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Avatar f tn If I understand your question correctly, you are asking if food intolerance and/or allergies mimic the pain of various neuropathies. Food intolerance, only if it contains gluten. The association that I am aware is that of neuropathy secondary to gluten sensitivity. The following is excerpted from a report in the medical literature and is illustrative of this phenomenon. Sensory ganglionopathy due to gluten sensitivity (CME) Hadjivassiliou, M. MD; Rao, D.G. MD; Wharton, S.B.
Avatar m tn Up to 20% of the population perceive themselves as suffering from food allergy but only 1-2% of adults have genuine food allergies. The most common culprits are peanuts, milk, eggs, soya and shellfish. The diagnosis of allergy is difficult to prove or refute. Clinical suspicion and trial of elimination diets are used. It could be an allergic reaction, more so if the symptoms have occurred with the consumption of the same food. Maintain a food diary and note down and monitor your symptoms.
Avatar m tn Is a food intolerance something that can have a sudden onset? For example, eating dairy your entire life, but suddenly problems arise?
Avatar m tn Yes, it can and does happen. An example is the 'sudden' development of gluten intolerance - either a sensitivity (allergy) or out-right celiac disease - in adults. No one knows exactly why it happens, but autoimmunity can suddenly 'turn on' and make a person quite uncomfortable. Some of the bigger food problems seem to occur to gluten (wheat, rye and barley), dairy (the protein portion - casein - not the milk sugar - lactose), eggs and soy.
Avatar f tn I think your suspicions about some food sensitivities that you're already noticing are correct. Listen to your body. The blood test for Celiac/gluten intolerance is less than accurate, so if you have a doctor that wishes to rely on this test solely to confirm gluten issues--get a different doctor. No one should be that stubborn about what is happening to you and your own body and doctors need to listen to their patients better than that. The food diary may not be sufficient.
Avatar m tn Hi, 'Signs of a milk allergy that may occur immediately after consuming milk include: * Wheezing * Vomiting * Hives Signs and symptoms that may take more time to develop include: * Loose stools (which may contain blood or mucus) * Diarrhea * Abdominal cramps * Coughing or wheezing * Runny nose * Skin rash It's important to differentiate a true milk allergy from milk protein intolerance or lactose intolerance.
Avatar n tn My daughter is 5 months old and was 8lb 4oz at birth and is 12 lb 1oz now. UK growth charts - born on 75th centile line, now below 2nd. Now her sister is small and i think she is destined to be small also. BUT, with very poor weight gain since wk 8, she has now lost weight - 6oz in 3 wks. She suffers SEVERE wind/gassiness and it is all swallowed. I burp her every oz of milk and get 2 burps, but if waited longer would get more. It takes >1.5hrs for one feed. She is SO gassy.
8305112 tn?1402009678 Anyone else with food allergies or intolerance that just want to eat the entire world? It's rough, especially since I keep craving sweets (which is abnormal for me). I'm allergic to corn, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, and a whole bunch of fruit.
Avatar m tn Up to 20% of the population perceive themselves as suffering from food allergy but only 1-2% of adults have genuine food allergies. The most common culprits are peanuts, milk, eggs, soy and shellfish. Maintain a food diary and note down and monitor your symptoms. This may help to track your symptoms. Regards.
Avatar n tn We figured out that I might have an intolerance or allergy because we found out that often, people who have food allergies or intolerances - especially to something like milk, which is available in so many different forms - often really like the item in one form and can't stand it in another form. That made sense for me, because I have always hated milk, but I quite like cheese, yogurt, and ice cream (not vanilla so much, but chocolate for sure).
1671784 tn?1303831361 t think she has an allergy or intolerance, but obviously there has to be something, right? Last night after I gave her the Gerber mac and cheese, I would say about 10 minutes after eating she got extremly fussy, I could tell her belly was hurting, and she had extrene gas. She is generally a very happy baby, so for her to act like that is totally out of the norm for her. She honestly was up all night just screaming in pain, she usually sleeps all night wih out any problems.
