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Avatar f tn You can start with your primary care doctor. Being allergic to dhea is more prone to cause typical allergy reactions. Can you follow up with the doctor again and let us know what they say?
Avatar f tn We start our 1st ICIS cyle in june/july have read alot of research on Dhea and asked my clinic if it would be ok to take, my clinic is in England, and due to their not being may research papers on it with positive results , if i want to take it I had to sign a disclaimer, but reading all the comments on this forum, my partner and I thought it was worth a go, started taking it in March 2010 and egg transfer will hopefully be in August, only side effects experienced so far was really bad headache
Avatar f tn Had you done some research that indicated DHEA could restart your periods? Do you possibly have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) or a thyroid abnormality? Best of luck getting pregnant!
Avatar n tn However, anxiety to me would point to cortisol, not DHEA (dhea raises estrogen and testosterone) as high cortisol raises DHEA so that indicates Cushing's syndrome - and you just may not have all the other symptoms yet but it would be wonderful to get treated before your body gets damaged. I had pituitary Cushing's. Had pit and adrenal surgery.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with an FSH of 27 last year and told that I was pre-menapausal, after doing research on the internet and here I decided to take DHEA as well as Wheatgrass and more recently Maca Root, to cut a long story short, I wasnt taking pharmacy grade DHEA until 1 month ago but taking DHEA none the less, the following FSH levels were 23, 21.2 20.5 and now 13.5 (the 13.
1065748 tn?1255876527 I am also trying au naturale after IVF failure. I have never heard of using soy isoflavones, is this used to boost estrogen? I am 42 and have tried lots of stuff including DHEA and Chasteberry liquid so far no luck. Sorry can't be more help. Good luck, hope the soy helps.
Avatar f tn I've been diagnosed with DOR. Have done 3 IUI (failed) and 2 IVF (ICSI) also failed. Now I'm under IVM and I have been doing my own research since doctors here are very conservative. I found out about DHEA and myo- inositol. So I was wondering if I may I take myo-inositol + melatonin and DHEA at the same time? without having any interference among them?
Avatar m tn Been doing some research on DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), and was wondering if anyone has taken it with Effexor to boost their adrenal and sex hormones?
Avatar n tn I would check out the clinical trials with DHEA. Supplemental with over the counter DHEA has been shown to raise amh, lower fsh, improve egg quality etc in several studies. However, I would definitley get baseline DHEA and DHEA-S test done before supplementing. If you go to you can see the exact protocols used for supplementation. I got pregnant easily at 41 (first try) without any treatment except acupuncture (no herbs.) I've a healthy child now.
Avatar n tn Many doctors believe that individuals with perfect health and normal blood levels of DHEA or DHEAS should not take this hormone until more conclusive research has determined its effects. Individuals should consult a doctor to have DHEA levels monitored before and during supplementation." "As you have already surmised, a great deal more scientific work needs to be carried out with DHEA before a full understanding of its effects is reached.
1293683 tn?1334019210 t ready to go that way just yet.This was back in Feb. Other women do great with DHEA, but do more research before deciding if it is for you.
1139187 tn?1355706647 Just a bit of research on DHEA - I wouldn't advise taking it unless your doctor tells you to. It's a steroid and some studies indicate that it can cause other health serious problems, while its benefits appear to be questionable.
760556 tn?1255705081 I am 41 going on 42, went to the clinic after trying for 1yr, found out had blocked tube(was opened) FSH was 11.6 (12) follicles were 7. I did a lot of research and decided to take DHEA for at least 4 mo. I had lab work 2 mo after taking DHEA and my FSH went down to 5.4. but my DHEA level went up to 430. still taking the DHEA just lowered it every other day. Just wanted to get my story out there, I feel very bad for everyone and am not sure I am strong enough to go through all of that.
Avatar f tn ve started DHEA, 25mg 3xday, as prelimary research from NYC center for human reproduction is promoting this. (my clinic is in western canada), my RE doesn't like this as it's "unproven". but i feel old and desperate for our next cycle to work as we're running out of $$.
534261 tn?1247587709 Dehydroepiandrosterone popular as DHEA is a steroid and is the precursor of all sex hormones. It is naturally synthesized from cholesterol in the adrenal gland located atop the kidneys besides gonads, brain, skin and the adipose tissue under the skin.
Avatar n tn ve done my research on the web and found that some sites blame high levels of DHEA-S and others blame Insulin Resistance. Which one is it? Right now I do have really high levels of DHEA-S but my glucose is within the normal low end of the reference range ..meaning its normal, so I don't really suffer from Insulin resistance. So I wonder if I can experience the weight gain from the DHEA-S being high rather than the Insulin that is mostly associated with weight gain in PCOS. Help?
Avatar f tn I just read from the internet that DHEA can help to improve egg quality out of the research study done by the Center for Human Reproduction in New York. There are a lot of information on DHEA. For desparado, Have you consider acupuncture too. It is much cheaper and I heard many stories that it helps. I just started acupuncture two weeks ago and 4 treatment. For Kah234, you can also read the following two links. Other people wrote about their experiences. http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn I was searching the web to find out how to lower my FSH level and came across the website that was already given to you, I did lots of research and decided to start taking DHEA, after just 2 months of taking 75mg in am of DHEA my FSH lowered to 5.6. I continued to take DHEA for 8 months (I was 40 at the time). I just recently went through my first IVF cycle, after stimulation I had 11 follicles 8 eggs retreived 6 eggs fertilized and 5 embies transfered.