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Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with a yeast allergy about 2 years ago. I do not get yeast infections, but whenever I eat something with a high amount of yeast, my throat itches and swells, and I get a horrible sinus headache that covers my whole face. I have been having recurrent UTI's recently and want to try drinking cranberry juice. Do cranberries have yeast, or would they be okay?
Avatar m tn How can i get an allergy specialist in Birmingham uk pls?
205269 tn?1395534274 t find much about an allergy to it. What does candida allergy do? What can you do to treat it? Do you have to avoid certain foods?
Avatar m tn I am allergic to Wheat (i have not done allergy test but i noticed the last two year that after eating bread or pasta i get spots all over my head which turn into a rush-blood test showed that it is not fungus causing this reaction ) and the only thing that helps is this medicine. I would say it is a bit impossible to avoid wheat based food completely. The only effect i have noticed so far is nausea only when i do not eat anything before i take the medicine.
Avatar n tn Hello, It is usually not the alcohol that produces the allergic reaction to the wine or beer. The other ingredients in the alcohol, such as yeast, sulfur dioxide, and additives are often the culprits. All wines contain sulfites, because yeast naturally produces sulfite compounds during the fermentation process, and without sulfites, wine would spoil and oxidize. Inexpensive wines generally have higher sulfur content than expensive wines.
Avatar f tn A month ago I was treated for a yeast infection with Fluconazole 150mg tablet. A few hours after I had taken it I began to develop an itchy red rash on the corner of my lips and by the next day it had spread to cover the entirety of my lips. I also felt a tightness in my throat. I called my physician and she recommended I take Benadryl and go to the ER if the symptoms worsened, they didn't and the Benadryl seemed to help with the rash on my lips.
Avatar m tn Hi Now am taking treatmemt for myindigestion problem , my doctor advised me to take food allergy test .. and the result was am allergic to food and am having high yeast allergy, my question is .. did the yeast allergy will cause Indigestion food in stool ? and some times am my stools look like a fungus .. really am worried about ..
Avatar n tn otherwise known as candidiasis? It is basically yeast making you sick. The yeast is fed by sugar and carbohydrates. If you have it, then you would feel tired a lot, very tired, probably have a hard time staying focused, and you probably crave sweets or other carbohydrates? If any of these symptoms sound familiar, definitely google up, "candidiasis albicans" to see what you find. Oh, yeast can also overwhelm your system if you have a history of taking anti-biotics.
Avatar n tn is often used in the UK to mean yeast infection in general, whereas on this side of the Atlantic we tend to use thrush to mean oral infection only. It wasn't always that way; the change in the US seems to have evolved in connection with awareness of oral yeast as a possible indicator of AIDS. (There is nothing in your situation that raises HIV/AIDS concerns.) Whether yeast causes urethritis in men also is subject to differences of opinion on each side of the Atlantic.
10406702 tn?1409942125 Yes, yeast balanitis (the medical term for inflammation of the head of the penis, typically in uncircumcised men) commonly causes red spots that may be pimple-like. I see no reason for embarrassment. It that's what is preventing you from getting professional care, suck it up and just do it.
Avatar n tn I have been having yeast infections for the last 2 yeast off and on, been to many docs and still cant get them to stay away. I have been on flygal, diflucan, creams and all why do they keep comeing back what can i do to keep them away? PLEASE HELP!
Avatar n tn For that pls consult an allergy specialist and get skin ***** tests and blood tests for allergy done. If the skin testing is negative, it is likely that you are intolerant to wine and beer. If the skin testing is positive, you should avoid food and drink that contain that specific ingredient. Take care and pls do keep us posted if you have any additional queries.
Avatar n tn Is is possible that having a yeast allergy could also be related somehow to Epstein barr virus? I am beginning to think I have a yeast allery. I was diagnosed with EBV several years ago but I am having alot of vaginal/vulvodynia issues and thought maybe they could be related. Also if you have an allergy test done for yeast do you get the results immediatly?
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed, by a consultant allergy specialist within the UK, as having severe allergy to the allium family. My syptoms are mainly neurological and respiratory but I have noticed that this last anaphylactic episode has left me with GI symptoms as well. I am inhaltion sensitive making management of this allergy difficult. I carry 4 epipens, anti histamine and steroids at all times. I also take Fexofenadine and Montelukast tablets daily.
779797 tn?1263618235 s called intoxication, not allergy. None of your symptoms point to an alcohol allergy. I suggest you stay away from it. Why make matters worse? Have you seen a doctor for any of these symptoms? Something as simple as an inner ear problem can also cause dizziness. Allergies can pop up out of nowhere. Did you test positive for anything?
Avatar n tn It could be simple yeast infection or a reaction to Victoria Secret's bras. People are reporting severe reactions to the formaldehyde.
Avatar f tn re prone to this, you can either request a different antibiotic (one that is less likely to cause this) or ask your doctor if there is something he/she can give you along with the antibiotic to reduce the likelihood of getting a yeast infection.
Avatar m tn hi, I've been having a lot of trouble with my diets over the last few years. I started getting odd urinary tract infections a year or so back which seemed to puzzle my doctors,they had no explanation for it,the urinary infections were triggered once I consumed too much sugar and my urine would smell bad. the doctors i've seen haven't been much help for me in diagnosing any of my allergy problems,i'm guessing this is very difficult to test for .
5769293 tn?1373926011 The yeast infection could be due to an allergy. My dogs allergic to yeast and gets the infection. Does it have a foul odor? I would seek vet advice..
Avatar m tn Primary problems include mites, such as scabies and demodex, flea allergy dermatitis, food allergy dermatitis, ringworm, atopy (environmental allergies), and others. If your dog becomes itchy from one or more of the above and scratches and bites the areas, bacteria and moisture (from his mouth) are introduced into those areas. The bacteria causes a secondary pyoderma (bacterial skin infection), and the moisture sets up the right environment for a yeast pyoderma (yeast skin infection).
Avatar n tn The most common reasons for itchy skin in dogs include skin infections, microscopic skin parasites such as scabies mites, food allergy, or pollen/dust allergies. Since scabies mites are difficult to find, I trial treat dogs for scabies with Revolution every 2 weeks for 3 treatments. If skin infection is present, it is treated with antibiotics for 3-4 weeks and mild antibacterial shampoos.