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6255435 tn?1379862431 We use Allergy research or NutriCology brands at my practice. If your dog is currently taking more than 200mg and there are no side effects than continue with the higher dose. If he is taking less than gradually increase to the 200mg dose. There are many other additional holistic options to consider. Please post again if your would like additional information. Thank you, Dr.
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with osteoporosis (mid-50s), and am trying supplementation and exercise, short-term, rather than bisphosphonates. I am currently taking D3 and K2, and am eating foods high in boron (e.g., raisins) to help with absorption of calcium. I would like to know if lactoferrin, about which I've seen promising research, is considered to be safe, and would be worth trying as well.
Avatar f tn t like drinking milk much either, so I go for a lot of yogurt, butter, cheese and such. If you have a dairy allergy look for calcium-fortified juices or soy products. A lot of dark green leafy veggies -- collard greens, kale, bok choy, etc -- are also high calcium.
Avatar n tn t know where you live but Allergy Accociates of LaCrosse Wisconsin is a great allergy clinic, that is where I got help, they also use sublingual drops instead of allergy shots.
Avatar n tn This is the same natural chemical found in birch and is what you would find in a health food store as a natural sugar substitute. Since I know birch is a true allergy, I don't mess with xylitol natural sweetener, because it's often made from birch. I have histamine intolerance, so my GERD is aggravated by things like raspberries and blackberries.
773214 tn?1295135069 In doing some research, I guess it is also beneficial in detoxifying the liver and your body of harmful toxins and carcinogens. I did find research linking the use of this for infertility as well. I was wondering if anyone has ever taken this and if so, is it safe to also take your prenatal vitamin along with it since that also contains calcuim.
Avatar m tn That said having the best diet, weight, exercise plan, and health you can helps in many ways. I eat mostly greens and fruits. Some with MS like myself have to be careful of how much of these good things you take in in a day because MS can slow your digestion and the the result is fermentation which leads to bad gas. The first thing I did when someone mentioned MS is work on these areas. First off if you have MS you want to limit other health problems.
Avatar n tn We have just had our 7 year old son tested for allergies. We will get all of the results next week, but I did learn that he has a severe allergy to lettuce! I've never heard of such a thing!! He literally CRAVES lettuce and salads and is quite sad at learning that he can't have it. Has anyone ever heard of an allergy to lettuce? I can't seem to find any information on this at all!
Avatar f tn Hello evewisewoman, thank you for your response, Right now I just use water on my face. I do use makeup from l'oreal (nutri lift gold). It contains pro-retinol ,pro lalyt, hyaluronic acid, pro xylane, vitamin c and collagen. The mascara I have , I' ve used for years, so that's not the problem. The only thing I know I ' m extremely allergic to is metals, especially Nickel. I also started taking supplements months ago like calcium and vitamines, is iT possible to react to that?
Avatar f tn Hello, I have been dealing with acne for 4 years now, but never as severe as it has been recently. Last year I was seen by a dermatologist and was placed on Duac topical cream and Differin. And that reduced the pimples but irritated my skin, it would peel or turn red, so I stopped taking it. Then I used pro-activ for 2 months and didn't see results so I stopped it. And last month I started using Noxzema acne wash and toner. And it doesn"t seem to be working.
Avatar f tn Starting off with just the basics - apples, non-green veggies, etc. His Dr doesnt want him on greens just yet like my first two we waited a few months before introducing the greens.
Avatar n tn hey all! my name is Jennifer! i am doing a research paper on Aquagenic Urticaria. I was wondering if anyone who has this allergy could let me know how it effects your life, how you cope with it and how you got it. that would be so great! Its appreciated!!! thanks!
Avatar n tn How can it be an allergy when he does not have any allergy symptoms? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn What other good things to help me and maybe should i.stop taking the colase? I was taking philip pro biotics prior to pregnancy but im not aloud those anymore. Ugh pain n hurt bloating makes me sick i just feel overly full all the time without barely eating.
774736 tn?1311331385 It certainly can! Even if you don't have a true allergy and don't have definite Celiac--yes, you can get brain fog from gluten. Particularly if you have gluten intolerance. If you have other issues, such as IBS or if you get migraines or if you have blood type O, you should definitely stay away from gluten. Yep, your blood type matters. I got this information from "Eat Right for Your Blood Type" written by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo. Glutenology.
Avatar m tn Basically the diet would be limited to meats, eggs, fish and fresh vegetables (salads, greens) To eliminate the Candida ,you must starve the Candida. Again check it out. That would explain the allergy to all the fruits. If you find all this is a bit overwhelming, then seek a Holistic Health Practitioner, Naturopathic Doctor or Nutritionist to help you formulate a program for your situation Please do your own research before making any decisions about your health.
Avatar m tn had sex with a pro 5 weeks ago, used a condom but was drunk, today i have a very sore throat, actually for the past 5 days, is this HIV?
Avatar m tn t looked up the information from the owner of Natren about some of the probiotics, including soil organisms, people are now eating that have never been consumed before in such quantities and have either poor research, no research, or research showing some have harmful qualities.
Avatar f tn Pro vaccine. There are def more pros than not if you do your research. Maybe just try break them up when bub is very new where possible. I find all these anti vacciners frustrating too.
1032715 tn?1315984234 wonder how much it will cost???Vivitrol for opiate addicts costs $1000 a shot!who has that lying around?
136956 tn?1425606272 I have read that there is no scientific evidence and that it is only 70-80% accurate She said that Wheat, Spelt and Dairy allergy plus candida in both the small and large bowel. She also said that all my nutrients and minerals were not being absorbed. I have had Gastric issues since I was a baby so to me it makes a lot of sense. I got tested for Celiac but I knew it wasnt that because the pain really only happened with wheat and the Dairy was just more of a suspicion for me.
Avatar f tn So, I’ve been doing some more research, I was looking into bad breath as it seems to be a common denominator among us. I had bad breath growing up however since after high school it went away. I also did have a lot of work done to my teeth such as braces, extractions etc. (maybe that helped). Anyways, I remember reading a post about a woman who said a smell came from her until she had deep cleaning with her teeth and it went away for awhile.
Avatar m tn Diet should be high in colored vegetables such as collards, kale, parsley, dandelion greens, and the like. Wheat grass would also be good. Regular exercise and plenty of fiber helps keep the system flowing. Cut out dairy and wheat; they tend to be pro-inflammatory, which allows more bad guys to stick in your system. A good multivitamin to guarantee you're getting at least some of what you need every day. For a more thorough approach, see a naturopath or holistic nutritionist.
Avatar f tn Try to go for foods filled with omegas and good fats (fish,eggs,nuts,avocados, etc). You could also research which foods complement each other(will increase the amount of certain nutrients absorbed). And don't limit your calorie intake, but go for good ones! Also research fooda that are good and less good for your blood type. Ps.this is just a suggestion, im not a doctor, only have done some research on nutrion and health for myself. (im about to start nutrition school, its my passion.