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Avatar n tn My docctor told me to discontinue klonipin all together and use ambien at night. Is this going to help? What do I do if I have a panic attack.. I also take 20mg of Lexapro. If anyone has any answers I would appreciate it as I am worried and skeptical.
Avatar n tn my problem was restless leg and i took ambien every night for about 4 weeks or so and then found i could sleep pretty soundly without it. i took 10mg before bed - my dr.'s recommended dose (and he knew about my addiction) - and now only take it maybe once a month, if that. it didn't get me high (than again i wasn't taking 10 at a time) and i didn't have the urge to take it at other times or more than the amount prescribed.
Avatar f tn My doctor has prescribed me 1mg of Klonopin per day, but I'm finding that I'm taking more of it just to feel relaxed and to get to sleep. He also prescribed Ambien which makes me tired and sleepy during the day at not at night. How do I ween myself off of Klonopin without feeling too many side affects? I'm becoming addicted and I'm finding myself taking more of it, more like 2mg's. I've been on it for a little over 2 years.
2065212 tn?1334588506 I don't know the effect it would have if taking one in the morning (Klonopin) and taking a half Trazadone at night (these are 50mg full pill). Anyone have any experience with this?
Avatar n tn I am 26 and take 0.5 klonopin every night for sleep. I was taking 3 a day and managed to get down to 1. I have been trying to stop this medicine for over 9 months but have found it very hard I have gotten myself down to 1 every night but after a few weeks it's the same withdrawns can't sleep pounding heart shaking & nervousness-panic attacks. I have tried to stop cold turkey that is impossiable. I found out that I was 5 weeks pregnant and recently had a miscarriage.
Avatar f tn Since you have stopped taking it, please talk with your doctor about alternative sleep aids. Taking Klonopin and Xanax and Ambien at the same time, even if they are taken hours apart, is not a good idea. Two benzos should almost never be taken together unless under strict guidance from your doctor. There are a number of new drugs on the market for insomnia, discuss with your doctor trying one of those before turning to the more powerful psychotropics.
Avatar m tn I personally would be scared to take Klonopin and Lunesta together. Have you done it yet? Is the Lunesta just for once in awhile?
Avatar f tn I've been taking 2mg 1x/day and it has made me happier, more sociable, and has even helped me sleep where the 40mg of Ambien has not been able to help me with. I feel alive again. I have not been popping them like candy, but rather I've been experimenting with it because my psychiatrist would rip me a new one if I told her any of this. I know benzos are usually off limits for addicts, but I've been keeping an eye on myself. Should I discuss this with my prescriber?
266660 tn?1189759434 i searched for previous topics and found none related this closely. last night i took 1 ambien and i'm also taking 5 mg klonopin for the last 3 days.
Avatar f tn I don't know what pregnancy can do as far as triggering anxiety, but it certainly can trigger depression. My sister had a sever post-partum depression six years ago and has been on ADs and Ambien ever since. Seems like once people get on these things... it's for good. My sister is addicted to the sleeping pills, btw. And her sleeping schedule is still completely screwed up. Plus she's tremendously overweight and very sensitive about it. You'd think the doc would focus on that...
Avatar m tn I use Klonopin at night for muscle spasms, to relax in general and to help with sleep. It has a long half-life unlike xanax which has a short half-life somewhere in the range of 11 hours according to a quick reference to wikipedia(take that info with a grain of salt) hours. Klonopin's half -life is supposedley 19-60 hours if used on a continual basis. I was prescribed Klonopin due to muscle spasms not reduced by baclofen. Xanax and Klonipin are both benzodiazipenes. Both are habit-forming.
Avatar m tn Can anyone tell me if it is safe to switch from Xanax to Klonopin abruptly and deal with the taper of the Klonopin later or should I do an inter dose schedule, crossing from one to another and at what rate? Please help, any suggestion is appreciated.
Avatar f tn I just started my wean process so I hope and pray I do ok and my anxiety goes down some. I have tried ambien and sonata and just don't want to be on another med since I already take klonopin and remeron and a beta blocker. I guess to use on occasion would be fine but I just want to take the least amount of meds I can and use diet and exercise as my main way of controlling any sleep problems or anxiety I have. So Barfer, when you went to 30 mgs you said you started having panic attacks?
Avatar n tn I have an anxiety and panic attack for almost a year now. My anxiety caused me chronic insomia and klonopin helps me to sleep. I did not take it regularly but only as needed. At first I'm hesitant to continue using it because of the scare that i might get addicted. But it really relieves me of anxiousness and able to sleep well when i had klonopin. I only take .5mg every 5 days or sometimes when i really need a good sleep, i take it every three days.
Avatar n tn I am on Tareg for blood pressure, from specialist....then my GP put me on Wellbutrin and klonopin .... which my specialist took me off and said take Xanax only with the Tareg. Any comments much appreciated.
