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Avatar n tn talk t ur doctor...u can not just stop the 2 mg of xanax..u will need to taper that down...the norco u can stop..the ambien if only after 2 nights u can with ur physician and find an alternative that works..the seroquil mentioned above works for many with severe insomnia...ambien will not help bad insomnia only occasional sleepless nights....and u never know which drug will hit ur "button" and cause u to abuse it...for me it is narcotics..for some benzos and others ambien..
Avatar f tn Discuss the risks and benefits with your doctor. Use of AMBIEN during pregnancy is not recommended and should be considered only if your physician determines it is needed. Sleep medicines may cause sedation of the unborn baby when used during the last weeks of pregnancy. And finally I found this link: It is a Class C drug, meaning it has not been tested on humans.
Avatar f tn I would take that any day (night) instead of Ambien. Ambien shares some, but not all, of the characteristics and receptors affected, that Benzos do. Just my experience, Elavil is pretty helpful to me getting to sleep. I go off it sometimes just to see the result. Sleep is still ok, but can be iffy. I still want to be free from all pills, but recognize I have to pick my battles.
Avatar n tn I've used Ambien and Ambien CR on and off for several years. I've gone as much as 10-15 days in a row, and as much as 30 days inbetween. Your body will get used to the Ambien, but it is not addictive. If you take it for a few days in a row, then you will have a night or two where it is more difficult to fall asleep. It is important to note that ANY drug can be psycholgically addictive, but Ambien DR has a very safe profile, does not typically cause any withdrawal symptoms like opiates do..
Avatar f tn After my wreck i was have post traumatic stress and couldn't sleep because of the dreams from the wreck. My doctor prescribed me Ambien and I started taking it the way i was suppose to at first. Then i noticed if i didnt fall asleep right after i took it the effects were really weird. I started to like the effects it had on me so i would take it when i was around my friends just because it seemed fun. Eventually it stopped effecting me so i had to take more to get the same effects.
Avatar n tn my problem was restless leg and i took ambien every night for about 4 weeks or so and then found i could sleep pretty soundly without it. i took 10mg before bed - my dr.'s recommended dose (and he knew about my addiction) - and now only take it maybe once a month, if that. it didn't get me high (than again i wasn't taking 10 at a time) and i didn't have the urge to take it at other times or more than the amount prescribed.
Avatar f tn I was on xanax, ambien, and not by prescription, pain pills. I fould it easier to drop one med at a time. My biggest problem was with pain pills. I cut back on ambien, and then quit. Then, cut back on Xans, and then quit those. My biggest struggle are the pain pills and I quit those last. Just remember to have a back up plan on dealing with your emotions; the mental part will be tough.
Avatar f tn I am prescribed 4 10/325 Narcos a day. I am also prescribed 2mg of xanax a day, thyroid replacement, Zoloft and ambien . I take about 8-15 Marcos a day. Obviously I am prescribed much less so every single month I run out, withdraw a least a day or more and have to buy them on the street which is dangerous and $6 a pill. I do not get high anymore, they barley help with pain and am so depressed I can't see straight. I am a completely different person, intact don't remember how I used to be.
Avatar f tn kin to lunesta in chemical make up...neither r known to be physically addictive like narcotics or benzodiazepines. Lunesta and ambien are chemically similar to benzos but not the same/they r not classified as benzos Anything someone uses for sleep can be addictive,,often mentally only unless it is in a the narc, benzo, barbituate groups etc. Even benadryl taken every night can be mentally addictive and if a person takes it regularly, it is often hard to sleep without it.
Avatar n tn I've had the exact same experience with ambien and ambien cr. I get about 3 hours of awful restless sleep (I feel like a movie is constantly playing in my mind the whole time -- it's like my brain is awake while my body is not). They, unfortunately, do not work for me. What's this tramadol I keep hearing so much about? Is it a sleep aid? Obviously, it's addicting, or it wouldn't be mentioned here so much, but I'm just curious about it, as it's not something I'm familiar with. Thanks....
Avatar n tn sonata doesn't work for most people, and ambien does. I'll stick to my guns and say its safe if you stay under 10mg/night. 1/2 at bedtime and another 1/2 during the night if you pop awake. I can't speak for those who take higher doses. Because you develop a different sleep pattern on ambien, stopping it will cause disruption of your sleep, possibly for several days, but I don't consider that being addicted.
Avatar f tn Hey~ You'd probably feel a lot better without the Ambien and the pain meds! See a doctor ( less expensive than the ER ) and start working on getting off the pills. Good luck!