Avatar f tn I'm not sure if I have a banana allergy, intolerance or another thing altogether. The last few times I've had bananas I had terrible gas pain centralized around my ribcage and upper back, along with a bloated and queasy feeling. It's happened the worst after having some banana bread. I don't seem to get a fever, hives or throat swelling, just terrible pain leaving me hunched over. Taking an over-the-counter product such as Simethicone helps but I've started avoided bananas...
Avatar m tn for a wheat allergy yes, gluten intolerance isnt an allergy so skin test wont work, anyway i can differ between these 2 from symptoms?
Avatar n tn Could a person have an allergy :food wise? and not know it? , could it change from childhood, to adulthood ? ;lactose, peanuts, veggies, oils,fruits, sugars, coffeee?
Avatar m tn Back in July I had a horrible panic attack, but at the time I thought i was having an allergic reaction to the food that I was eating at the time. I felt like i couldn't breathe, my body got hot, i felt dizzy and my throat was itching and tightening. I was so scared that I called 911 and was rushed to the ER. The Dr examined me and said that everything is fine and that I was having an anxiety attack. Ever since then I now have a food allergy phobia.
Avatar m tn Is dizziness upon standing a symptom of gluten intolerance, wheat allergy , or oat allergy? I have read that oats don't have gluten is this true, or will they affect people who are gluten intolerant? Im pretty sure they do affect me.
Avatar f tn It doesn't really help but lactose intolerance is actually not an allergy, it's a normal development your body goes through at some point in your life. Anyway, try lactofree products. I don't know where you live but they're widely available here in the UK. There are also little tablets you can take to help you digest dairy products.
Avatar m tn Could my dust allergies have enhanced my sensitivity to what I ate or does this sound like a classic food allergy/intolerance situation? I have no known food allergies that I known of before this incident. I'm just looking for answers. Thanks I also wanted to add, that on the first night my neck was completely red, and I felt tingling in my extremeties. I took a cold shower, and that seemed to help a little. I was pretty close to going to the emergency room.
Avatar n tn You overcome an alcohol allergy in the same manner that you overcome any allergy. I had this particular allergy and it was cured using an alternative method. The process took 25 hours. I got rid of food allergies in the same manner.
Avatar n tn I am checking into Celiac disease, fructose malabsorption and now sulfite allergy-thanks guys. I also have trouble with water hurting my stomach. Sulfite allergy would explain that. I will post more after my GI appt.
Avatar f tn Cut out all carbs (good and bad) - I ate vegetable soups and salads and drank water - add a bit of GOOD carbs back in and in about 2 hours if your symptoms (mine was horrid gas, cramping, constipation) reappear, you can be pretty sure you have an INTOLERANCE to gluten (celiac disease). There is a huge difference between a food ALLERGY and a food INTOLERANCE. Allergies can be life threatening, intolerance can be uncomfortable. Both are considered celiac disease - just different degrees.
Avatar f tn Hi, what you are experiencing could be food intolerance. These symptoms are generally less serious and are limited to digestive problems. If you have a food intolerance, you may be able to eat small amounts of the offending food without trouble. There could be many reasons for this, like IBS, lactose intolerance, celiac disease and sensitivity to food additives. Sometimes the mere thought of a food may make you sick. The reason is not fully understood. Regards.
Avatar f tn It could also be food intolerance, both food allergy and food intolerance can cause symptoms of nausea, vomiting or abdominal pain. The difference being in food allergy the IgE antibodies are increased. If symptoms are acute it can even be due to an infection, gastroenteritis. So, if your symptoms persist consult your doctor for an evaluation. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn I am not aware of seafood allergen that causes reactions over a long period of time of inactivity. This could be food intolerance rather than food allergy. Food intolerance also presents with the symptoms of allergies but does not involve the immune system. It is a reaction to the chemicals or additives found in the food you are eating, and intolerance reactions to food chemicals are usually dose-related. You can read more about this through this link: http://www.fedupwithfoodadditives.
15075305 tn?1438269976 I was told that EDS can indeed cause allergy like issues not only with food but meds as well....and I have had quite a few....including issues with odors and chemicals....some of our issues may not be considered an allergy but has a similar effect....JMHO I have not had the shedding of my skin tho....but have had a few of the same things you have had...since I do have more then one condition it is hard to know which condition it is from....