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Avatar f tn pregnant with twins and moving to Denver, co. my current doctor said I need to find somebody who are familiar with multiple pregnancies because they are a little more risky. need help finding a good obgyn and a good hospital. any recommendations would be appreciated. will be living in Erie for the first 3 months.
1166402 tn?1303847056 Thank you for your story. It sounds a lot like what I've been going through for the past year. I'm going to ask for a CT and allergy test too. Was the bone growth in both ears. What would have happend if they did not do the surgery. I have a HMO and I can't even get past them to specialists. My quality of life has gone down, way down. I can't stop popping my ears and it makes my jaw ache by the end of the day. Thanks again.
1815939 tn?1377991799 Hope this is the correct venue for this information: Colorado: Thousands at HIV risk from dentist's reused syringes, needles By NBC News, staff and news services DENVER -- A suspended Colorado dentist reused syringes and needles in his now-shuttered practice, potentially exposing thousands of patients to HIV and hepatitis infection, health officials warned on Friday.
7467495 tn?1393445587 Not sure what mva is but the surgeon in Denver co said he need those results in befor scheduling surgery.
Avatar f tn I'm a little nervous for sure. I live in Durango Co and I'm pretty clumsy. Especially on ice lol. I'm gonna buy some new shoes and be extra careful.
Avatar f tn Sorta close....
4583480 tn?1356805620 You too from Denver Co:)
Avatar n tn I recently moved from Minneapolis MN to Denver CO. Since the move I have found that I am tired more often than not, my energy level has dropped significantly, and although I continue to have an emotional feeling of well being and happiness (other than how the "laziness" makes me feel), I also feel a lack of motivation. I have considered that this could be an emotional response, but this move has been a really fantastic thing for me and was not hard for me to do.
Avatar n tn old granddaughter has asthma and is planning on flying with her mother from Boise,Id. to Denver, Co. the middle of May? Is flying something to be concerned about along with the high altitude in Denver?
Avatar f tn I am moving out to Denver, CO next month and I am looking for a good dr that treats thyroid. Anyone that has a good experience with someone would be sooo helpful to me right now. I am currently taking Synthroid/Cytomel for Hashimotos thyroid. I would like to start a dessicated thyroid though. I have many symptoms still. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!!!!!