Allergy forecast fort worth tx

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4402433 tn?1354180698 In Arlington.
Avatar f tn I live in Dallas, what part of Dallas are you in
Avatar f tn I live in fort worth. I'm 38+1 weeks with a boy.
Avatar f tn I live in Fort Worth TX as well and I'm schedule to be induced tomorrow and I cannot wait.
4170629 tn?1430689630 Fort Worth....
Avatar n tn Hello ladies , im new . Im 16 weeks pg & . I was jw if lyke í move im from texas i lived in odessa tx & moved to fort worth tx . And i still dnt dont go to the doctor bc , i dnt have insurance & ah doc . Bc i dnt have ah adress bc im staying in ah hotel & what i was thinking i wanna get ah box from the post office and get it thier . Or how can you get medicate faster , since i been fleeing bad .
8526246 tn?1405601876 You are lucky....!!! Fort worth tx has no kmart. They took it away...i think the closest is in Abilene.
Avatar f tn Im 16w 4d delivering at MCA. I find out the sex tomorrow.