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Avatar f tn Hi thr all uk mommys so tell me whats the best thing u bought in sale for ur baby and from where??!
1200240 tn?1289339687 Hi like you all I live in uk in the cheshire area of the north west, I on this journey like you all are. This site is an amazing place stick around post your worries and concerns you will be amazed at how much help and advice you get.
Avatar f tn After a couple of days I developed a severe rash over my whole body (I also have many food, chemical, animal and inhalant allergies). This was diagnosed by an allergy consultant as an allergy to my b12 injections - probably to the cobalt? My doctor basically shrugged this off saying we'd stop the injections in that case, and my treatment has ended despite previously being told I would need them for life. I have already had tests to show I dont absorb b12 orally.
Avatar f tn Take a quick look at my advice page on Facebook. Forever Living Animal Care. I am a distributor yes, but also a qualified holistic therapist and reiki master based in the UK.
1336491 tn?1340619541 xxx anyway its janet buxton on facebook from stoke on trent staffs uk, my group link should appear if not give me a line on my wall loves jan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Avatar f tn Duno how many ppl r interested but I made one lastnyt. "March 2015 Mummies and babies".
Avatar f tn org They are a UK based charity that are trying to reduce the number of stillborns in the UK by re educating women on the importance of movements. They are on Facebook too.
Avatar f tn Yeh a lot on my Facebook have found out at 15 weeks and turned out to be right I'll be so gutted if I have to wait lol I'm too excited hope its not laid funny lol x
Avatar f tn Carters always have sales and coupons online...
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed, by a consultant allergy specialist within the UK, as having severe allergy to the allium family. My syptoms are mainly neurological and respiratory but I have noticed that this last anaphylactic episode has left me with GI symptoms as well. I am inhaltion sensitive making management of this allergy difficult. I carry 4 epipens, anti histamine and steroids at all times. I also take Fexofenadine and Montelukast tablets daily.
Avatar f tn Yay! (not a pregnancy question!) anyone in the UK n watching x factor? Are you happy James won? I am! I love him!
Avatar f tn Whatever....
402792 tn?1201589689 We may have caught up on another forum in which case I am sorry for bothering you. I have started a new facebook group called CSF LEAKS (UK AND OTHERS) in the hopes that more of us UK'ers can inform each other easily. The UK system is absolutely abysmal and has ruined my life.
Avatar f tn I have been trying to post in the titanium dental implant allergy section but failed last time. I have several implants in my upper jaw which I am desperate to have removed as I have felt unwell for over 8 years since having them placed. I live in the uk and would like to find someone in the London area who could help me. I cannot believe i did this to myself and so wish I still had a denture.
1336491 tn?1340619541 xxx anyway its janet buxton on facebook from stoke on trent staffs uk, my group link should appear if not give me a line on my wall loves jan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
2121625 tn?1350484749 Im having Bringing home the Browns on my facebook page too, she isin't in a coma anymore and very slowly making progress.
Avatar f tn Do I have the right info? Also, does anyone else hate facebook? What are you supposed to put on your profile? Yesterday I walked all the way to the kitchen and back? Sry, feeling a bit delicate today. Had so many physical, mental, family traumas recently even the dog's depressed! Oh, and do you know what else? I said to my husband (usually v.
Avatar f tn I've been getting allergic symptoms (runny nose, blocked sinuses, sneezing, itching eyes) on and off the past few years. I get it during spring, but I'm also getting symptoms at this time of year (I'm in the UK). I've noticed it's worse at my parents house, so it's unlikely to be dust (they dust more than me!) or their cat since I also have a cat. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn Hi there, just wondered if there are many UK mums to be on here? Just cause some of what to expect from NHS appointments/available options/antenatal options and baby products/brands available here are slightly different to the US?
Avatar f tn I thought that some of you might find this interesting or maybe even entertaining. You might just think that I am a big ol' meeie. If so, I'm sorry.. I had a Facebook "friend" send me a link via Private Message for a "cure" for MS. He insisted that he knew more than me about MS because he "wrote papers on MS". Wow! I live with everyday. I don't know anything. Maybe I was in the wrong here.
5919779 tn?1402699972 Some people do have a bad reaction to the flu shot, it is usually those people who have an allergy to eggs. Before you are offered a flu shot, the medic doing it will ask if you have a cold or feeling unwell and whether you have an allergy to eggs. If so, you would not be given the shot at that time until you are well. In the case of an allergy to eggs, you would not be given the shot at all.