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Avatar m tn m 30 years old male , few years ago after a blood test I found out I have Tallahassee minor but my doctor said to live my live normally and nothing to be worried about , and last week I'm diagnosed with Thyroid problem as my T3 test was 4.19 (normal range 0.95 - 2.5) and THS test was <0.05 (normal range 0.25 - 5) but I forgot to mention my Tallahassee minor to my doctor , just want to know if these too have any connections ? or should I inform my doctor about it ?
Avatar n tn my index finger is geting swollen in the middle and it stings when bend it what can be the cause of it
Avatar m tn although I am almost tempted not to retest due to emotional trauma also although no studies have been done specifically on it do you think that allergy testing could change my G-levels as i had that done the day before the first test and apparently G-glyoproteins are produced in response to allergys. last thing...
Avatar m tn Hello, I just found out that similar to "At-Home" tests that diabetics use, they also sell "at home" allergy blood tests that will tell you whether you are allergic to something or not. I know that it is not as thorough as the skin pr!ck test, but it's "something". Have any of you successfully used any? Any brand names or information that you would be able to recommend? Thanks.
Avatar m tn First phallange of index finger is swollen. Inflammation on handling dusty objects. Advise.
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189372 tn?1219833358 So I guess my question is, can a dust allergy make you feel this ill? My only known allergy is pets, but I am now convinced my problems could be linked to a dust allergy. I have noticed this more lately, after having a few days of work, I slept a lot, and after every sleep I actually wake up feeling worse (Headache, nose completely blocked, pulsating eye pain) Is it the bed?
142841 tn?1201975052 I was taking Infergen from 1998... my insurance (BCBS of FL) always covered it. All the best!
Avatar f tn My son has been licking his lips, often seems due to a reaction to a possible carrot or veggie allergy. I feel that sounds strange, but the only consistent item that preceeds the dryness for him. He gets an orange ring around his lips then the chapped ring mainly under the lower lip. I fight with him to put vaseline or balms on it. It's just a huge battle. I can see it affecting his self image as he is now 8 yrs old. He has been also becoming irritable.
Avatar n tn they dont itch very much, just occasionally, i noticed that i started getting tiny bumps on the outside of my index finger that match what i have on my stomach...i was thinkin it was probable just a soap allergy or maybe exzema...
Avatar n tn hello doctor , i had dry skin on my fingers mostly on the thumb,index, and its started befor 3 years ,and i went to doctor ,he gave me topical steroid and another response. i went to another dr he gave me cold cream and no response,,,,, and i dont know what's the problem..plz help me ,and prescrib to me som drugs?
Avatar f tn Because my symptoms were severe, I was recommended for surgery with Dr. Albert Lee in Tallahassee and underwent the procedure in January 2011. Within the last two months, I've had increased neck pressure and headaches. This concerned me, so I went through my primary to get an MRI done and arranged for the results to also be sent to Dr. Lee's office. Today, I received a call from my primary to inform me that the MRI I had was unchanged from October 2010 - BEFORE I had the surgery.
Avatar m tn i'm having a problem with itching hands(mainly fingers). my index finger on left hand has had a itching rashon it for quite sometime now . it has now started to show up on fingers of both hands. it has gotten worse as the blisters are more numerous ,skin is cracking and bleeding. been washinghands good,using ointment cremes to no avail.
Avatar f tn I woke up one day with my thumb, index finger and middle finger on my right hand numb and tingling. 2 weeks later my bottom lip and tip of my tongue went numb. 2 weeks after that my thumb, index finger and middle finger on my left hand went numb. Then 3 weeks after that both lips, my chin and area around my mouth and part of my cheeks went numb. This is all in a 3 month timeframe. My numbness has gotten so bad I can barely eat (entire mouth numb including tongue) and I have trouble talking.
Avatar n tn Hi there, I am 22 years old and I would get serious Hive allergies on the areas that are exposed to the sun whenever I step outside as short as just 15min. After an hour indoors, it would cool down and be normal again. I dont think its sunburn. This occurs only in the morning and aftenoon, but at night-time when its cooler I'm completely fine. I went and did some tests with allergy specialists, and turns out i was allergic to grass, pollen, dust..
Avatar f tn how do u explain that i had sores that looked like herpes and then the blood test showed hsv1 abnormal of igg out of rang >5.00 ? the index is this 1.
Avatar n tn For several mornings I have to clear my throat, and the roof of my mouth is very tender, when I try to clear nasal passage through mouth I have severe bleeding, this area is very tender and raw feeling. I have to apply pressure bandage to stop bleeding. I take Allegra allergy medication, and Nasacort nose spray. What can I do to stop tenderness and bleeding, and could this be infection?