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Avatar f tn Thanks guys this helps
Avatar n tn my index finger is geting swollen in the middle and it stings when bend it what can be the cause of it
Avatar m tn although I am almost tempted not to retest due to emotional trauma also although no studies have been done specifically on it do you think that allergy testing could change my G-levels as i had that done the day before the first test and apparently G-glyoproteins are produced in response to allergys. last thing...
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Avatar m tn Hello, I just found out that similar to "At-Home" tests that diabetics use, they also sell "at home" allergy blood tests that will tell you whether you are allergic to something or not. I know that it is not as thorough as the skin pr!ck test, but it's "something". Have any of you successfully used any? Any brand names or information that you would be able to recommend? Thanks.
Avatar m tn First phallange of index finger is swollen. Inflammation on handling dusty objects. Advise.
1891512 tn?1321134099 I'm considering using either 5-HTP, St. John's Wort or a type of homeopathic or another type of herbal or natural remedy for my depression instead of paxil. I've been on paxil for over 10 years now, on and off, and right now I'm in a major depression relapse. I was majorly depressed as a teen and the depression has come back full force. The paxil helps a little bit but it just isn't helping enough. Has anyone tried these or any other natural remedies?
Avatar f tn There is something that is mentioned above that I certainly wish I'd known when dealing with his known allergy sources and deciding whether contact should be withdrawn totally. When my son stayed at a relatives with numerous dogs we weren't aware he was allergic to them at the time . Because of the sudden onset of the severity off his cat dog allergy he stopped going to where he had the contact.
189372 tn?1219833358 So I guess my question is, can a dust allergy make you feel this ill? My only known allergy is pets, but I am now convinced my problems could be linked to a dust allergy. I have noticed this more lately, after having a few days of work, I slept a lot, and after every sleep I actually wake up feeling worse (Headache, nose completely blocked, pulsating eye pain) Is it the bed?
Avatar f tn No allergy medicine on the market (over the counter or perscription) has ever worked but steroids. My recent allergy tests show that i have no allergies, so my allergist suggested that i do not in fact have allergies, i have non-allergic vernal conjunctivis. Only steriods have worked so far but obviosly I cannot continue for more than two weeks. I am on ristasis (one month so far) and absolutely no improvement.
Avatar n tn In 1 year past i use Concerta 10 days and i had to quit because of very much heart palpilations. I try lots of thing to cope with stress like st John's worth etc. Some allergies getting worse in last 1 year too.After panic disorder my allergy gets more and more. Please help me.I have now also agoraphobia.I will have a trip to Return my country in 20 Days. Someone please Help .
Avatar n tn They did an EKG which was abnormal so they reran it thinking it was movement. The second one showed the same thing reading st-t changes and something about possible myocardial ischemia. I had blood work and troponin levels and I went home. Two days later the doctor called and said my troponin level just came back and it was elevated and they admitted me. Bottom Blood pressure number ran in the 90's during my stay and upon admission they said i was very tachycardia.
Avatar m tn It started with cleaning? Could be dust or mold allergy. I have developed an intense dust allergy, and when I do something like that I suffer for two weeks. Get bronchitis, very weak.
658901 tn?1403814634 my doctor recommend it for me since i only take herbal stuff but that was befor pregnancy and when i visited him last time he said nothing of it yesterday i went to the er because of a bad allergy reaction to a bug bite when i told that was one of the medecines i used first she didnt seem to fond of it and when the exam was done she left and not more then 5 mins later she said to stop taking it its worst then ibeprofen and benadril together and i was also told they couldnt give me benadril becau
Avatar f tn My son has been licking his lips, often seems due to a reaction to a possible carrot or veggie allergy. I feel that sounds strange, but the only consistent item that preceeds the dryness for him. He gets an orange ring around his lips then the chapped ring mainly under the lower lip. I fight with him to put vaseline or balms on it. It's just a huge battle. I can see it affecting his self image as he is now 8 yrs old. He has been also becoming irritable.
Avatar m tn I have shown it to my Family physician, Dermitologiest and Nurologist to see whether I have any problem with infection,allergy, nerves etc but nobody is able to diagnostic it yet Assuming that I might got infected with herpes on 21 st of feb, I had IGG test on 9th Apr ( after 6 weeks) which came negative. Dermatologist said there is no need to do any other infection testing as there is no symptom of infection. Neuropathy reports also came negative.
Avatar m tn 3 non-REM respiratory (index .7), 2 REM resp. (index 1.7), 136 non-REM spontaneous (index 33.9), 18 REM spontaneous (index 15.
Avatar m tn an abnormal ankle brachial index (blood pressure taken at the ankle), elevated blood levels of a clotting factor called plasma fibrinogen, and high levels of C-reactive protein, a marker for inflammation. While 91 percent of the NHANES group was at low or intermediate risk of cardiovascular problems by conventional standards (based on the long-running Framingham heart study), almost 45 percent of these people fared poorly on least one of the three more unconventional measurements, Murphy said.
551343 tn?1506830518 5 years I havent had any relief, and now its just constant, some good days and some awful days, the prickling, tingling, buzzing is driving me mad today in my legs and my left index finger has been numb with weird pins and needles for a week. So fed up, when will it end and when will someone say YES WE FINALLY KNOW WHAT IT IS.
Avatar m tn A depressed st segment could indicate ischemia (CAD) and the time intervals of the QRS complex, pr, st are a consideration and depending on what lead(s)would give the general location. The EKG monitors heart rate and if the blood pressure abnormally increases as well as hr, etc. the test would be halted.
Avatar n tn We have tried several different formulas, been to three different pediatric doctors all say they dont know try someone else. The next doc to visit in two weeks is an infant GI doctor in st louis. Some are thinking maybe CF but not enough symptoms. He is a normal healthy on track 8 month old baby, just cant keep food from going through the body without absorbing the nutrients.