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Avatar f tn When you registered where you were registered with a team? I'm registered with team blue midwives which means I see anyone from that team. If you are, when making an appt you could ask who is taking it and ask to go to someone else? That's the bad thing about the NHS though, you tend to see whoever you get. Have you got that midwife regularly before?
Avatar f tn any you ladies got ideas of what i could do?bear i mind im from the uk and its not some of the awesome things that america etc have. all suggestions appreciated as ineed to get a move on! babys nursery furniture comes on monday! all finnaly feeling so reall!
547573 tn?1234655710 I've noticed many of our community members are from the UK and I found this article concerning mental health care in England in this mornings' BBC America newspaper. The link is: Some of you may find it interesting.
8139104 tn?1419976395 Seen a lot of team pinks and blues, wondering if there's anyone on team yellow?
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed, by a consultant allergy specialist within the UK, as having severe allergy to the allium family. My syptoms are mainly neurological and respiratory but I have noticed that this last anaphylactic episode has left me with GI symptoms as well. I am inhaltion sensitive making management of this allergy difficult. I carry 4 epipens, anti histamine and steroids at all times. I also take Fexofenadine and Montelukast tablets daily.
Avatar f tn Hi if anyone else is in the UK I'm just wondering I just got a letter for my booking in appointment next week? I had this with my son but the day before this time I have a group meeting with the midwifery team I'm guessing with other people? Has anyone else had this what should I expect?
675718 tn?1530033033 Cant wait for football to start. I'm a Bears fan......sorry if that offends you!! Regardless thought Yeah for Football!!
Avatar f tn I have been trying to post in the titanium dental implant allergy section but failed last time. I have several implants in my upper jaw which I am desperate to have removed as I have felt unwell for over 8 years since having them placed. I live in the uk and would like to find someone in the London area who could help me. I cannot believe i did this to myself and so wish I still had a denture.
9624973 tn?1413016130 Does UK has hbsag quant/fibroscan ? are they better at treating Hepatitis B then let's say, Romania ? and if i'm working here and got that health insurance, but i'm not a citizen, can i benefit from meds like tenofovir or entecavir ?
Avatar n tn Hi I am just a parent with a child that has Diabetes for a Question like this you need to seek medical answers from a Doctor as this could be a lot of things from an allergy to a complication
Avatar n tn I checked with my allergy-prone sis about the swollen lip, and she told me that this is a very common symptom of food allergy. A friend of hers gets a puffy lower lip every time she eats shellfish. If it happens again, perhaps your girlfriend should examine what she ate before the symptoms appeared.
Avatar f tn I've been getting allergic symptoms (runny nose, blocked sinuses, sneezing, itching eyes) on and off the past few years. I get it during spring, but I'm also getting symptoms at this time of year (I'm in the UK). I've noticed it's worse at my parents house, so it's unlikely to be dust (they dust more than me!) or their cat since I also have a cat. Any ideas?
Avatar m tn Usually your Liver Team does all the test but I believe you are not UK resident and do not have liver team so you better go private. If you tell me where in UK you are going I may find you a lab.
Avatar n tn Hello JoieSimmons and thank you for visiting Your wife's welts could be caused by many different things. What leads you to think that Novolog is the problem? I am not saying that Novolog isnt the issue, just that people can be allergic to many different things. The first thing you want to do is talk to your doctor about this problem. A more common problem is the infusion sets though.
5919779 tn?1402699972 Some people do have a bad reaction to the flu shot, it is usually those people who have an allergy to eggs. Before you are offered a flu shot, the medic doing it will ask if you have a cold or feeling unwell and whether you have an allergy to eggs. If so, you would not be given the shot at that time until you are well. In the case of an allergy to eggs, you would not be given the shot at all.
Avatar f tn I just now, on this site, realized this could be an actual allergy. I have many other food allergies, so it is reasonable. My present allergist will not deal with this--does not like to deal with food sensitivities. I go to him for air-born allergies (he is very good with these) and allergies to medicines, of which I have many. I feel I am eating an unhealthy diet because of this, especially when I lost citrus fruit.
Avatar n tn s healthcare team. I found out that there is a skin test to check for insulin allergy. I obtained this information on the American Academy of Allergy's website. They're at You may want to seek an allergist's help to find out if this may be your daughter's problem. Please post again and let us know how you're both doing!
Avatar n tn Well, if you find that your tongue is sensitive to these fruits, then it could be due to the pollen in them. Kiwi allergy is due to the birch pollen allergy. Orange allergy is also due to the allergy to orange rind. The only thing that can help you is avoid these food items. Is it that you are sensitive to fresh fruits or are you sensitive to food ingredients too as in sauces, jams , juices etc. “As mentioned, the Birch pollen-Apple oral Allergy Syndrome is commonly seen in the UK.
Avatar f tn I was horrified to read that the prognosis for child-onset is 5 years. Is this true or is it this worst scenario? We are in London, UK and grandbabby is attending an excellent specialist hosp with a team of specialist docs. She is seeming to cope well and has gone away for the weekend with her school. Obviously the pains and headaches, digestive probs and other symptoms are there but she still does this mad work out (from US!) daily which has been recommended.
389974 tn?1331015242 I was rooting for Germany and they lost to Spain. It was sad seeing my team lose to my boyfriends favourite team Spain but whatever. We'll get him next world cup! :D Now I just hope that Spain wins over Netherlands....