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202436 tn?1326474333 I am familiar w/ FF, but I always used everything. So I always went by my temps as well. You probably have to get through a full cycle before it can forecast your next period. It has no way to know how long your cycles will be until it kind of gets to know your body.
287900 tn?1218644218 I had thyroid problems for years prior to treating and have taken synthroid for it. During my first round of tx my TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) jumped up 27 points and my dose of synthroid had to be tripeled. I'm 25 weeks into my second round of tx and once again my TSH is going up. I can tell you that I personally have not suffered any noticeable symptoms from my thyroid issues other than fatigue.
Avatar n tn I too am a 3a grade 3 fibrosis. I am now 18 wks into 2nd round tx and achieved UND at 12wks. My 1st round 48wks UND @ 14wks stayed there all thru tx then 3mos post virus was back. I think I am dealing with a resistant one also so Dr. recommended 72wks I am lucky not to have bad sides but these ALT-AST #s you have seem very high and I will be waiting to see what others have to say. My last lab mine were 54/ast 60/alt up slightly from last lab.
7291171 tn?1393336748 I live in the panhandle area and the forecast seems to be pretty chilly (30s - 50s). Maybe it'll be warmer in the area you're in..?
Avatar f tn I got my 13 weeks post tx viral load result back today. I am - brace yourselves - U N D E T E C T A B L E!!! Yes! I am so happy! More than 95% chance of a cure according to dr. Dieterich. I did feel this coming as my liver enzyme values have been excellent both 6 and 12 weeks post tx. I had normal liver enzymes in the upper normal range all those years before tx (diagnosed in 1995), so I did some research to be able to evaluate my post tx liver enzyme results.
Avatar f tn I developed an allergy to benedryl or some additive in it around EOT that made riba rash much much worse. Developed sun allergy at same time which also worsened rash. Stayed out of sun for 3 wks till that allergy was gone. Stopped taking all non-essential meds (vitamins, benedryl, antihistamines, etc.) in case some additive was the cause. Just doing those 2 steps started the rash clearing up. Also turned my humidifier back on again. Insomnia can stick with you for a while.
Avatar f tn Hi, just happened to see this thread today - I was looking for Lyrica/pregabalin on that same list On another note, I also am enjoying the snow! TX is precluding our southern sojourn this year, but we are forecast record snow! Yeah! Get out the XC ski wax! Merry Christmas and all the best to you.
Avatar n tn Hi I am new to the forum and I wanted to know if any one lives near Round Rock Tx and possible have any information about IVF coverage. Me and my husband I moved here and are trying to find jobs in this area that may have benefit coverage for ivf. Or have any one done ivf and funded it, besides doing a loan. We cannot get a loan right now. And I am just trying look into other avenues. This will be our second time doing ivf. We are possible looking into a gestatinal carrier also.
Avatar m tn Just a simple question....i know if one decides to go another round of tx if one relapses, one should switch to the "other" interferon,which for me would be the there a static out there statingthe difference in SVR outcomes between the two in relapsers?...
Avatar f tn I work in a very old building and sit right next to an inside rock wall. We have many exposed rock walls within the office. All office furniture is constantly covered in this "dust" that looks like the mortar from rock wall. I have developed some allergies in my older age of 62, but it has progressively gotten worse through the years until now I also have bouts with astnhma.
3062924 tn?1350414109 Your whole Timmy gets hard as a rock for about 30 seconds if its Braxton Hicks, it feels uncomfortable but not painful.
Avatar f tn Try to avoid being out in the "florida" sun while you're on tx, not a good mix when your doing interferon, even if the temp is down into the 80's! You don't even want to risk getting even a slight sunburn. Anything that irritates or inflames the skin such as tanning or a burn can activate different types of skin issues while your on tx. Your doc knows what he's saying, whether he meant incivek or interferon or both, trust me and please listen to him.
Avatar f tn Anyone relapsed as a geno 2 and do well on infergen for the 2nd round of tx. I failed on riba inf and now my doctor is telling me to try inferergen even though the rate of cure is only 40% according to him. I don't know what to do. He said he would try it because I am 53 yrs old and could still live another 30 yrs if I beat this thing. That was an upsetting statement to me. Hell how does he know this will kill me for sure if I don't treat. My enzymes are good and my ultrasound was clear.
Avatar n tn She developed a rash, which I thought was an allergy to Motrin since it co-insided with us switching from Tylenol to Motrin. The rash went away within a couple of days. We didn't vaccinate her the last round due to fears of Autism, which our nine year old son has. Could Meningitis be the cause? She seems happy and eats well. What is going on?
276730 tn?1327962946 I'm on the 8th or 9th round of antibiotics since starting tx, 61 weeks ago. Mine is mostly sinus/throat/upper respiratory stuff and a nasty UTI. Before TX I got frequent sinus infections, too - I'm on allergy meds and injections as well as cipro, allergy meds, nexium, TX meds - interferon and riba wreak havoc on the immune system.
691935 tn?1421027090 iv had that nasty rash and itch all the way thru tx,but i thought it would go away after tx ,mmm now it starting after tx is very strange.I am still on tx so i cant tell u guys anything but wish u luck and hope u find out what it is and i hope it goes away. IMO Id say it is tx related for sure...this stuff can play havoc with our bodys and can make our immune system attack certain things it normally wouldnt attack,like autoimmune diseases.
Avatar f tn t know why but from few months i am searching my whole body for lymph nodes mainly in neck and armpit. And now I got something round small in the armpit very deep and present on the upper rib bone of both armpit and quite impossible to find out, but somehow I got it. AND I want to know that do lean and thin people can palpate their lymph nodes in armpit? As i am 5ft 9 inchs and my body weight is only 50kg.
304573 tn?1345577338 Can anyone tell me if I can take allergy meds on Harvoni.
Avatar f tn But towards the end of the day and even if I judt eat once, my stomach is hard as a rock and round as ever. When is it going to just stay hard and round? Is this normal?