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Avatar n tn Dr. Marc E. Lewis with Hillsboro Clinic in Hillsboro, Oregon, diagnosed my problem after going to Dr after Dr for years. I had been suffering from similar symptoms as you. All it took was a blood test to figure out my problem, which is I have a brain tumor that causes my prolactin levels to go through the roof. Hence, not being able to conceive. I am 40 yrs old pregnant with my fourth child. I hope this helps you somehow.
5881745 tn?1395876750 wow i am from down the road in hillsboro. sorry for your loss, guessing he was a first responder. just let her know he was a hero.
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm from rural MO too, Hillsboro. You need to at least see a NS at BJC who is experienced with Chiari. Call there and find out today! I'll be glad to talk with you anytime....
152264 tn?1280354657 In 1986, an unknown disease began killing monkeys at the Oregon National Primate Research Center in Hillsboro. Affected animals developed an unsteady gait and a rapidly advancing paralysis of the limbs. Caregivers could do nothing to stop the disease and euthanized most of the helpless animals within a week of symptom onset. "The disease, researchers now report, is the monkey equivalent of multiple sclerosis.
Avatar n tn I was diagnostised with HPV 4 years ago. The Paps havent shown HPV for the last 3 years, my boyfriend and I have been having sex with condom but he wants me to take the pill or any other contraceptive...what are the risks of it?
Avatar n tn low risk HPV was detected in me like...5 years ago...I never showd symthoms or else...and since 3 years more or less is no more to find... my question is... Im I still contagious ?
Avatar n tn ve paid my money to have a consultation and to get my personal forecast. Well, the astrologist looked at my birth date, and place where I was born, and my partner's. The forecast wasn't good at all, she said to me if I decide to have children with my partner it's better not to have them, as she can see that all our children will die (she didn't tell me how, it could be bad pregnancy, anything). I was shocked, we were planning this year!!
Avatar m tn Have posted this here about how R & D reflects Gilead's standing in the future in large part due to it's HCV drug. If this belongs on the " Social Side" Great.. Never paid much attention to which side my info.goes. Cheers... Will In addition to assessing forecast trends in prescription drug sales and R&D spending, World Preview 2018 also looks at therapy area growth and the performance of marketed and pipeline products.
1747881 tn?1546175878 While Caitlyn Jenner and other transgender celebrities have been greeted with almost universal acceptance, the road has been far rockier for transgender individuals such as Perry, the 17-year-old senior who is navigating new terrain at Hillsboro High School. “It wasn’t too long ago white people were saying, ‘I don’t feel comfortable sharing a bathroom with a black person,’ and history repeats itself,” Perry told Fox2.
Avatar f tn We found her when she was just 2 weeks old at the Bonnie Hays Shelter in Hillsboro, OR. She was attacked by a malamute dog on Labor Day. She had 2 deep puncture wounds on her left hip area which we doctored with Neosporin cream and she was healing well. Last night she started vomiting around 10:30, 3 or 4 times. We went to bed after we got her settled and thought she was fine.
Avatar m tn Do not remind his disciples that of the four close states — those with margins of 2.5% or less — Silver only forecast three of them correctly. And definitely do not remind them that the polls in swing states correctly forecast all but two states (Indiana and North Carolina). Silver’s key insight was that if you used a simple simulation method known as Monte Carlo, you could take a poll’s topline numbers and its margin of error and come up with a probability forecast based on the poll.
Avatar m tn Hi, I can't say for sure what's causing your daughter's sudden symptoms. I developed allergies when I was in my mid-twenties. Prior to that, I had no problems with allergies, none when I was growing up. My mom had allergies all while she was growing up, but they went away when she was in her thirties. Allergies are weird like that. I know my post wasn't particularly enlightening, but my point is that allergies can develop at any time.
Avatar n tn Good luck momma!
Avatar f tn A hurricane warning is already in place for all of Haiti, a country that is still recovering from a devastating 2010 earthquake. As many of 12 inches of rain are forecast for some parts of the country, posing danger to the more than 400,000 Haitians who live in camps. "These rains could cause life-threatening flash floods and mud slides," the National Hurricane Center said. Isaac also poses a risk it poses to the Republican National Convention in Florida.
202436 tn?1326474333 You probably have to get through a full cycle before it can forecast your next period. It has no way to know how long your cycles will be until it kind of gets to know your body. You can also post a question on there for one of the FF staff to help you as well, but since you just started using FF, my guess would be that you have to get through that first full cycle before it can give you any really accurate information.
620923 tn?1452915648 yup...a dead naked tree...lovely huh? I think it will take as long to get it out as it did to get it in....lmao.... Well we got approx 4 " of snow last night...a few flurries yet today...bitter cold....and more snow in the forecast....
7291171 tn?1393336748 I live in the panhandle area and the forecast seems to be pretty chilly (30s - 50s). Maybe it'll be warmer in the area you're in..?
Avatar n tn I have not had any vaccines since summer 2009. However, for the last 30 years, I have been getting allergy injections (allergy immunotherapy). These injections contain things to which I'm allergic (ragweed, pollen, cat dander, etc.), and these injections presumably cause my body to produce antibodies to these allergens.
Avatar f tn HILLSBORO (May 26, 2010)--Debra Jeter, 33, who was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole Tuesday, can be heard on a 911 dispatch tape released Wednesday imploring the operator to speed an ambulance to the abandoned house in Hill County where she used a knife in an attack that left her younger daughter dead and her older daughter badly wounded. __________________
Avatar m tn You may have to try several treatments to achieve your goal. No one can forecast the duration of time to achieve the cure..
7523889 tn?1393622279 Our pools were supposed to open last day of school but since its rainy and forecast prediction shows rain for next week or so pools have not opened yet