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Avatar f tn Hello anyone from Nv? Where from? Reno, Laughlin, Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson?
6177289 tn?1379440011 I am a single 20 year old mommy to be. I am looking for womem in my area who are also pregnant and single. I mean being single isn't a requirement but it would be nice. I live in Reno NV.
Avatar n tn Last year I had done a project on how ear infections cause obesity and I placed third in regionals, and recieved a place as an alternate in internationals, as well as qualified for state. Internationals was held in Reno, Nevada. I had also recieved $1,500 for my trip to Reno, and a $2,000 scholarship. Thank you again for all of your help. I hope this helps you better understand what the science fair is currently.
Avatar n tn my index finger is geting swollen in the middle and it stings when bend it what can be the cause of it
Avatar m tn although I am almost tempted not to retest due to emotional trauma also although no studies have been done specifically on it do you think that allergy testing could change my G-levels as i had that done the day before the first test and apparently G-glyoproteins are produced in response to allergys. last thing...
Avatar m tn Hello, I just found out that similar to "At-Home" tests that diabetics use, they also sell "at home" allergy blood tests that will tell you whether you are allergic to something or not. I know that it is not as thorough as the skin pr!ck test, but it's "something". Have any of you successfully used any? Any brand names or information that you would be able to recommend? Thanks.
715068 tn?1392933532 I will try tomorrow with fmu and see what happens.......Off to Reno to have some time with my honey. Talk to you girls on Sunday, I hope you all have a great week end.
Avatar f tn I live in Reno. But lived in tahoe half my life. It does get chilly down there but id rather be cold than hot. And you wont start to feel hot hot untill later on in your pregnancy. And atleast its not Reno right. Lol I dont even go outside. Kind of wished I could move up there for my pregnancy.
Avatar m tn By the way I use to live in Reno. My mother died from the final stages of liver failure in Reno. What is your geno type? Have you thought about the clinical trials? Does your doctor think you can afford to wait for the new drugs?
Avatar m tn First phallange of index finger is swollen. Inflammation on handling dusty objects. Advise.
163305 tn?1333668571 Funny....
189372 tn?1219833358 So I guess my question is, can a dust allergy make you feel this ill? My only known allergy is pets, but I am now convinced my problems could be linked to a dust allergy. I have noticed this more lately, after having a few days of work, I slept a lot, and after every sleep I actually wake up feeling worse (Headache, nose completely blocked, pulsating eye pain) Is it the bed?
Avatar f tn Worried I have contacted hiv. Went to reno on a business trip and happened to make it to strip club with work buddies. As it was a week night, it was dead in there. My fear is that the girls were kissing all over us. Even kissing on the lips and biting. I never took my cloths off. However, one of the girls was grinding on my face and sort of hurt me physically during the process. They were really rough. My fear is that a lot of the girls out at the reno clubs look like a. They are on drugs. b.
Avatar f tn D. who was recently here in the fibro/CFS forum answering our questions ? Well he will be in Reno, Nevada... and here are the presentations he will be giving ! 03/24/09. Prof. Garth Nicolson will deliver three presentations at the International Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Conference in Reno, Nevada. Dr.
Avatar m tn Try this guy, Reno office:
Avatar f tn My son has been licking his lips, often seems due to a reaction to a possible carrot or veggie allergy. I feel that sounds strange, but the only consistent item that preceeds the dryness for him. He gets an orange ring around his lips then the chapped ring mainly under the lower lip. I fight with him to put vaseline or balms on it. It's just a huge battle. I can see it affecting his self image as he is now 8 yrs old. He has been also becoming irritable.