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Avatar n tn How can it be an allergy when he does not have any allergy symptoms? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn Had a progressively worsening sore throat for 3 days, rapid test positive for strep. Started Zithromax 500mg per day for 5 days due to penicillin allergy. Now starting my 3rd day of treatment with no change in pain status. Have gargled every few hours with salt or apple cider vinegar; no relief. Should I become worried? I read that usually symptoms clear up within a day once starting a/biotics. Any help or input would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn ve taken since April are Avelox, Zithromax, Clindamycin and Biaxin (all of which I haven taken previously over the years w/ no problems). Each time I take one of these the symptoms are the same: after a few days of taking the med I start to experience itchiness, tightness, pressure inside my chest, like the sensation that something is in there. This continues until about 2 weeks after finishing the antibiotic.
Avatar n tn I am currently on a course of zithromax (a z-pack) for unrelated issues; if, hypothetically, I had contracted an STD (I'm thinking mainly NGU, Gonorrhea or Syphillis here), would this have wiped it out? I don't know whether zithromax targets these pathogens or not. 2. After having posted in my earlier thread I started to see some symptoms - raised red bumps on the tip and shaft of my penis.
Avatar n tn This same person has been a few times over the years for allergy skin tests and they tell her that she is only mildly allergic to this or that. The allergist told her that she is in the 20% that do not respond to allergy skin tests meaning that he does not know what she is allergic too but she is and thus she cannot get allergy shots because he does not know what she is allergic too? What is the answer? Have you ever heard of this happening to others?
Avatar m tn Since you have rash, the lumps could be wheals and not lymph nodes and these come due to the allergy and scratching. The lumps can also be subcutaneous nodules like lipoma or granulomas due to tuberculosis or lupus ors sarcoidosis etc. Hence, first you need a confirmed diagnosis that they are lymph nodes. Swollen lymph nodes across multiple areas or generalized lymphadenopathy can be due to viral infections such as mono or EBV or cytomegalovirus or due to bacterial infections like TB.
Avatar n tn Hi, welcome to the forum, you have a history of drug allergy. It is quite rare one having allergy to all the medication. In such cases you need to keep anti histaminics with you so as to prevent allergic reactions. Drugs like penicillin and sulfa group of drugs are most common cause for hypersensitivity reaction. As you have a history of penicillin allergy. If your body is hypersensitive to sulfa, reaction will be similar to that you develop for penicillin.
Avatar n tn i have a very very persistent sinus allergy. nose blocks all the time over a year now and getting worse! i have been prescribed all this **** and none of it seems to work. all i have is my nose that gets blocked so often that i have to breathe with mouth and also have a permanent sore throat. currently in indiana. If someone can give me professional advice or recommend a specialist it would be appreciated!!! As i think my condition keeps getting worse.
Avatar m tn Dear Dr. Dietrich, I started treatment 7 weeks ago pegintron 2b and ribavarin. My concern is the breathing problems i have been having and constant ear clogging. I have had chest xrays, cat scans on the lungs and everything is ok. last lab work didnt' show any king of anemia.
Avatar n tn Bronchiectasis is dilation and inflammation of the airways with lots of thick, sticky mucous production. Bronchiectasis is permanent damage, can result from repeat infections or certain types of infection (MAC tends to be a huge culprit here). I have mild bronchiectasis from atypical CF and am treated with nebulized antibiotics (inhaled tobramycin every other month for pseudomonas infection), zithromax and IV"s when necessary.
Avatar f tn I was given zithromax pills to cure an infection, the pills were to big for me to swallow so I let them dissolve in a little water, then drunk them. Will they have the same effect even though I did not swallow them whole????
Avatar m tn HI, I would like to know please if like a day or two following 1,5g single dose of zithromax can someone develop an itchy skin rash for 6 days with red spots on the torso and few pimples on the arms and legs, nothing on the face or neck.
Avatar m tn HHH, I dated a guy back from October-December and we had sex about 5 times. I know it is not healthy to do this but I recently became paranoid and took 1g of Zithromax today just in case of a STD. I was tested before this guy and was clean. I am unable to get a STD test due to facilities closing pretty early and will get one in a couple months but do you think the 1g would have cured gonnoreha, chlamydia, and syphilis if I did have it?
Avatar f tn I got the result when I arrived- and I tested positive. So I went to local doctor in Italy and he prescribed 500mg Zithromax (12 tablets) and said take one a day for 12 days... that seems a lot. I took one yesterday and one today... not sure what to do now! Most sites say 1000mg is enough!
Avatar f tn Has anyone taken Zithromax 250 mg and had strange symptoms like having to urinate alot the first day and not getting their period? Wouldn't this suggest an infection that the medicine is trying to treat but letting you know you didn't take the proper dosage to get rid of it? This happened to me. I am really worried about chlamydia and gonorrhea even though tests have come back negative. I just don't know how reliable these tests really are.
Avatar m tn 1) Would 5 days of doxycycline and on day 6 the 1.5 g zithromax cure chlamydia if present? 2) I used zithromax back in july for an ear infections. Would this build up resistance against chlamydia due to overuse of zithromax?
Avatar m tn i want to know this is because of i m taking Zithromax tablet..Because i read some website that Zithromax make some Common and Severe Side efftects. most COMMON side effects persist or become bothersome when using Zithromax Tablets: Diarrhea; headache; loose stools; nausea; stomach pain; upset stomach; vomiting. source : If it is because of the tablet how long i recover from head ache...Please reply me..thanks in advance.
Avatar m tn i dont think if it is chlamydia or gonorreha my cousin said drink zithromax. i take zithromax 500 for 3 days now i can urinate comfortable now. how can i assure that i am fully recovered?
Avatar n tn Just before it happened I was being treated for Strep with Zithromax, which is known to cause Hep like symptoms in some folks (but so far never in me). They acknowledge that it could have been that, but are not going to ignore other possibilities. I have arthritis (an autoimune disease) and we have family members with LUPUS. I'll mention the autoimmune hep and see what comes of it. Thanks for the help.
Avatar m tn it went away but came back, so possibly the Zithromax is not strong enough to eliminate possible MG. Presumably if it was MG then 1g Zithromax was doing no good & it was now resistant against it. However I then was given a 3rd 1g & it went away for 4years. So is MG ruled out based on this as i didn't take Moxi or 5days of Zithromax prior to the 4years clear spell? Note: Doxy was also taken prior to the 4year clear spell but this isn't good against MG.
Avatar m tn I received zithromax (azithromycin) for 5 days. (500 mg the first day and 250 mg day 2-5). The symptoms have improved, for example I no longer have the morning discharge that I had before and the stains in my underwear have almost disappeared. It is now 5 days since I took the last dose of zithromax. I still have some mucus strings and mucus debris in my urine. I did not have this before the STD so I know it is not normal for me.
Avatar f tn is it safe to take Zithromax? i have a double ear infection and a bad cold and the ER prescribed it for me.
Avatar n tn paranoia and reading got me thinking that this may not work as the cure info was very old so I did a zithromax treatment on THursday by taking a graham of zithromax and then finished the pack by taking the remaining two pills on Friday. To this point i had only had the urthritis and no real discharge, until Monday when I noticed a very small amount of clear discharge? My question is this normal with this treatment?