Avatar f tn No doubt there will be a lot of emotions coming off Klonopin and Ambien, and definitely some rebound insomnia. As hard as it is to function on little sleep, that WILL regulate itself after time. It just may take a while. I agree completely with your plan...keep an eye on the depressive symptoms. If it's getting to be too much, go back to your doc, and talk about your options.
Avatar n tn I freaked out and was ready to kill the entire staff there, I was in both alcohol and Klonopin withdrawal together. I don't know if she did that on purpose to teach me a lesson or made a mistake, but after I released my self and shook down for one more week at home and almost died of seizures I finally admitted myself again and she raised the dosage back up to 12 MG of Klonopin. Then she slowly tapered it to 6 MG over six weeks in-patient.
Avatar n tn 5 mg of clonazepam and i see alot about a med on here called klonopin i went online and it seems that clonazepam and klonopin are almost the same is this true? any one have any info or experience taaking these meds let me know.
Avatar n tn 5mg because I knew in my heart that the scale had started to turn the other way and i was taking them for 25percent pain and 75 percent because of my addiction and it has really sucked. And now this yesterday about the klonopin. I feel as though he could have at least let me taper down, because I dont want to have a seizure over this.
Avatar m tn After the first visit with this Doctor I was sent home with several scripts. Suboxone 2mg and 8mg. Klonopin for the anxiety of WD, Robaxin (muscle relaxer), Clonodine (to help with night sweats) The first week was horrible. No energy at all, and constant sleepiness. Im a full time student, and work two jobs. The energy I got from the opiates was now gone. He started me on Provigil 100 mg. It seemed to help, but not enough. I suffered from ADD since I was 15, and I addressed this to him.
Avatar f tn I have tried klonopin, ativan, ambien cr, tonight for instance i took 1 ambien 4 1/2 mg of ativan and 1 1/2 mg of klonopin and i am wide awake. Not quit sure the difference between adderall and benzo's. I used to be on ridilin and now am on dexedrin which are both uppers but have sleep side affects that are supposed to make you sleepy . I am at my whits end. sorry not really much of an advice more than a comment and trying to learn what other people are trying.
Avatar n tn I took Xanax 3 times and I slept like a baby. Now I take Klonopin on occasion and it also helps me sleep. Maybe you're just taking too many things. Why not try just one? Yeah, with small kids, it's especially hard. I have a 1 yr old and a 3 yr old. Difficulty sleeping is a very common symptom of anxiety. I have it. Either I have difficulty falling asleep, or staying asleep or I wake up very early and can't go back to sleep. Other than that I can't really help you. Ryan a.k.
620048 tn?1358021835 Yes, fatigue and insomnia can exist together. I know all too well about that. It's important to note that if you have insomnia you are bound to be fatigued. The big problem comes in when you are extra exhausted for some reason (travel, very busy in life, etc.) and still can't sleep. Then you can get almost dysfunctional because your body is so tired yet you can't rest properly. If you have MS fatigue combined with insomnia, the result is the same. Sleep problems are very common in MS.
Avatar f tn The perks and soma are both strong medications. Taking those two together will produce some major effects, I believe the term is soma coma? I have heard other addicts describe taking both of those together is like taking a shot of heroin in the arm. I don't know if that's true or not, just saying what I heard. It sounds like you have a serious issue with your back. Is it possible or advisable to not be taking pain meds? Have you talked to your doctor about this?
217229 tn?1192766004 I'm dizzy and sleepy in the daytime, but I take other things like Vicodin 750, Klonopin, Flexeril and Ambien, and Paxil. I gained weight with the Diabetes, so I can't tell. But I loved carbs before all of this.
Avatar n tn If mostly anxiety, you might stop the antidepressants and use klonopin which will also help you sleep, and that in itself may help your depression. Also, have you tried psychotherapy, which is really the best of all medicines. You might also get going on solving some problems at masteringstress.
Avatar m tn So that other doctor just told to take Ambein and don't take it and Ativan together. I took one Ambien 5 mg. I wake up next morning drizzy and off balance. Then to1/2 some problem 1/3 same problem. So I had to cut down to I/4 of the pill in order to wake up with out being drizzy so I was on it for 4 day. Then I was haven't withdrawal of beeing off of Ativan I can't breathe right it also seem like I was getting real jitery. I wasn't told That I have to be weaned out of Ativan.
Avatar n tn Vyvane 60 mg x1 day( slowly tapering with doc b/c although I still experience ADHD as an adult I feel these meds increase my anxiety, irritability and lead to panic attacks) Klonopin .5 x2 a day- works well, no bad side effects, I really want to use it long term, any advice or opinions appreciated lexapro 10- the last SSRI I have tried, I have tried them all and none have helped with anxiety.
Avatar f tn it took me a year to find out what was wrong with me and i ended up housebound for a year and half straight.Ive been on so many different medications but i found that klonopin and prozac are a good fit for now. It makes it real hard on me because i go through stages. One year i can get on a plane and visit my mother in florida, then the next i cant even be alone at my house nevermind leave it! Im at that point right now, i cannot even be alone for five minutes or i will have a panic attack.