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Avatar f tn Can anyone give me some insight on a good cancer research hospital that deals with Medullary thyroid cancer? Any info would be really appriciated! Thanks!
Avatar f tn Hello there, I just read your comments. You say your husband has allergy issues in certain parts of Houston. What kinds of allergy issues does he have ? Has your husband ever had allergy tests given by an allergist ? Does your husband have asthma by any chance? You ask if anyone can tell you what areas in the Greater Houston area are more allergen free. I think it would depend on what your husband is allergic to.
Avatar n tn My son's soy allergy caused urinary incontinence, so I would think a dairy allergy could also, though I don't know if there's any research that supports this. It would be interesting to see if you do better taking a digestive enzyme product with DPP-IV in it, just before having ice cream, however, LOL, one of the effects of taking digestive enzymes can be.... increased urinary frequency! Oh well.
Avatar f tn I moved to a small country town in 2005. Had septoplasty to repair deviated septum. had allergy testing done and allergy shots. It was 6 months before I had a sinus infection after surgery. I have used NeilMed saline rinse for 6 years, and it truly cleanses the nostrils. I am a faithful uses, morning and evening. I have daily headaches, I sleep elevated. I take Zyrtec at night. Sudafed, alavert, and benadryl for a severe allergy due to grass, trees etc.
148987 tn?1287805926 HOUSTON -- There is real hope that what’s happening in a Houston lab might lead to a cure for HIV. “We have found an innovative way to kill the virus by finding this small region of HIV that is unchangeable,” Dr. Sudhir Paul of the University of Texas Medical School at Houston said. Dr. Paul and Dr. Miguel Escobar aren’t talking about just suppressing HIV – they’re talking about destroying it permanently by arming the immune system with a new weapon lab tests have shown to be effective.
Avatar m tn New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, San Francisco, or Las Angeles. We are reaching out to patients who suffer from ALS to share their opinions and experiences. A donation to a charity of your choice or an honorarium will be provided for your participation in this study.
Avatar n tn hey all! my name is Jennifer! i am doing a research paper on Aquagenic Urticaria. I was wondering if anyone who has this allergy could let me know how it effects your life, how you cope with it and how you got it. that would be so great! Its appreciated!!! thanks!
Avatar f tn However, I know they are not right for everyone, and that any given patient (with any medical procedure) can have unexpected problems. I did my research, picked an excellent doctor, had realistic expectations, made my choice, and was fortunate to have a good outcome.
Avatar f tn ve never had them before, and am wondering if I do now. I moved to Houston a year ago from northwest Ohio, and although I have been enjoying the new climate, I've suddenly been miserable for the past few days. I've never had allergies (other than an apparent dust allergy I developed not too long ago, as I have sneezing fits when I dust), but starting last week, I began to feel absolutely terrible.
Avatar f tn How do i get assistance in Houston Texas if i have Hepatitis C and no money , no job ,no insurance What so I do I have been tested and had a biopsy but I lost my insurance before I could go any farther.
Avatar m tn I was never like this before until I moved to Houston which is the allergy capital in the world. Everyone thinks I am crazy and they don't want to hear it anymore I feel so alone and just want my life back and no pressure. If anyone has had success from allergy shots could you please let me know.
Avatar f tn Anyone have any recommendations for a pediatric neurologist in the Houston area? My daughter was diagnosed in July with a chiari 1 malformation. She is 18 months old. We have not had a good experience with her current neurologist's office and was wondering if there was a better choice. There doesn't seem to be that many pediatric chiari specialists in the Houston area. We had the MRI done because a CAT scan came back suspicous for a chiari 1 malformation.
Avatar f tn So, I’ve been doing some more research, I was looking into bad breath as it seems to be a common denominator among us. I had bad breath growing up however since after high school it went away. I also did have a lot of work done to my teeth such as braces, extractions etc. (maybe that helped). Anyways, I remember reading a post about a woman who said a smell came from her until she had deep cleaning with her teeth and it went away for awhile.
1467525 tn?1286414315 This all came from me demanding an MRI due to her dizziness, headaches, balance issues, feeding issues and eyes crossing at times. I have seen two pedi neuro doctors in Houston. One I just couldn’t communicate with and one (who happens to be the chief neurosurgeon at TCH) who seems to know nothing about Chiari. She has headaches, vertigo, issues swallowing solid food and sensitivity to light at least 20/30 days.
Avatar f tn Ladies if any of you mommas live in Houston contact me, I'm 20 with a two year old boy and 5 months pregnant with another little boy. I need some mommy friends!!
Avatar f tn Hello i live in houston...
Avatar f tn I'm in the Houston Tx area. I'm having episodes off rage, burst of energy that immediately folliw depression/irritability. I'm a recovering addict with a mental illness who can't afford help. I sobered myself up but life is very hard to manage, even after 7 yrs. I've taken anxiety/depression meds, usually makes it worse. I hate taking things anyhoo being an addict. Everyone tells me it's most likely necessary.
Avatar f tn Folliculitis.
Avatar n tn I found this out when I did some research on non-toxic flea removal when I had issues with them after the first heat wave last year. My cat and I never had any issues in our previous apartment, so I knew it wasn't something we brought with us. I remembered that the previous tenant kept talking about some biting insects, but it was hard to get any sense out of the previous tenant because English was her second lanuage.
946915 tn?1271941032 Anyone know of a good doctor in the Houston area? I went to one Neurosurgeon here and was not impressed with him or his staff. Thanks!
Avatar m tn I would recommend that both of you see an allergist and have skin ***** allergy testing done. Ditapink, if your blood tests included RAST allergy tests you should know that those are very in accurate. Skin testing is much more reliable. At the very least this will rule out allergies as a cause, but many of your symptoms could point that direction. Since you have had so much testing done, that seems like a next step.