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Avatar f tn I have heard that it is better to avoid using it on your chest because it can inhibit milk production. Of course, if you plan on using formula, that isn't an issue. Just don't slather yourself.
9536744 tn?1414122031 No it has to be red raspberry leaf tea emphasis on the leaf part lol totally different tea. Doubt you'll find it at a local grocer. Like I said need like gnc or maybe whole foods etc.
Avatar f tn Sell it at the pharmacy at any grocer and it comes in a bottle thingy
9038886 tn?1402125726 Just make sure you use the real thing from an indian grocer. Helps to keep it moist with a mix of sugar and lemon juice. Can cover up with platic wrap to keep moist and protected. The real stuff is safe.
Avatar f tn The pull date on the carton of milk is for the convenience of the grocer, not because the health department has come along and deemed all milk to go bad at that point. If it is not sour it is fine. In fact, even if it were a little sour tasting, as long as it had been kept refrigerated, it would probably be safe to drink from a bacterial point of view, it would just taste bad because it had gotten old.
Avatar f tn Go to vitamin cottage or another natural grocer and get flax seed oil.take a spoon full a day. Much less harmfull then laxitive(I would recomend not taking laxitive, espicaly if your pregnant) & its got the omegas that is so good for your skin & baby!
Avatar m tn How far along do you suspect she is? The best way to find out is a home pregnancy test---just go to your local grocer/major retailer/drugstore and pick one up for a few dollars. You'll know in 5 minutes.
Avatar f tn Shopping seems to be very hard, a trip to the grocer and back and I need to rest it out with an hour or more nap time. In the past I have been anemic, they removed my uterus to regulate that in 2004, last april I underwent major surgery, I had a clementine size tumor in my colon, fortunately I did not need any chemo since it was not at an advanced stage. My last biopsy was last march which turned out good. Why am I having so much trouble getting my full energy back.
Avatar f tn My little one has a dairy allergy. I eat peanut butter and jelly for lunch just check the bread many contain dairy I use sandwich thins or Thomas Bagels. There is dairy free cream cheese called "better than cream cheese" and sour cream that is dairy free called "sour supreme".
1795214 tn?1336907509 ll likely find the condoms. This includes your average grocer or department store, too. Where does Mum do her grocery shopping? You'll probably find some there. Does Sainsbury's carry medicine and toiletries? I've never been, sad to say.
Avatar f tn plus the fact that you're describing a man that's going out of his way to talk it up and laugh and flirt you, that's called smoozing or salesmanship - there's alot of sales people in each and every business - in other words, this guys flirty behavior can be how he talks to the mail lady or the grocer - it may mean absolutely nothing while still be the reason he's got notches on his bedpost. or it could be real etc.
Avatar f tn com/digestive-disorders/prebiotics-overview I really liked kombucha tea which I bought premade mixed with juice at my grocer. I drank some daily as well. I'm not a holistic health person or all natural. but I wanted to give my gut the best chance at recovering the depletion of good bacteria. It took about 3 to 4 weeks and it got better. What did they suggest with the strain of bacteria that they found? Are they treating with more antibiotics?
Avatar f tn You need more than folic acid. Your body is using extra blood and needs more iron to make it etc. You need more calcium. Any prenatal vit should have what you need but I dont consider them all equal. I've found through my pregnancies that the best prenatal all around is nature made liquid gels with dha.
Avatar f tn Give the baby a small amount of karo syrup, a little smaller than a dime size amount. It will make her stool loose. You can find karo syrup at the grocer. If you bottle feed just put it in her bottles. My baby's formula was causing constipation so he gets one bottle a day with karo syrup to keep him regular.
Avatar f tn first transfer - no symptoms - no preg next - symptoms nausea and sore chest before day 14 - miscarried next - no symptoms at all till 9 weeks - never had sore chest - afternoon nausea a few weeks - baby next - no symptoms till day 9 post transfer - smelled someones horrible BO at grocer knew I was preggo - no nausea for a couple more weeks - then very sick - twins next - hunger and knew by changes in body at day 6 - then by day 9 vanishing - miscarried next - hunger by day 6 - nausea by day 12
733930 tn?1286571409 MmMm Red Raspberry Leaf tea is my morning ritual! I buy it loose in bulk from an organic grocer.. it's super cheap that way and is the freshest.. plus it lets me choose how much to use on a daily basis. My naturopath/herbalist (best friends husband) told me about it right at the start of my pregnancy and I've been taking it daily ever since. It's safe to start taking it at any point in the pregnancy.. and I'll second everything JoyRenee said up there!
636891 tn?1365202536 re out there, you just have to find them. Talk with your grocer, let him/her know your interest in obtaining diabetic foods. When people show interest they will order them, the other way around if you remain silent.
Avatar n tn Hi! I am not sure if we have met. Welcome! I feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz so often here. "People come and go so quickly here!" Mostly they come and stay, thank goodness! If you've been here long, I apologize. My sister-in-law has a terrible time with vaginal yeast infections, to the point that she has gone out of state to see specialists.
Avatar n tn I use frozen strawberries in a blender, then I finely chop some fresh spinach leaves, use carrot juice (from the health section of your grocer), then apple juice just above the strawberry level, then a banana, a touch of sugar and some cinnamon. Blend and drink in a glass with a straw. Good for them, tastes good, and the sucking action is awesome for speech and calming. Try it! Good luck.
514585 tn?1328740013 i went to the local grocer...they carry AccuClear...and they are OUT of them til tomorrow...grrrrr i was so emotional when i left, disappointed, ect... that i didnt think to ask what TIME tomorrow...
Avatar n tn In a nut shell it sounds like hay fever. You may just need to take allergy medicine daily, but I'm not a doctor so you might want to talk to your doctor for more insight and what is the best treatment.
Avatar m tn Hello, My question is the following. A couple of months ago my fiance and I got a cat, the first day I had an allergic reaction immediately, red eyes, sneezing and nasal congestion.
5555315 tn?1369796043 i have an allergy since my childhood. before i got it from eating prawns, crabs and even chicken, first it becomes red and itchy , then after a week the allergies developed into scars, these scars are only dark spots, but there are too many of it on my legs, that i can't even wear shorts , how am i going to get rid of these scars? and up until now i have these allergies but the only difference is that now i don't know the cause, since it always occur even if i don't eat those foods.
Avatar m tn I guess the best thing would be to see a dermatologist. It could be allergy or could be something like folliculitis dermatitis. It depends on a lot of things. It is hard to diagnose on here.
Avatar f tn Hey ladies anyone of you on allergy medication. I ask because today getting my 5 year old ready for school I made a mistake of taking his allergy medication (singular 4 mg ) insted of my prenatl pill. know I'm waiting patiently on my ob to call me back...
Avatar f tn I think you should have discussed this before you got married -- not fair to cause a scene years into the relationship. Suck it up and deal with the cats. In your shoes I would just get allergy shots and go on with my life.
Avatar n tn I had a skin allergy test administered by an allergist which I was referred to by my doctor at that time many years ago now. The skin allergy test revealed that I had an allergy to eggs. Okay, if 4 is the highest reaction to a particular substance/food and 1 is the lowest, I had a 1 to eggs. Now , here it is over 10 years later, I eat eggs fairly often with no side effects that I can see. So no rash, no bloating etc.
Avatar f tn I have allergy and don't know what to take for it... those any one know what I can take...