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1834120 tn?1422942267 I am thinking about switching fertility centers for the 2nd time and trying frozen donor eggs. Does anyone know anything about Santa Monica Fertility, Dr, Jain? Anyone have any feedback? Thank you! Any advice is appreciated! I am hoping to not have to travel too far and I'm in Oregon.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone, I have recently been told I have Chiari after getting an MRI due to extreme headaches and head pressure. Does anyone have a doctor recommendation in Southern California that specializes? Thanks!
Avatar f tn Can you tell me where I can find a thyroidologist in the Bay Area who can perform PEI on my 4.5mm benign cyst. It has been bothering me (compressive) for the past 1 year! Help. Another question. If the ethanol leaks, can it cause problems like ethanol poisoning and causing coma etc?
Avatar f tn Hi ladies. I'm from Los Angeles area. Pasadena to be exact.
Avatar f tn pagename=llw09_main I plan on doing the walk in sept at santa monica. I should be feeling a bit better by then. My walk will be in honor of Nick.
Avatar n tn Both Dr. Goldman and Dr. Senofsky have offices in Santa Monica, Ca.
Avatar f tn It seem to be getting hard In California since the Santa Monica incident where a number of people were killed by a older driver out of control. If you do not pass the vision test : Va can be 20/20 in one eye but less than 20/40 in the other eye, they ask you to see an eye doctor and an extensive form needs to be filled out. If one question is not answered, or anything crossed or whited out, a new form must be completed. Dr. O.
Avatar f tn I do know a great infectious disease doctor in California (near Santa Monica). But I would have to check on where the office is now. But you should be able to have them test for it there in your area. There is no reason that if you have this yeast for so long and the treatment isnt' working that they should let you request that you get tested to speciate the yeast. Not all yeast are sensitive to the treatment. You could have one these types.
Avatar n tn Some places (Thyroid Clinic in Santa Monica ,CA, for example) are prforming the ethanol injection into the nodule which causes it to shrink.
Avatar m tn current knowledge and future directions Corren, Jonathan Author Information Research Division, Allergy Medical Clinic, Los Angeles, California, USA Correspondence to Jonathan Corren, MD, Research Division, Allergy Medical Clinic, 10780 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 280, Los Angeles, CA 90025, USA Tel: +1 310 312 5050; fax: +1 310 575 9292; e-mail: ***@**** Abstract Purpose of review: A growing list of cytokines that contribute to the pathogenesis of asthma has been identified.
3895491 tn?1348503345 t want to go to the doctor or anything. Even if it is an allergy, it will go away? ALSO do you think its some virus from the penis head itself even though there was a condom on?
1503643 tn?1311518238 Well if you were unemployed or on welfare you would get it free at the free clinics in most cities ...I have a friend who gives her time to one in Santa Monica you even get free prescriptions ...If we get this obama health care bill repealed the plan is to get a good one going that all may be able to afford and will not be mandatory with death panels .
Avatar n tn Ugh. I have a son like this. Where all the snot comes from, I have no idea! We finally put him on year round OTC allergy pills. I'd talk to your doctor and see what they think.
Avatar f tn I wish I could turn back the clock and tell my doctor HELL NO when he offered methadone all those years ago. Withdrawal from this stuff is probably one of the hardest things I've ever done, and I've been through some seriously challenging stuff. A month of feeling like your soul has been sapped from your body is more than anyone should have to endure.
Avatar f tn Um I use to get them at their actual Lush store in Santa Monica CA.. I now live in Ohio and was only able to find them at JCpennys BUT check their website they have awesome bath bombs, bubble bars, their face masks are amazing too! All there products are soooo good and healthy for the skin :)?
Avatar n tn Thank you for replying Dr. Fazio. I appreciate it. It appears that this preemptive surgery is the lesser of two evils. Inshallah.
1388357 tn?1280189493 Hi everyone... I was wondering, those of you who have had decompression surgery in California - has anyone had the surgery with Dr. Langston Holly in Santa Monica? I've just been referred to him for my surgery consult. It's always nice to hear what others have experienced. Thanks.
Avatar f tn Your best bet to find a good thyroid doctor would be to post a new message and indicate in the title that you need recommendation for a thyroid doctor in Santa Monica area. That way it will get more attention and you might get lucky and get a rec from a member, based on personal experience. Lacking that, I have used the Top Thyroid docs site numerous times trying to help members find their good thyroid doctor. Results have been somewhat mixed.
Avatar n tn The clinic in Santa Monica, CA that I went to has been selected as part of a study for this pump, so it would be of absolutely no cost to me. I'm not sure what the qualifications for getting the pump are. The name of it is MiniMed Pump. I am going to my first information meeting about it in two weeks. Sorry I can't tell you more about it, but maybe you could google it to find if there are any study offices in your area. Best of luck to you and your son.
Avatar f tn The cystic nodules are also can be shrunk by ethanol injection into the nodule. The Santa Monica thyroid clinic in CA offerd this procedure for its patients starting I believe, 2004.
Avatar f tn Hi all, So I am in a bit of an unusual situation, and I could use some advice. I had a PT 3 months ago and my blood work has been ok-fine, never as good as it was before the surgery, but in general I have no symptoms. Recently, 2 weeks ago, I got another thyroid panel from my mom's doc in the mountains. He is an aging PCP, not too keen on endocrinology but the appt was free so I took it.