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Avatar f tn Officials at Vandenberg closed Surf, Wall and Minuteman beaches for at least 72 hours, Lt. Ann Blodzinski told the Santa Barbara Independent. Surf Beach is in Santa Barbara County, just north of Los Angeles County. In September 2008, base officials issued a 48-hour warning to beach users after a shark bit a surfer’s board at Surf Beach, according to the Santa Maria Times.
5946774 tn?1389187935 m currently living in San Diego right outside Camp Pendleton and I get my prenatal care on base and my doctor asked me if I wanted to have my babg here or in Santa Barbara. I was stumped when she asked this because I truly didn't know. I want to have the baby here because my doctor is here and she'll know all about my pregnancy when the time comes to have the baby.
148588 tn?1465778809 “To me, the water is the story,” said Tom Shepherd, an organic farmer in Santa Barbara County’s Santa Ynez Valley. “Here we are, in the midst of a drought, and you’re not concerned about your water and fracking? The aquifers have been drawn down. The rain we’ve had has been absorbed by the ground. The creeks don’t run.” Used for decades Oil companies consider fracking safe, saying they’ve used it in California for decades without a single documented case of groundwater contamination.
Avatar f tn Try Brett Gidney, Santa Barbara. I agree, you want the best for this. Check him out, he fixed my problem, and is extremely experienced.
Avatar f tn My last wisdom tooth is finally coming in.. and crooked.. worst pain I've ever felt. I can't eat anything my face is just throbbing and the dentist said they don't have an opening until monday!! She also said she might not even be able to get to the tooth to even pull it and will most likely have to send me to a surgeon in santa barbara to pull all 4. Tylenol isn't working the pain is so bad and the dentist couldn't even see me to give me anything.
Avatar n tn ) My dr is in santa barbara, ventura, and Beverly hills. He travels. I dont know where you live but if your in cali or can come to cali it would be a good choice. The only thing you can do is see an RE and see what he thinks you should do. Than if he puts IVF on the table see if they can help you with anything and maybe donated meds. Good luck and pls keep me posted.
Avatar f tn Just wondering if there are any other places to look for rentals other than craigslist or our local classifieds. I have an eviction and we have some credit problems but my boyfriend always works and I'm on state aid. We can pay rent and have about 2200 to move. I live in santa barbara county ca if that helps.
535822 tn?1443976780 Allmymarbles, you might consider adding reishi to the cordyceps. It's another mushroom and helps some with asthma. And Margy, it's not a bad idea for you -- cordyceps is a good adaptogen as well. Margy, are you still in Santa Barbara? And it's humid? Weather's getting weird.
4981292 tn?1381256805 m originally from Santa Barbara and now live in San Diego since my husband is stationed in Camp Pendleton and all I was is food from Santa Barbara such as this orange chicken rice bowl, tacos from Lilly's tacos, a sandwhich from Sam's to go, blenders, Diablo fuego pizza frm rustys, chicken teriyaki from sushi teri, a steak from somethings fish, and so much more.
317787 tn?1473358451 However, an advisory is no longer in place for bivalve shellfish like mussels and clams, or for small finfish like anchovies and sardines caught in the Santa Cruz, Monterey, or Santa Barbara county areas. Recent testing has determined that domoic acid has declined and remained at undetectable levels in samples of these species from these areas.
177275 tn?1511755244 Biosciences, Blessing Medical Center (Quincy IL), Audrain Medical Center (Mexico MO), Santa Barbara (CA) Cottage Hospital and this year Liberty (MO) Hospital, Missouri State Medical Association Annual Meeting with applications pending at other medical centers.
1318483 tn?1318347182 I thought there was only 3T available in Los Angeles (USC) and San Fransisco (5 hours, one way). I just found out they have a 3T in Santa Barbara (1 hour away). I hope my primary can send me there. I put in a call to my neuro. I was thinking I should go see him and lay everything out on the table with him....and go from there. I haven't received a call back yet...maybe tomorrow. It has happened in the last year that I never get the return call.
Avatar f tn But I went to testing center in Santa Barbara, Ca at a gay and lesbian center and they told me oral sex is a small risk if there is semen in the mouth. I went in to get my 3 month test (it was negative) but they told me it was not good enough and I need to come back in six months. Please help me. Why do I get so many different answers? "No risk...somre risk...8 weeks conclusive....three months conlusive...six months conclusive" Please do not be mad at me and tell me to move on.
Avatar f tn Happy Weekend...I love this quote because it is so true..My depression is lifting a little. I know it has to do with the hormones...I just want to tell all of you that I really love all of you and appreciate all your strength..I really don't believe that I would be this long without doing pain meds..Going back for a little over a week after my surgery scared me so bad..I never want to go in that dark place again..Life is just too precious.
600857 tn?1230057770 If you can't find a better pain management doctor locally, you may need to travel a bit further to get the care you need. I see you live in Santa Maria,, so have you looked for other potential doctors in larger towns, like Santa Barbara? I know it's a bit of taveling, but it may be worth it.
5637072 tn?1371422272 I had no associated muscle/joint pain with Hep C. I ran the 1/2 Santa Barbara marathon in November last year. I was diagnosed with hep c in 2009 and began training for the run in January 2012. I was never able to run farther than 6-7 miles until last year when I ran as far as 18 miles non stop. I'm 57. I had lots of muscle and joint pain from opiate withdrawal in 2007. Probably got hep c in 70s or early 80s. Currently in week 7 of triple therapy (victrelis).
Avatar n tn To make this short and sweet we moved from a high desert area of the country (Santa Fe, NM) to New Orleans, LA. Our four year olds nose has ran no stop ever since the move 5 months ago. He is always sucking it up and it causes lots of coughing at night time because he hasn't quite learned how to blow it out and it drips in his throat and causes phlegm. Now that we are in a new environment with humidity etc how can we lessen his runny nose and phlegm he gets all the time now?
Avatar f tn Hi Doctor; had a really rough year; i have this weiss ring floater that looks like mickey mouse; i call it mickey. Does it really go away? I have it in front of my vision and it wiggles and goes around. I am getting used to it but i also have little floaters; i just had cataract surgery too and have double vision; does that go away?