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Avatar f tn A hurricane warning is already in place for all of Haiti, a country that is still recovering from a devastating 2010 earthquake. As many of 12 inches of rain are forecast for some parts of the country, posing danger to the more than 400,000 Haitians who live in camps. "These rains could cause life-threatening flash floods and mud slides," the National Hurricane Center said. Isaac also poses a risk it poses to the Republican National Convention in Florida.
306455 tn?1288862071 Lizzie, Yes, you need to keep an eye on the news too. Although, I think they show it going threw Tampa (sorry, Rose), then up threw the center of Florida, which should slow it down alot. But it still has time to giggle, so watch the news. Good luck to you. Newgirl, I thought I heard it was takeing out all the McCain people. LOL, I should be so lucky. Kidding...kind of.
Avatar f tn I am moving to Tampa soon, I am 28 weeks pregnant ftm. - was wondering if there were any Tampa moms. I need to find a good doctor, one that accepts Medicaid.
Avatar f tn I know there are some world-class hepatologists in Miami, however I’m pretty sure you’ll find someone in Tampa that you can work with.
Avatar n tn I was diagnostised with HPV 4 years ago. The Paps havent shown HPV for the last 3 years, my boyfriend and I have been having sex with condom but he wants me to take the pill or any other contraceptive...what are the risks of it?
Avatar n tn eggs,vanilla,apple,milk,soy,corn,pears its all new to us and we're having a hard time finding out what to feed her. we're going to buy a book to help us out. what can you use for eggs to make pancakes. i would appreciate any info.
Avatar n tn low risk HPV was detected in me like...5 years ago...I never showd symthoms or else...and since 3 years more or less is no more to find... my question is... Im I still contagious ?
8683847 tn?1410757316 Looking for well informed docs in the Tampa area. Want to get on Sovaldi asap.