 Anybody else have any strange Ambien stories? Last night I kept waking up (like always). I noticed that each time I woke up I was laying on the bed on my back and sort of sitting up on my elbows. How I got there I don't know. Within a couple of seconds I'd fall back asleep. Then I would hear a huge BANG and wake back up. Odd. It kept happening over and over. Bang - wakeup. Bang - wakeup. This morning I woke up with an egg the size of a golfball on the back of my head.
Avatar m tn Herbal stuff doesn't seem to work but neither did Ambien. I tried it once but then remembered horror stories I've heard so got rid of the rest. How are you?
Avatar f tn YesLife- I haven't abused ambien, I only take one (5mg) a night, but I've been taking one almost every night for 6 months. I guess I've heard the horror stories about not sleeping for 3 days and I didn't want to go through that. Maybe I won't have a problem. It is not a benzo, it is a hypnotic.
763205 tn?1234426176 They fall asleep and don't know they're sleeping, so the end up taking more pills because they don't remember taking the 1st one and the cycle keeps on going. I've heard horror stories of people racking up credit cards, diving and cooking while on Ambien.
Avatar m tn Doc is now recommending Ambien. I've heard tons of horror stories about this drug and I am very wary about trying it. Bottomline, I don't want a drug that is going to keep me drowsy for 10 or 12 hrs at a time. All I need is a good 7-8 hours, nothing more..nothing less. I have been off and on on Melatonin and the Nyquil sleep drug (can't remember what's it's called). Just looking for some suggestions, or personal experiences using Melatonin or Nyquil drug (DCL?) long term.
222369 tn?1274478235 I've been using Ambien CR the last few weeks to help with sleep during WD;s. Ready to come off now. Anyone quit using this? How? I know it's a timed release med, but does it need to be tapered? Thanks for any help!!
Avatar f tn I locked myself into my house/i live alone/and only left to go to the gym/i was determined i would do that each day if it killed me LOL....made it and slept horror stories.....just did not know the aftermath u will ive thru the physical by day and worry about 2moro...2moro...u have all of my support girl...DONT EVER SAY U CAN NOT! ever...
Avatar f tn I too was on ambien for 5 years, went off it in 2006 after I lost my job for being out on disability due to memory loss. Took me 3-4 months to wean myself off it and 6 years later I am still a space shot, writing everything down, it is like my thought process is out of wack. Still looking for medical info on being on ambien for a long time. Good luck!
Avatar m tn After reading many horror stories on the internet about perils of sleeping pill addiction I am feeling quite terrified and helpless.I am however determined to be "pill free" soon but I dont know how to go about it.I tried Cold turkey a couple of times but did not succeed.Is there any other medication I can take to free me of this addiction.I long for my refreshing natural sleep.
225555 tn?1189759424 Do you think an ambien would help sleep through the night? I do have Xanax but i am afraid to keep taking them b/c of all the horror stories. So I took 1/2 about an hour ago and I feel good, not anxious. I haven't passed out yet. I have got to go to work tomorrow! I originally planned to take off Tuesday to go away with my husband and step son to my parents beach house. I feel terrible that I screwed up the plans. I love my step son to death... but today he was really making me laugh.
Avatar n tn Is Alprazolam the generic for Xanax and if so, I think I better switch to Klonopin due to all of the horror stories I have been reading about Xanax and long-term use compared to Klonopin. Any advice or feedback?
767538 tn?1276578920 I'm feeling general aches and pains today with some strange high back pain between my shoulder blades. I don't know if this was a good idea or not but I did take an ambien and a flexiril to help me sleep. It helped a little, I maybe got 4 hours which for me lately is a lot. Still sneezing a bit, lotta yawning and tearing up but all in all it's really quite do-able. The hardest thing for sure is the insomnia and I can see how it would make people go back and relapse.
Avatar f tn I hear such horror stories about discontinuing Neurontin and the lasting side effects, not mention the threat of siezure. I was put on it, like many others, off label. They thought it would help with sleep issues, fibro and depression. The sleep poblems are the same and I cant tell if its helping my mind any. And of cours the fibro is ongoing managemnet of symptoms no matter what your taking.
