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1352892 tn?1338217905 He is very active though well behaved and good with my other dog though a little dominant of the dog twice his size lol but im concerned about his fur is it mange or just he poor nutrition? also the people i adopted him from believe he agergic to grass they say when they had him out side his feet got swollen and irritated ?
Avatar n tn It could be mange. Sometimes there is no obvious skin irritation. Mange is a parasite, and can also be picked up even if your cat has no outside contact. If you just got a new cat tree, fleas and mange are both possible. Having worked at a pet store, I can tell you that they are one of the places you can easily bring home a number of easily transmitted parasites.
Avatar f tn have you asked a breeder and/or a vet yet? One of mine had mange many years later after he grew up, and vet stated, some dogs are born or carriers and it comes out later...and they got this creme sav, you put on and its better.. I live in TX and we have farm tractor supply house, sometimes you can go into that type of store (you know where they sell shots, meds, for cows and stuff) and find an experienced person, maybe they can show you a better creme..
Avatar f tn you describe also tells me your dog may have a secondary bacterial infection due to allergies or mange, and she may need antibiotics. Again, I am less than impressed with your vet's performance thus far. Food allergies seem to be rampant these days among purebred dogs in particular. Corn is the biggest offender, so a simple diet change may turn things around for your dog.
Avatar f tn Are you totally sure about it not being seborrheic dermatitis? I know you said there is no distinctive smell to her skin, but sometimes the classic profile is not shown, and this can happen with many issues, not only skin issues. Have parasites been ruled out? I once had a dog who became very itchy, slightly greasy but there was no bad smell. It turned out he had been bothered by "harvest mites" in the summer grass. That was what the vet thought anyway.
Avatar n tn Have her skin-scraped ASAP since it could be Scabies or Demodex mange mites. Other causes for hair loss are fleas, or flea allergy dermatitis, food or environmental allergies, endocrine disorders such as hypothyroid, auto-immune disorders and more, best sorted out by your vet.
765439 tn?1292960414 so as long as we have had my great Pyrenees he has had red paws.and we arent sure if it's bacterial or a food allergy, but he's been on loads of grain free foods and it doesnt go away, so we are leaving him be....we also tried cephelexin month ago. anyway my boy scratches me with his paws if i dont show him enough affection, and today i was laying down and he scratched me and his paw went up my nose..
Avatar n tn Could be scabies or flea allergy. get to a vet ask for skins scrapes and either you or your vet consult a vet dermatologist.
Avatar f tn The mange she was tested for is called "Demodectic Mange". Has she also been tested for Sarcoptic Mange? I have to admit that some form of mange was my first thought when I read this, but I am not sure what this is really. However I am not definite about this but wonder if the mange mite would be contractable in the winter if it is cold where you live? What did the vet say about this? Do they have any ideas what could be causing the hair loss around her eyes?
Avatar n tn Hi vet derm tech here and usually itchy around the tail is flea. If no fleas present then flea allergy. Anytime a dog has bumps and sores that is a bacterial infection and needs antibiotic! Not sure where you are but here in the US Walmart offers $4 generic cephalexin which is a good antibiotic for this type of infection and it will keep your costs down. I would say treat 4-6 weeks with antibiotic to be sure infection doesn't come back.
53833 tn?1234996629 s mange or nutritional (either is likely, if you can give a description of the skin texture and coloration, it would help) the good news is both are very easily treatable. :) Congrat's on the find of a stray cat! i hear they're hard to come by!
Avatar n tn We have had a few dogs come into the groom shop that look like that. Mange mites or yeast is usually what we learn it is.
Avatar f tn we tried a few different drugs and injections (steriods, atopica, a few antihistamines, revolution and antibotic) nothing is helping so far.we are waiting for allergy tests to come back but i dont think its allergy honestly any one know what this is? picture attached. any advice is appreciated...
8421832 tn?1398055448 My best guess is that perhaps it is a very severe allergy to fleas/flea-bites (and, being no vet or animal expert, I only say this because the few times i have given her antihistamines from the pet store she stopped itching (of course this is probably because they simply put her to sleep...)). Any advice will be greatly appreciated!
Avatar m tn Hi, my westie has been infected by demodectic mange and was prescribed amitraz and some antibiotics. However, it doesn't seem to work and it seems to be worsening instead. It started off at the feet and now it's spreading to other parts of the body. I've applied amitraz and bandaged the infected parts but its not getting any better. Is there any other more effective ways to treat this? Please help, I feel so lost seeing her in such pain and trauma.
Avatar n tn There are a couple of types of mange it could be. It could also be a flea allergy. I hope you get affordable help for her. She does not sound comfortable.
Avatar f tn Hello..Well we're back to square one.....I looked at the photos...That's NOT Mange.....Plus, with Mange there would be thinning hair or missing spots of hair...His hair looked beautiful in the photos.....The places on his face are Canine Pyoderma (Bacterial Infection).....Normally, it can be cleared up by using a OTC Antiobiotic cream like neosporin.....The greatest cause of this is eating or drinking out of plastic food bowls.....They harbor the bacteria that cause this.....
1718792 tn?1309112963 I searched through her fur and I havent found any ticks or fleas but I did find like 3 bumps, almost like mosquito bites she has had them for over two months already. Is this something to be worried about? I cant really afford the vet bills. Help!
Avatar n tn We took him to a groomer who saud she believed he was suffering from an allergy to protien. We changed his food to a low protien food and he has been receiving medicated baths once a week but now he has hives on his head. I am stomped and worried about my dog. Any advice would be great.
502174 tn?1210211762 mitaban dip, ivermectin injections or interceptor. In older dogs like yours with very localized infections, the mange will sometimes resolve on its own with no treatment.
Avatar m tn This could possibly be where the flea allergy has really got him badly? And where there was an itchy sore place now it's scabbing over? But if this has happened since using the Atopica, then you have to also consider that might be causing it. If you are worried, best to take him to let the vet look at it.
Avatar n tn Broad categories of diseases affecting the skin include allergy (environmental, food), infection (bacteria, yeast), parasites (sarcoptic mange, demodectic mange, ticks, fleas, others), immune-mediated disease (several) and others. A veterinarian's basic approach to skin disease is: a detailed history, a detailed physical examination, skin scrape, fungal culture, basic laboratory tests. Other tests or evaluations may be ordered based on those results.