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10219953 tn?1426171839 Why is it that science and medicine research so much on synthetic chemicals and such yet all these natural items: primerose,cinnamon,aloe era,cumin,etc.... That many of us read on pregnancy website for induction for example haven't been researched the heck out of them? There's so many natural item that by now and how technology is and our advanced medicine that we don't know all about them.
393685 tn?1425812522 Panelists will cover the scope of the problem, the seeming epidemic increase, environmental influences, public policy, the role of media, the history of research, current research and what is in the future. The second day of the summit is for an invited group of researchers to work collaboratively to produce a report covering opportunities for research and unmet needs. Follow this web page and you can register for the free web broadcast at
Avatar f tn Hello everyone, I'm a new member to this group one want to thank you all for all the helpful information shared here .
1554181 tn?1294328303 The exact cause for barbiturate allergy is not known. Research says it may be hereditary. In other cases, barbiturate allergy may develop in individuals who may be taking several other drugs at one time. Sometime the cause for Barbiturate allergy remains unknown. I suggest you to consult dermatologist. Take care and regards.
2061362 tn?1353279518 I think it is so cool your doctor is willing to research things like this and get back to you. My doc pretty much told me to stay away from supplements other than common ones like Omega Fatty Acids, Vitamin D and the like while I am treating. I hope you post what he says if or when he researches this and gets back to you. It just sound interesting.
1737746 tn?1310682090 If you eat a good diet, do not smoke, have no history of macular degeneration its not likely you need all those supplements. None of those help eye allergy or redness. Your one picture is quite good and your eyes look fine. You are over exagerating how prominent and red your eyes are. Some people normally have a lot of veins on the eye (like some people have a lot of veins at the wrist and hands. Where these veins turn down and run into the eye they often have a small amount of pigment.
Avatar f tn is there a research group one could participate with, study and analyze past, present and future findidngs/options? i have been outbreak free for years and am almost certain i recently had my first outbreak in january - and they won't stop. i think the following has provoked the virus, as well as disable the latency stage: a. i took a strong proton pump inhibitor in january for my gerd - within a week i had a broken tail bone and rash of blisters across the bottom of my back.
Avatar n tn I have been taking vitamins and supplements off and on for years. I did have a 'flushing' with niacin a couple of years ago and so I avoid it now. All of a suddena couple of nights ago, I got this itchy rash on the front and sides of my neck and upper chest. The only thing I did differently was take a protein shake, adding in a joint supplemental powder. MSM, Chrondrotin, etc. Has anyone ever had a rash from those joint supplements?
Avatar n tn I'm sorry I don't know, but I too would research it. Good luck to you.
Avatar n tn t too sure about the other ingredients. The other option would be Mastica made by Allergy Research Group. This particular supplement was recommended in a book that I peered through at the local bookstore (can't remember the title). The only main ingredient in this supplement mastic gum.
Avatar f tn I went off the lyrica because I thought it was making me gain weight. I have since found out that my thyroid was under-producing & since the beginning of March have been on a thyroid med. I have continued to do stretches/exercise to counter the fibromyalgia. So far so good...not completely pain-free, but it is working. I feel burning on the bottom of my feet & in the toes in addition to hands, etc. where it is like nerve endings send impulses of pain shooting through.
Avatar f tn The best advice I can provide is that you and your doctors seek consultation with a group of physicians who have engaged in research and reported on their experience with this disease. One such group is at the Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore. Contact information follows. Orden, Roy Anthony. Timble, Hersha. Saini, Sarbjit S. Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, Baltimore, Maryland., Division of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland.
1916673 tn?1420233270 There's a lot of products available that claim remarkable success in managing and treating canine kidney disease - and this can be very confusing for owners looking to help their best friends. I have produced a piece that hopes to explain many of them and asks the important question ... 'do they work?'.
Avatar f tn Neuros do urge vitamin D, but the reason they don't recommend any other supplements, diets, etc., is that none have been shown to be effective. If something had, we'd all be on it. Eating a healthful diet overall, getting some exercise if possible, and generally taking good care of oneself are good for MSers and good for all. Everything in moderation, including moderation.
Avatar m tn s treatment regimen should include an extremely health anti-inflammatory diet, avoidance of allergens, if possible, allergy shots to all the identified allergens, medications, supplements, filtered purified water, and baths. Additional tests are also recommended. The protocol will be listed below. Food Allergy Testing: Dr. Jean Dodds has a food allergy test which can be performed at home or at your vet's office. The test seems to be more helpful than food allergy tests of the past.
Avatar f tn t tested yet and are worried about testing positive, you can take garlic supplements, probiotic supplements and extra vitamin c to reduce your risk.
Avatar m tn i have found the research group for replicor drug human trial, they have started about 24 patients on march 2009, 12 hbv and 12 hcv you can find info on this link
432009 tn?1304749841 I currently take 250 mg. of magnesium daily. Could you please share any research or your opinion on adding these to my daily regimen? I also need the type of fish oil supplement I should (or not) take as well as the strength. Additionally, please comment on the amount of magnesium which may provide benefits. Thanks in advance.
Avatar m tn but when i avoid/reduce gmo intake like hfcs and apply omega 3 supplement, i felt a big change, not as good as before the food allergy business started. actually i think my omega supplement may have some gmo in it, i just stopped it, gonna try find on gmo supplement instead. after digging into the science of gmo allergy, it all makes sense. you put artifical gmo into you system which is not recognized, don't be surprised to get immune response in form of inflammation.
Avatar n tn hey all! my name is Jennifer! i am doing a research paper on Aquagenic Urticaria. I was wondering if anyone who has this allergy could let me know how it effects your life, how you cope with it and how you got it. that would be so great! Its appreciated!!! thanks!