889582 tn?1246680263 i don't know if it's just me or what but i have been taking remeron for over a year. i am taking it for sleep, it has helped. but i read all the horror stories about weight gain, although i really haven't noticed much of a gain, people are always asking me, "did you just wake up, your eyes are puffy". This statement has caused me so much "stress" i"m trying to target the cause. I also have taking ambien for sleep, but it doesn't work much for me anymore.
Avatar m tn That is much better than I was getting! My doctor offered me Ambien, but I've heard horror stories of people doing crazy things like driving while on it! Also, I don't seem to have any dreams, at least not that I can remember! I'm a little groggy when I wake up, but it passes pretty quickly once I get up and about! So for me it seems to be working well! Hopefully I won't have to take it for too long! Hope this helps! Take care!
Avatar n tn It is the Racing feeling in my head I am more worried about. I have read the horror stories from others about tapering off this med. i pray its not the case for me. I also take Klonopin, buspar, & topomax. So perhaps the topomax isn't helping the racing thoughts.Who knows maybe a nights sleep will do more than i imagine. Any experience is appreciated, thoughts & prayers go out to all struggling with anxiety/depression.
Avatar n tn I felt alot more anxiety during the day because of it and have read horror stories from people who were taking it regularly for a long time.I don't think we should regularly take something that is going to interfere with our natural sleep cycle when quitting opiates,unless it's once in a while or in emergency.
337492 tn?1212462436 I have read horror stories all over the net about Risperdal. I asked my pdoc to give a low dose so I can get sleep. My biggest mixed state symptom is insomnia which equals mania. Yuck! So, I am doing awsome on Wellbutrin and Lithium and have not gone manic, but I am not sleeping at all! So, I thought adding a low dose of Risperdal is a good move?
Avatar m tn I didn't take much of the Tramodol, but now I am hearing horror stories. I took Valerian root last night and that helped a bit. My biggest problem now is my mood and overall frustration with getting on with life as a normal human being. I think we all take drugs for a reason..something is missing chemically, spiritually or both. The energy to find that sober overwhelmes me. Any thoughts.
968560 tn?1307455098 It worked immeddiatly and I was able to complete tx. I know several people who tried Ambian CR and had Horror Stories due to the sx. Yes, you can get dependant on them but, I chose to deal with that later. Completeing tx was my main goal and it worked.
Avatar f tn She's pretty good about squeezing me in, even if it means her having to come in a bit early. Thank God I hit the right pain clinic my first go round. When I hear about the horror stories people have endured ... years of searching for a diagnosis and help; being told it's all in your head ... I feel very fortunate. I have an excellent primary care doc, and even though she doesn't oversee my pain issues, she was the one who diagnosed my fibro initially. She is absolutely brilliant.
Avatar f tn My doctor prescribed this for me about 3 months ago, and I told him NO! I've heard so many horror stories about this drug, and would never take it. Thank you for getting on here and making others aware of the dangers of this medication. I know how real they are, and others need to know. Unfortunately there are many drugs being prescribed that aren't very safe, but because not "everybody" has a bad reaction, they allow it to remain on the market.
Avatar f tn (using both to get off the vicodin), but I have heard all of the horror stories about coming down off of them. What was most awful about coming off? Did you taper too fast? Just trying to learn so that I can prepare myself for that day 1. Thanks!
Avatar f tn There are websites devoted to withdrawal problems -- focus only on the success stories and what helped people, don't bother with the horror stories since you probably won't be one of them. Time will out for you, most likely, but you do have to do this safely. Best of luck to you.
Avatar f tn I almost went to a methadone clinic last time but head horror stories about how people would get hooked on it and be like "crackheads" just trying to get up the money to get their daily dose at the methadone clinic.
Avatar n tn There are plenty if horror stories when it comes to childbirth. Especially with the first time but i wanted to be sure to share my story because even though i was 9 days overdue and had a very rare and possibly dangerous cord insertion that i didn't even know about until after delivering a very healthy 7 lb 11 oz and 21 inch girl, childbirth can be amazing and isn't always horrible.
Avatar n tn Don't believe all the horror stories you read about sleep studies! I've had 5 and it really is not that bad. Sometimes they will let you take an Ambien for sleep as it does not affect brain waves. They look like you are sleeping in a hotel room. Bring your favorite pillow and pajamas and something to snack on or drink before bed, plus a book. No one will be in the room with you but there will be a camera recording. I just ignore all that and try to sleep.