Avatar n tn Several years ago many things in my life seemed to gang up on me. I was there on 9/11, got layed off from work a few months after, and was expecting another baby. It became too much. Panic and anxiety attacks hit me to where I couldn't sit at the dinner table with my family. I was afraid to go home. Dusk particularly would trigger the attacks (still not sure why), and sleep?? forget it.
486647 tn?1208789291 Last august was in and out of the ER and had tests done for gastric upset all tests were normal then I found out ambien can cause gastric upset. I've been on xanax for a few months but that hasn't helped and I am now experiencing withdrawal panic attacks/anxiousness and all associated symptoms from benzos. I have started seeing a psych/pain management doc who put me on 4mg clonozepam a day and told me to try and cut down the ambien intake.
Avatar n tn I know that you can not mix suboxone with narcotics, but can you take abmien and suboxone while detoxing?
Avatar m tn I personally have tried to quit 5 previous times and failed everytime because my faith in God was not a true faith this time however I have a true and loving friend that has prayed with me everyday for strenght and guidance and this time I have made it to the other side with virtually no painful side affects that we all fear from withdrawing . I feel that I owe this totally to my true faith in God that he gotten me through this .
Avatar m tn Narcotics also would get my heart racing. I had to take Halcion, Tramadol, and antihistamines at the same time to make myself sleepy.
Avatar m tn I have had a hydro addiction in the past..for back pain and not rls tho..i also take ambien and hydro was by far the greater of the 2 evils..sure ambien can be abused but is not physically addicting...but it is dangerous if abused...guess hydro is as well..i am the type that desnt abuse everything i touch tho and i am still at the same dose of ambien for sleep...2-3 mgs that i was 10 years ago...was not that way with hydro cos my tolerence grew over the years..
401095 tn?1351395370 For me yoga helps me alot..I have DDD and fusions/scoliosis..also injections, steroids here and there, ice and heat, massage and anti-inflamatories, chiropratic, acupressure with a machine not needles..a half hour in a.jacuzzi helps ..I have so many machines and contraptions and special pillows it is a joke...but i guess we gotta try!
1684282 tn?1505701570 There is an appropriate use for each and every medication on the market, including the strongest narcotics, which I used in my daily practice for controlling acute pain in postoperative patients. Some patients in intractable, chronic or cancer pain need to be on long term opiates under close supervision of a physician. However, pharmaceutical companies have been successful in persuading the FDA in not scheduling tramadol, also known by its brand name Ultram, as a non-controlled substance.
Avatar f tn Fentanyl is an extreme opiate if I remember correctly and you quitting that CT will for sure give you some anxiety and depression even when taking the perks (IMO). I to suffer with anxiety and depression and have been on and off celexa for years while abusing perks 10mg as well. What I have done recently is quit the perks via suboxone, currently at 1mg dose from 6mg, started that about 2 weeks ago. Before that, about a week before, I started back on my celexa.
Avatar n tn The relapse rate is high on tx - you need to have a real hold on recovery as the meds can affect your thinking and there may be a real need for narcotics and other mood altering medications. I am not sure if you were thinking of this aspect but it for sure bears thinking about.
Avatar m tn I know that narcotics and some non- narcotics are sometimes essential for the relief of pain following surgery. I also know that w/d from many drugs can be very difficult for some people. As a recovering addict I was very upset that the doctors in my area kept prescribing drugs to cover the symptoms of the diagnosis above. The doctors didn't think anything was wrong. They thought it was all in my head. I was prescribed Ambien CR 12.
Avatar n tn If you are honest they will help you get into a plan to get off the meds but if your baby is born addicted and nobody knows you can risk having the baby taken away. Also not all narcotics are equal, some are a category b during pregnancy but some are a category c which means it could have birth defects.
Avatar m tn When I had a MVA that left me in the hospital for almost six months I had over 24 surgical procedures. I was on large amounts of IM and oral narcotics. My surgeon knew nothing about weaning me off. He assured me I would not become addicted to narcotics because they were being used by my body to fight the pain. He was correct of course, I wasn't addicted...but my body was dependant. He never discussed that with me.
Avatar f tn Then come home, take a hot bath, drink some sleepytime tea, take an ambien and hope for the best. I think my little pity party is over. Fingers crossed that tomorrow is a better day.
647120 tn?1256605251 I stay active, do my physical therapy exercises, take Ultram twice a day for pain, Xanax 1-3 times a day, Effexor in the morning, and Robaxin and Ambien at night to sleep and let my muscles rest. Today my doctor insisted that I take more Effexor, so I took a second dose this afternoon and was cleaning house like Samantha Stevens when she casts a hurry-up spell on herself.